How to Remove Duplicate Email in Cox Mail Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you ready to remove duplicate emails in Cox Mail? This is an informational article that is going to explore the most effective way to easily eliminate all duplicate emails at once. Having duplicates in accounts is a common problem nowadays. People are almost frustrated by this problem hence they are looking for a solution that can prevent their accounts from the same copies of emails. This article will provide you with a solution that can help you to delete duplicate emails from Cox Mail.

However, we will also talk about a manual method to delete a few duplicates. The manual method is not a worthwhile solution for deleting a large number of Cox Mail duplicate emails. This is why people always choose to solve this issue by utilizing advanced methods. Continue reading the article if you want to get rid of Cox Mail duplicates efficiently.

How to Delete Duplicate Emails from Cox Mail Manually?

In case of a few duplicate emails which you find easy to delete, you can go for the manual method. For further information, we will also look at the drawbacks of the manual processes but before that let’s discuss How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Cox Mail Manually.

  1. To remove the Cox Mail duplicates manually, navigate to your Cox Mail account and go to the Settings option.
  2. In the settings area, you need to configure Inbox rules and filters. Change the rules for incoming emails from the Mail Filter tab.
  3. Once you remove the filter, then search and select the emails you want to delete one by one. Then click on the Delete button.

Drawbacks of the Manual Process

  • It is a confusing and frustrating process as you need to select each duplicate one by one.
  • Finding and selecting emails also consumes so much time. You will also have to re-select emails again if you deselect by mistake.
  • To make a configuration you need to have technical knowledge, without this expertise, you cannot make the required changes.

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Pro Method to Remove Duplicate Emails in Cox Mail

If you are consistently receiving duplicate emails in your Cox Mail account, then the best choice is BitRecover Email Duplicate Remover to remove them instantly. This is the most satisfactory solution which is specially built to delete duplicate emails in Cox Mail trouble-free. Just by downloading this software and logging into Cox Mail in it, it will automatically encounter each and every duplicate email available in your Cox Mail account.

Before purchasing the software, you can also experience its free trial version where you can remove the top 20 duplicate Cox emails from each folder. Sounds good right? However, there is more. If we talk about its compatibility then the software supports all the Windows visions such as Windows OS 11 (64-bit), 10, 8, 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) & Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008, etc.

Download Now Purchase Now

Note: If you want to mass delete Cox Mail emails then read this complete article.


  • Remove duplicate emails from Cox Mail as well as all web-based email applications just at a single place such as Gmail, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365,, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, IMAP Server, and more…
  • Advanced filter option to filter-wise duplication based on date, time, year, subject, from, to, cc, bcc, email ids, inbox, sent, draft, all mail, trash, spam, etc.
  • If your storage is full due to duplicates, free up quota storage by removing Cox replica emails.
  • Upgradable subscription plan to provide more enhanced facilities to the users.
  • No need to get confused and frustrated in finding Cox Mail duplicates from thousands of emails.
  • Delete copies from multiple Cox Mail accounts simultaneously using the Use Batch Mode option.

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Steps to Remove Duplicate Emails from Cox Mail Using Tool

  1. Begin the process by downloading the software from the above link. (You can also try its free trial)
  2. Go to the email source and look for Cox Mail then enter your Cox Mail email and password.
  3. Choose the Use Batch Mode option to delete multiple duplicate emails at once and hit the Login button.
    start software
  4. Let the software detect all the duplicate emails from the Cox Mail account, and check or uncheck the selective ones.
    select folders
  5. Go to the Filter option to apply the filter.
    filter options
  6. Then click on the Remove button to start deleting duplicate Cox Mail emails.
    remove duplicate emails in cox mail


So finally, this is the time to conclude the overall article in short. Today we solved the query to remove duplicate emails in Cox Mail. We firmly talked about manual and automated solutions and found the limitations of the manual method. If you have unidentified duplicate emails available in your Cox Mailbox, then simply install the software and follow the steps given in the article. We guarantee you that once you use this software you would never have any problem with duplicates.