How to Save Emails for Future Reference – Tips to Use

Rollins Duke   
Published: February 13th, 2024 • 8 Min Read

Emailing is an effective medium of communication with business partners, coworkers, friends, relatives. There are also a couple of possibilities where emails assist us such as making an instant purchase in web-based stores. Hence, to keep track of all email messages, it is important to save emails for future reference.

Though one can open Microsoft Outlook, and track down what is required by typing a keyword in the search box. That is valid. Then, why is it important to save email for future use? Suppose, there is the unavailability of the internet while you are on a flight, or it is important to save email messages as documents and share them with partners. In these and different cases, learning to save Microsoft Outlook email messages proves to be useful.

When you really want to save significant messages, it is prescribed that you save them to your own local storage device. You can create a particular folder on your drive, computer that you will use to save the messages. Kindly read the various options you have when you want to store emails, and then view the whole method on how to save emails for future reference.

Please note- Adhere to these steps only when you are using the Outlook application to save email for future use.

Choices which you have to Save Email for Future Use

  1. You can save distinct messages in the .msg format which will allow you to open the message in MS Outlook and safeguard all text formatting, pictures, and attachments. This option is useful when you expect to save each message separately. Assuming you have the bulk of messages to save at one time, you can incline toward another choice.
  2. You can save different messages all at once in the .txt format which will allow you to open the email in Notepad naturally. It will not keep the pictures, formatting, attachments. You require to make sure to save or download email attachments independently if you pick this choice. Now, if you have a printer introduced named “Adobe PDF”, it is suggested you pick choice 3 rather than choice 2.
  3. You can save different messages all at once by choosing various messages and printing them to the Adobe PDF printer which saves them in the .pdf format. It will allow you to open the email in Adobe Acrobat and protect all in‐line pictures, text formatting yet won’t save the attachments. Ensure to save attachments independently if you pick this choice.

Complete Instructions – How to Save Emails for Future Reference

Approach 1 – Save Single email messages in .msg File Extension

  • Launch Outlook and open the email for saving


  • In the menu bar, tap on File>>Save as
  • Locate the destination to save email for future use.


  • Give a name to this file and hit on Save

The message is saved with .msg format and is stored at the chosen location. View this message by double-clicking on that individual file which will open in the Outlook window.

Approach 2 – Bulk Save emails in TXT File Extension

Choose bulk emails from your folder. Pick all messages between clicks using shift-click or choose only the emails you tap on with a ctrl-click. After file selection, hit on File>>Save As


Specify a saving location in order to save emails for future reference and tap on the Save button


All the emails which you have chosen are now saved in .txt file format at the specified storage path. You can view these emails by double clicking on that file while will open in a Notepad window.

Approach 3 – Save Multiple Emails in PDF Format at once

From your mailbox, choose the multiple messages to save email for future use. Select desired emails you intend to save. Now, tap on File>>Print. In the dropdown list of printer options, make sure to choose the ‘Adobe PDF’ printer. If you have not chosen it, then those emails will print to your actual printer. Hit on ‘Print’.


Save the email messages with a different name on your storage device and tap on the Save button


The email is now saved in PDF file format in the location you have selected. To access these emails, double click on that file which will open in an Acrobat window.

Constraints of all above methods – The manual way described in the above sections is though free yet it is not beneficial for keeping intact information. The reason is it does not preserve the in-line images, attachments, hyperlinks, formatting. Hence, we suggest you prefer an automated method over this one.

An Efficient Technique to Follow for Automatically Saving Emails for Future Need

Saving emails are not only available from your mail services. Most of the third-party software also allows doing this task for you. When looking for an automated solution, ensure how well the product backup mailboxes that contains thousands of emails and attachments. Also, make sure how simple it is to utilize the application. Finally, ensure that your data is kept private and secure and the utility does not read your email content.

You may have other needs for your stored email messages. Such as, you may require a rapid approach to save huge batches of emails based on some criteria. In such circumstances, look for a product with automation features. Else, you will require an external utility that provides features to manage and organize your email folders.

BitRecover PST Converter product fill all these needs. It is a fast and reliable solution to save emails for future reference. It’s an all-in-one application that is specifically meant for bulk backup of Outlook email messages. You can use it to save email for future use without experiencing any limitations. Additionally, if you don’t have MS Outlook on your machine even then you can use this tool.

Look at the steps to save emails for future reference-

  • Download and setup software on your PC

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Choose required PST files for conversion

  • Select desired email folders as per need

  • Pick any saving optionTXT, MSG, PDF, etc

  • Browse a destination path to store the output

  • Click on the Convert tab to start the conversion of emails

What does it Mean to Save Email Messages for Later Reference ? -Q/A

Read some of the common instances where a user wants to save email for future need.

What are the causes that call the need to save emails for future reference?

Besides sharing data with others, there are many ways that a user needs to save email for future use-

  • To bring the email communication for forensic purposes or to print emails for presenting in court as evidence
  • For transferring emails to other email client program
  • To migrate emails from Windows environment to Mac
  • For storing emails at the second computer
  • To import messages to some other email account
  • To do a backup of important data saved in emails

What are the other email conversion solutions to save emails for utilization in future?

The best email-saving solution is the one that makes it simple to create a safe copy of your important messages and manage the rest of your mailbox. Though many email services give a traditional way to save emails from mail service to some extent. But, this needs users to make detailed filters that are difficult to manage. A far better alternative is to utilize an intelligent solution that separates multiple emails and applies an action to them automatically.

BitRecover Email Backup solution can do all this and more, providing a better way to save emails for future reference. It is a multi-featured application that can save emails in bulk and automate parts of your mail management. It is made with smart algorithms that keep intact email headers, subject lines, attachments, etc. So, you can selectively group emails in particular criteria and can save email for future use. The tool never looks at your message content or attachments.

Let’s conclude

Whenever you make a decision to save emails for future reference, things become uncomplicated if you know the right technique to do the process. Whether your email account carries purchase confirmations or huge email chains from work, the email downloading or saving begins to shine. So, you can now easily save significant data from your email account for later use. Keep your inbox clutter-free without turning your email storage into a mess and save email for future use with our software.