How to Delete Mail from IMAP Server for Free Up Space?

Mark Regan ~ June 22nd, 2022 ~ Delete Emails

Are you guys looking for a solution to how to delete emails from IMAP server? If yes, then you guys are in right place. This is the common query of many users. In this blog, we will explain the perfect solution to this query. It can be solved with the help of an automated solution. By using IMAP Email Eraser, users can easily accomplish this task.

Everyone has a question that how to remove emails from IMAP server permanently? For example, when an email message contains some sensitive information detail of user and user wants to free space in it then, it’s possible that user would not want others to see those emails in Trash. Users will always want to remove them for privacy purposes and for free space.

Why Do Users Delete Emails from Server?

To free up space every user wants to delete emails from IMAP server permanently. But when we delete emails from the inbox folder, that message was not removed permanently. Users can still find that mail in the deleted items folder. If users want to erase emails from IMAP server permanently, then they have to again delete those mails from the deleted item folder.

Read User’s Query

I am using a professional email id for the past 10 years that has millions of emails. Now I want to configure my email id with a desktop-based Thunderbird email client using IMAP Settings. But before configuring my email id, I want to delete IMAP emails from server. Because I don’t want to get unnecessary emails on the desktop-based email client. Therefore, I want to remove old emails from IMAP Server, do you have a solution for me?

Techniques to Delete IMAP Emails from Server

This process can be done with the following two ways:

  1. With the help of Manual Technique
  2. By using Automated Solution

How to Remove Emails from Server – Manual Method

  1. To remove IMAP server emails permanently, open an email conversation, and click the message option.
  2. After that, user has to select the items that user wants to delete.
  3. A warning will pop up to confirm delete or cancel the action. Click on delete permanently.
  4. Thereafter, open the deleted items folder.
  5. Then, deleted messages get moved to a trash folder and user has to delete that again to permanently remove them.

Limitations of Using Manual Technique

There are certain limitations to using this Manual approach to accomplish this task.

  • If users will use this method, then, users have to spend a lot of time here.
  • This method is quite lengthy and time-consuming.
  • Users will not be able to delete bulk emails at a single time.
  • By using this manual method users have to repeat the process of deleting emails again and again.

Therefore, using the manual method is not a good option for users. As it will not provide the best solution to its users. It is time-taking as well as not a good solution. If users have to delete one or two emails then a manual process is a good option. But if users have to delete multiple emails from IMAP server, then the manual method is not suitable.

How to Erase Emails from IMAP Server – Professional Method

As the above mention method is not suitable for users. Therefore, using an automated solution to accomplish the process is the best solution. Using this solution will save a lot of time for users. Email Remover Software is the best-suited application for users. This application quickly deletes IMAP messages from server. This application provides an option to bulk erase IMAP emails at one time to save energy and increase productivity. The tool also provides highly advanced filters to delete old emails by date range, subject, sender, attachments, etc.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

How to Delete Emails from IMAP Server?

  1. First, install and run IMAP Email Eraser software on the system. The software will show the list of email sources in the user interface. Select IMAP from the source list. After that, enter IMAP account email credentials such as Email id / Password and press the Login button.
    imap email eraser
  2. The software will start fetching all mailboxes from the selected email account. Then select desired mailboxes from IMAP email account from which users wish to delete all email messages.
    choose imap folders
  3. Select advance filter options according to your need.
  4. Finally, hit on the Delete button to delete emails from IMAP server. Users can see the live deleting process of emails on the screen.
    delete emails from imap server
  5. IMAP Email Eraser shows a warning message i.e., IMAP Messages or Attachments once deleted cannot be retrieved back. Are you sure want to continue? Press the Next button now.
    how to remove emails from server
  6. Now software is deleting emails from server, so wait for a while. After receiving the message of completion, click on the Ok button.
    delete imap emails from server

Note That: If you don’t know the IMAP Settings of your email account then go to website. Thereafter, enter your email address in a specific field and click on the Find button. Thus, you can easily know the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) settings of your account.imap settings

Think Before Erasing IMAP Emails

If you have decided to delete emails from IMAP Server account then before deletion this is advisable to store email messages on your local pc. Download IMAP Mail Backup Software which is an expert-recommended tool to save IMAP emails on the local computer as well as the hard drive. This software comes with multiple saving options and users can feel free to choose any saving format accordingly.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

IMAP Email Eraser – Fascinating Features

The fastest way to free up IMAP server email quota space: This utility permits users to remove emails from server folders. No matter how many emails user’s IMAP account holds, this application will immediately free up email space.

Data filter for selective IMAP email deletion: If the user is ready to delete selective email messages from server, then we have rounded up the best application. The tool allows users to only remove attachments, delete only attachments, delete old emails within a certain date range, delete emails permanently with a subject, delete emails from related addresses, etc.

Best software to remove IMAP emails permanently: The utility allows users to erase emails from IMAP Server faster without opening them with one mouse click. The tool provides an option to delete emails permanently from the mail account. Through this, users can reduce their stress levels.

Delete IMAP emails from server in batch: IMAP Email Remover is capable to delete IMAP emails from multiple IMAP accounts at once. For batch mode option, you will need to enter your account credentials on a CSV file. Thereafter, upload CSV file in software panel for removing mail from several IMAP accounts in batch.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1 – I want to remove emails from server by specific year and date range. Is it possible using your software?

A – Yes, deleting emails from server by date range / year is possible in this software. Users can set the date range to erase IMAP Server emails of that time.

Q 2 – How do I permanently delete emails from server?

Ans – With the help of IMAP Email Eraser application, users can permanently delete emails from IMAP server in bulk without facing any issues.

Q 3 – Can I delete selected IMAP email folders from server as per my choice?

A – Yes, before deleting messages from IMAP server, you can see all IMAP folders in the software interface in the file explorer view. Hence, you can easily choose only specific required folders from the software panel for deletion.

Concluding Lines

Here, in this blog, we have described about delete IMAP emails from server permanently. Deleting emails is a bulky task but it is necessary as well. If user wants to free up space, then, they have to delete unnecessary emails from the mail account. This software provides the simplest way of deleting emails from IMAP server.

Here we have discussed about both manual and professional methods. For the convenience of user’s free trial version of the application is also available. In this users can delete 25 emails and after that, users can purchase the software as well.