How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Zoho Mail Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you finding multiple identical emails in your Zoho account? This article will show you two different solutions to remove duplicate emails from Zoho Mail including manual and advanced. We will also talk about the differences between both of them and suggest you the best one.

There can be numerous reasons for duplicates in your account such as importing emails from different sources, forwarding the same emails multiple times, and accessing emails with different devices. These duplicates would not look like a big deal at first but later it can be problematic. You might not be able to contact or locate the person you want to connect with. Duplicate emails in Zoho Mail take up all the storage of your mailbox which creates problems in sending and receiving emails. Let’s explore how we can overcome this problem.

Manual Procedure to Delete Duplicate Emails in Zoho Mail

If you are a common Zoho Mail user and you have only one or two duplicate emails in your account, then you can use the manual procedure to solve this issue. But there are several limitations of this procedure which you will find below the manual steps. So, let’s explore step-by-step manual guidance to remove duplicate emails in Zoho Mail.

  1. Login to your Zoho Mail account using account credentials.
  2. Choose a folder from which you want to fix duplicates.
  3. Type a word in the search bar related to possible Zoho duplicates.
  4. Now you can see emails having the same content.
  5. Analyze both Zoho emails and delete one.
  6. Deleted Zoho Mail emails will be moved under the Trash folder.
  7. Lastly, empty the trash folder to delete duplicate Zoho emails.
  8. Repeat all mentioned steps to remove another duplicate email in Zoho Mail.


  • As you can see, how long the procedure is it. Where people look for methods to remove multiple Zoho duplicates at once. In the menial process, you need to repeat the same process multiple times for each identical email.
  • Imagine you have 2 copies of the same message, but it has a different email address, contact, information, name, subject, or attachments. Merging that duplicate will synthesize the information together and mix up everything. It can also cause data loss.
  • The manual method is only best to delete Zoho emails but if it is difficult to find duplicates.

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Automated Procedure to Remove Duplicate Emails from Zoho Mail

Email Duplicate Remover developed by BitRecover is the all-in-one fully automatic solution that allows you to remove duplicate emails from Zoho Mail automatically. The software comes with several advanced filter options to easily identify all the emails and get rid of them at once. It is the most convent tool that supports more than 90+ cloud-based email sources.

The filter option available in the Zoho Duplicate Remover allows you to choose a specific date range, email address, email subject, or even size. You also get to use the batch mode option to clear off thousands of emails at once.

It automatically generates a new folder to store all the deleted Zoho Mail duplicates with the name of the Duplicates Found folder. After you complete the removal process, you can view those emails by visiting the duplicates found folder. So do not wait and instantly clean up a huge number of unnecessary Zoho Mail duplicate emails in an efficient manner.

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Zoho Duplicate Remover Features and Benefits

  • You can remove duplicate emails from all Zoho Mail folders at once to increase productivity.
  • Zoho Duplicate Remover permits checking and unchecking required Zoho Mail folders to fix duplicate clutter.
  • This software provides several filter options while fixing Zoho Mail duplicates to free up email quota space.
  • The automated tool asks only Zoho Mail credentials to fix duplicate email clutter in Zoho Mail.
  • Zoho Duplicate Remover automatically generates and moves duplicate Zoho emails under the Duplicates Found folder. Later you can permanently delete the Duplicates Found folder.

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How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Zoho Mail?

Note: Before using this software, first enable IMAP Access and generate an App Password because due to security reasons, the software uses App Password instead of a regular password. Using the software is quite easy, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on the link to visit the official site of the software, tap on the download button then install it on your computer.
  2. Go to email source options and click Zoho Mail then enter the email address and app password of your Zoho mail account.
  3. Hit on the login button, the software will automatically identify all your Zoho mail duplicates.
    start zoho duplicate remover
  4. Select the required Zoho Mail folders from the software panel to fix clutter.
    select folders
  5. You can apply multiple filters that suit your needs. Set date range by date and time also specify a size limit and duplicate by selecting options of from, to, cc, bcc, subject, etc.
    filter options
  6. Click on the Remove button at the end to remove duplicate emails from Zoho Mail successfully.
    remove duplicate emails from zoho mail


If your Zoho Mail account is facing multiple identical emails, then using the software is extremely helpful software to remove duplicate emails from Zoho Mail swiftly and efficiently. Just download the software and utilize the most advanced technology.

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