How to Remove Duplicate Emails from IMAP Server?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Is your IMAP account filled with multiple copies of the same emails? If you have you are searching for the “remove duplicate emails from IMAP Server” then, of course, you are having this situation. Accumulation of emails can be challenging.  In the following article, you will explore the most effective way to delete duplicate emails in IMAP Server.

Reasons to Get Duplicate Emails in IMAP Server

  • Importing/ exporting or exchanges of email messages.
  • Synchronization while accessing your emails with multiple devices desktop and mobile devices.
  • Incorrectly configured email settings and forwarding rules.
  • Having some technical issues with your IMAP Server.

No matter what the reason is, with the help of proper guidance this task becomes easy. Go through the entire article meticulously to discover the quick and easy method to remove duplicate emails in IMAP Server without making any effort.

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The Solution to Delete Duplicate Emails from IMAP Server

Emails are very crucial whether you are a small business, a large business, or a normal email user. It might be problematic when emails start getting similar. Well, let us tell you there is no effective manual method to remove duplicate emails from IMAP Server. So, to clear out similar emails, you need to optimize or take help you professional and trustworthy software that can help you to discard duplicates easily. But before relying on any software it is important to consider that it provides Easy to use interface, advanced features, and 100% security.

Free Download IMAP Duplicate Remover

After doing so much research, we found that BitRecover Email Duplicate Remover Tool is the best software to delete duplicate emails in IMAP Server. This is the perfect solution if you want to eliminate duplicate emails permanently from your life. The tool is designed in a way to vanish all your worries. The application automatically finds all the duplicates available in your account.

IMAP Server Duplicate Remover is the expert-proven solution that professionals and several industries utilize in managing their multiple emails. There is also a free trial version available to give a try to this software. This is the quickest feature-rich solution that removes the duplicates based on date, time, subject, from, to, cc, bcc, etc.

Although the software is the one-stop solution for any cloud email service, so you do not need to install multiple software to remove duplicate emails from each web-based email service. Whether you are an IMAP server user, Gmail, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365,, Yahoo mail, Zoho mail, iCloud, or IBM Verse, this application is suitable for all platforms.

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Note: If you want to delete emails from IMAP Server using different types of criteria like by size, time, subject, sender, attachments, and social notifications. Then follow the article to free up email quota space.

Features of Software

  • Permits to delete duplicate emails from IMAP Server directly from all the folders including inbox, sent, trash, draft, etc.
  • Compatible with all cloud-based email services such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail,, etc.
  • Identifying duplicates by selecting fields, folders, date range, email subject, and email address with the help of advanced filters.
  • Automatically create a separate folder for duplicate emails named “Duplicates Found”.
  • Use Batch Mode” option to eliminate multiple duplicate IMAP Server emails at once.

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How to Remove Duplicate Emails in IMAP Server?

IMAP Email duplicate removal task becomes so much easy when you utilize this software. Just a single software will find, reach, and delete all the copies with a few mouse clicks.

  1. Launch the IMAP Duplicate Remover on your computer or device which we mentioned above in the article. Read the instruction shown on the screen after installation.
  2. From the box available on the left-hand side, go to the list of email sources and choose IMAP Server.
  3. Come back to the login interface below and select the email source the software will ask “Please enter your email account credential” where you have to enter your email id and password of your IMAP account. (Make sure you entered the correct email and password to avoid any delay)
  4. At the bottom of the email credentials box, check on the ‘advanced settings option, where two options will appear. “Use Batch Mode” “Use Proxy”. Check on the “Use Batch Mode” option to eliminate IMAP Server duplicates in multiple accounts at once.
  5. Enter your IMAP Host and IMAP Port number, then hit on the Login button. The software will start accessing all the duplicate emails and show a preview in the left-hand box.
    start software
  6. Check and uncheck the required IMAP Server subfolders for which you want to clear duplicates.
    select folders
  7. Go to the filter option to apply an advanced filter to delete IMAP Server duplicate emails by date, subject, and email address.
    filter options
  8. Press the Remove button and chooses Yes to start removing duplicate IMAP Server emails.
    remove duplicate emails from imap server


Having duplicate emails in an IMAP Server can be a hassle as it starts creating problems. However, there is an effective way to solve this problem which we mentioned in the above post. The software will allow you to remove duplicate emails from IMAP Server easily with just a few clicks. The solution provides a fairly easy and straightforward method. This easy-to-use solution helps you to regain control over your mailbox. Just follow the given introduction to eliminate your annoying duplicate emails.

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