How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Zimbra Cloud?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

The same emails appearing twice is one common issue in Zimbra Cloud. If you are facing the same situation with your Zimbra account, then you are reading the right article. This article will head to the best solution to remove duplicate emails from Zimbra Cloud.

Although there is no manual way to get rid of Zimbra Cloud duplicate emails, do not worry! You will find the top-notch strategy here by optimizing the automated solution. Just be with the article till the end for a step-by-step procedure. Once you finish reading the complete article, you can easily delete thousands of Zimbra duplicate emails without wasting your precious time. But before driving to the solution, it is important to know the reasons behind this issue. Let’s begin…

Causes to Receive Duplicate Emails in Zimbra Cloud

The reason for duplicates is almost similar to an email account. We will just have a quick overview of these causes so that you can avoid them next time. This issue may occur in users’ Zimbra accounts when they login to their accounts using different devices. Accounts messages synchronize and start generating multiple duplicates in Zimbra cloud. Another reason can be forwarding configuration. There is a limit and rules for forwarding emails, our inbox emails get multiple when we exceed this limit. Now let’s find a solution to come out of this situation.

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Pro Solution to Delete Duplicate Emails in Zimbra Cloud

Email Duplicate Remover developed by BitRecover offers the ability to remove duplicate emails from Zimbra Server. Within the software panel, it has included more than 90+ source email services, allowing users to directly delete duplicate emails in Zimbra inbox, sent, draft, trash, and all other folders.

Zimbra Duplicate Remover provides a range of filters that are highly beneficial for eliminating Zimbra duplicate emails based on user preferences. Familiarize yourself with the available filters. This new-built technology is the top-notch solution for any business, industry, or mail user. It has already won the hearts of professionals from various industries.

This Zimbra Duplicate Remover guarantees 100% safety and security when it comes to removing duplicate emails in Zimbra Cloud. The tool automatically generates a dedicated folder called “Duplicates Found” within your email account.

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Qualities of Zimbra Duplicate Remover

  • Remove redundant Zimbra email copies across many cloud-based systems while maintaining strict security requirements.
  • The program can eradicate all duplicated Zimbra email instances at the same time.
  • Take advantage of the ease of fixing duplicate Zimbra emails based on particular criteria such as date, time, year, subject, and email IDs.
  • Effortlessly erase duplicate Zimbra emails from many folders at the same time, including inbox, sent, draught, all mail, trash, spam, and other predefined folders.
  • Use the batch mode function to efficiently remove duplicates in multiple Zimbra accounts at the same time.

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How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Zimbra Cloud?

Deal with the professional way if Zimbra shows duplicate emails on repeat. Follow these steps to remove duplicate emails from Zimbra Cloud:

  1. Get Zimbra Duplicate Remover mentioned above and install it.
  2. Select the source application (choose Zimbra Cloud) from the list and input your Login information such as your email and password.
  3. Enable Advanced Settings and Select Use Batch Mode if you wish to delete Zimbra duplicates from many accounts at the same time, and Use Proxy if you use a proxy server.
    zimbra duplicate remover
  4. Wait for the data to be loaded into the software panel by the Zimbra Duplicate Remover.
    analysing folders
  5. After the folders have been properly imported, you can choose and deselect the relevant folders/subfolders based on your needs.
    select folders
  6. Make use of the Advanced Filter Option to remove specific duplicates in Zimbra.
    filter options
  7. When you click the Remove button, a warning notice will display. Click Yes to confirm.
    remove duplicate emails from zimbra cloud
  8. The live procedure will begin on the screen, allowing you to track its progression.
    delete duplicate emails in zimbra cloud
  9. A confirmation message will display after the duplicates have been properly eliminated. To continue, click OK.
    completed successfully
  10. On the screen, a report comprising process information will be presented.
  11. Log in to your Zimbra Cloud account to locate the folder that contains all your duplicates.
  12. If this label is no longer required, you may delete it by clicking the three dots and selecting Remove Label to free up space.


Zimbra Cloud is a globally famous cloud-based email hosting service provider. However, this has been a common query to remove duplicate emails from Zimbra Cloud its users. With these on-growing modern technologies, everyone should acquire modern solutions for their problems. The software we talked about in the above article, quickly dissolves all the Zimbra cloud duplicate emails at once. Just click on the above link, go through the official page, and download the software to quickly resolve this problem.

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