How to Extract Attachments from Outlook Email Application ?

Mark Regan ~ December 29th, 2021 ~ Extract Contacts

Extract Attachments from Outlook

Hello Microsoft Outlook users, are you looking for Outlook Attachment Extractor to download attachments from Outlook? Want to download all attachments from multiple emails in Outlook? If you are thinking absolutely yes, then being a tech company, team BitRecover is suggesting to you one of the best techniques for both home and professional users.

In this web tutorial, we just explain the different methods to extract attachments from Outlook desktop-based email client as well as (Online Outlook). Some home users also want to extract Outlook email attachments manually because they don’t want to invest in any Outlook attachment downloader.

Because of user’s concerns, here we are suggesting both manual and professional methods collecting all attachments from Microsoft Outlook desktop-based and web-based email applications. Before starting the step-by-step method to download all Outlook attachments first let’s know what actually users want.

User’s Queries – How to Download Attachments from Multiple Emails in Outlook?

Hi BitRecover Support Team, I am sending this email because am looking for a solution to download attachments from multiple emails Outlook into my external hard drive. Note that I am currently using Microsoft Outlook 2019 edition and I need to extract my attachments having *.pdf, *.doc, *.ppt file extensions. Please assist me an easily to use and reliable technique to extract Outlook attachments from multiple emails and email folders.

– Jodie, Garner

I am using web-based Microsoft Outlook program from past few years. I am a technical content writer for an IT company and I have written thousands of technical articles and sent them to my clients using my account. But now I want to download all Outlook attachments on my local pc because I want to take some content writing idea. Please recommend me a method to download attachments from Outlook Web App to local pc.

– Nicholas, Foster

Technique #1 – Extract Outlook Attachments to A Folder – Desktop Client

You can proudly use BitRecover PST Converter Wizard as an Outlook Attachment Extractor because our developers already added the functionality to download attachments from Outlook. This all-in-one software is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac OS Computer users. With the help of it, you can bulk download all attachments from multiple Outlook emails.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Download Attachments from Outlook Desktop Client – Steps

1 – Download Outlook Attachment Extractor and launch it on your computer. If Microsoft Outlook is installed on your pc then it will automatically upload Outlook folders in the software windows. If the Outlook email client is not configured on your computer then you can click on the Select Files or Select Folders button to insert Outlook data files manually.

Outlook Attachment Extractor

2 – After that, you can see all Outlook folders in the software panel, select all or required folders, and hit on the Next button.

Select Outlook Folders

3 – The tool offers various saving formats; you can choose TXT from saving formats.

Download Outlook Attachments

4 – Thereafter, it will automatically choose desktop as the destination path. But if you want then easily change it by clicking on the Browse icon. Even you can also connect an external hard disk to store extracted attachments.

Destination path

5 – Now press the Next button to start extracting Outlook attachments in their original file extensions. It takes very little time, please wait.

Extract Outlook attachments to a folder

6 – You can see the message like conversion completed successfully, press the Ok button for your confirmation.

completed successfully

7 – At last, it will automatically open the destination folder, here you can see all Outlook folders in the original folder hierarchy. Open any folder to see a separate folder having all attachments.

Extract attachments from Outlook

8 – Now you need to open the Attachment Folder to see all attachments in the original file extensions.

Open Attachment Folder

Outlook Attachment Extractor Highlighted Features

  1. Extract Outlook email attachments in their original file extension same as previous i.e. *.pdf. *.txt, *.xls, *.xps, *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, *.bmp, and all.
  2. Download Outlook attachments to a folder without changing original folder hierarchy structure i.e. INBOX, SENT, ALL MAIL, DELETED, ITEMS, OUTBOX, etc.
  3. Outlook Mail Attachment Downloader is capable to extract attachments from Outlook data file (*.ost or *.pst) as well as configured Outlook account.
  4. The tool is offering Use Data Recovery Mode so that users can also extract attachments from corrupted Outlook data files.
  5. It allows users to choose specific folders to extract attachments from Outlook folders by selecting only important folders.
  6. BitRecover Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool can be installed on all Windows OS as well as Mac OS based machines.
  7. This utility gives freedom to store extracted Outlook attachments at any destination path of your pc as well as an external hard drive.

By following the abovementioned step-by-step process, anyone can easily extract Outlook attachments to a folder without changing original file extension. This was the complete process to download attachments from Outlook desktop-based email client like Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.

Technique #2 – Download Attachments from Outlook Web App

You should use BitRecover Email Downloader Wizard that is all-in-one software to collect email attachments from all cloud-based email services including Because of its separate functionality, it is also known as Outlook Mail Attachment Downloader. You can use this mentioned utility to download Outlook attachments to folder from cloud-based account.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

How to Extract Attachments from Outlook Web App – Steps

1 – Start Online Outlook Attachment Extractor and choose from available email sources as you can see in the respective screenshot.

Outlook Attachment Downloader

2 – Thereafter, enter your account credentials in the specific fields and press the Login button to continue. account credentials

Note – If you are facing login issues then, please note that IMAP & Less Secure setting should be Enable for connecting to account. – Read How.

3 – Now you can see all online Outlook account folders in the software panel, choose all or required folders.

online Outlook folders

4 – Online Outlook Attachment Downloader offers some advance filtration options to extract attachments by Date Range, From, To, Subject, etc. Users can also type specific file extension *.pdf, *.doc, *.xps, *.rtf, etc. in the Selected Extensions field for extracting only specific file extensions from the whole Outlook Web App data.

Online Outlook Attachment Downloader

5 – Click on the Change button to select the desired destination path otherwise by default it will extract Outlook attachments to desktop.

desired destination

6 – After that, press the Backup button to start downloading attachments from Outlook web app folders.

downloading attachments from Outlook web app

7 – Task completed successfully; you can see the message of completion.

completed successfully

8 – At last, it will automatically open the destination path. Here you can see your extracted attachments in the exact file extension.

extracted attachments

Online Outlook Attachment Downloader Best Features

  1. It is fully automatic software that asks only login details to extract Outlook attachments to a folder.
  2. This Outlook email attachment downloader is capable to extract Outlook attachments in file extensions without manipulating any data.
  3. This utility comes with advanced search filters.  So that users can easily download attachments only for specific extensions and by date range.
  4. Online Outlook Attachment Extractor is also able to extract attachments from multiple accounts at once.
  5. The tool gives freedom to store extracted attachments at any selected destination path according to the choice of users.
  6. Attachment Extractor for Outlook allows to download Outlook attachments only from desired selected folders if users want.
  7. One can use this application to download all attachments in Outlook at once.

Technique #3 – Download Outlook Attachments Manually [Not for Professionals]

Home users can follow these steps to extract Outlook attachments manually.

  1. Firstly, launch your Microsoft Outlook program and after that open an email that you want to extract an attachment.
  2. Thereafter, click on the attachment for previewing in the MS Outlook account.
  3. Lastly, click on the Download button to store the extracted email attachment on your pc.

In this manner, one can

Limitations – Manual method to download multiple attachments in Outlook consumes a lot of time by repeating the same task again and again. Also, with it, you can’t download multiple attachments from multiple emails in Outlook. While business professionals know the value of time so they never go with the manual method. However, if someone wants to extract only a few attachments from Microsoft Outlook then he can use the manual technique.

Time to Conclude

Being a tech expert, at last, I am again recommending the above-mentioned professional Outlook Attachment Extractor Tools. Because these tools are not only designed to download Outlook attachments. But also offer a lot of advanced features that always will be helpful for Microsoft Outlook users. We hope that now you know how to save multiple attachments from different emails in O.utlook. This tool comes with a free demo edition with 24 hours of technical support.