How to Remove Duplicate Contacts from WhatsApp Messenger?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If you are one of these users looking for solutions to remove duplicate contacts from WhatsApp Messenger, keep reading this blog as we discuss the reasons and solutions for the problem!

Technological advancements have brought lifestyle changes in present times, especially in communication. We have seen a giant leap in communication mediums – from letters to online conversation. This leap gets validated by the success of WhatsApp, the primary communication medium for the entire world. But many WhatsApp users complain of having duplicated contacts in their contacts list.

Before starting the blog, let’s have a quick introduction to WhatsApp.

About WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging service allowing users to send messages (text and voice), multimedia content (images and videos), and documents. Also, users can connect through voice and video calling features. Owned by Meta Platforms, Inc (originally known as Facebook, Inc), WhatsApp is the world’s most renowned messaging application, with a user base of 2 billion users. Its success gets proven through regions like Latin America and the Indian subcontinent embracing it as their primary communication platform.

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Reasons to Delete Duplicate Contacts in WhatsApp

There are many reasons for your contacts getting duplicated on WhatsApp, and some of these reasons are:

  • You save the contact details of your family members and friends without knowing their presence on WhatsApp, and the contacts get duplicated.
  • WhatsApp automatically syncs your mobile contact list and creates duplicates.
  • When you import Excel contacts to WhatsApp Messenger, it creates duplicate copies if those contacts are already available on your mobile.

These reasons necessitate the deduplication of contacts in your WhatsApp account, and we will now discuss the solutions to fix duplicate contacts in WhatsApp Messenger, so keep reading further!

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Solutions to Remove Duplicate Contacts from WhatsApp

Since the reasons discussed above highlight the urgency for deleting duplicate contacts from WhatsApp, let’s discuss the solutions you can use to deduplicate your WhatsApp account, beginning with the manual method and followed by the automated one.

Manual Way to Fix Duplicate Contacts in WhatsApp

Since you can’t directly remove duplicate contacts in your WhatsApp account, the best method is to manually deduplicate the default Contacts app on your mobile and refresh your WhatsApp account to see the changes made. Here are the steps for the deduplication process:

  1. Open the default Contacts app on your phone.
  2. Select All Contacts from the dropdown menu on top (You will see a dropdown menu with your synced Gmail, SIM card, and messaging apps’ contacts).
  3. Select the duplicated contacts and delete them [You will see the SIM card contacts and your WhatsApp synced contacts one after the other. Example: a contact named Josh Davis gets viewed as Josh Davis (SIM Contact) and Josh Davis (WhatsApp sync mentioned inside) in your phone’s contact list].
  4. Open WhatsApp, click the Chat icon on the right-hand bottom, and open the contact list.
  5. Click the three vertical dots on the extreme right-hand top and click Refresh to refresh the WhatsApp contact list.
  6. The duplicated contacts get removed from WhatsApp.

This method to remove duplicate contacts from WhatsApp isn’t efficient since it’s time-consuming and lengthy if you have many duplicated contacts for deletion.

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Automated Way to Delete Duplicate WhatsApp Contacts

Since the manual method for removing duplicate contacts from WhatsApp is ineffective because of the time taken in manual deduplication of the contact list on your mobile, the best solution is to use an automated tool for removing duplicate contacts from your WhatsApp account – BitRecover vCard Duplicate Remover.

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Note That: First export Android Smartphone contacts to vCard format and fix duplicates using the suggested software. Thereafter, again import processed contacts to your smartphone and sync them with WhatsApp Messenger. It is an easy process as all smartphones have the facility to import and export contacts as shown in the respective screenshot.

Some Features of Software

  • This application deduplicates contacts from WhatsApp exported vCard versions 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.
  • It is capable to delete duplicate contacts in WhatsApp exported vCard files in bulk.
  • This tool benefits all users with a clean and user-friendly graphical interface.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts in WhatsApp Messenger?

  1. Download the tool and open it after installation on your computer.
    start software
  2. Click Select Files or Select Folders to add the vCard file(s) or folder(s), respectively.
    add whatsapp contacts
  3. Click Next and select the duplicated contacts. Again, click Next and select the Duplicate Filters to remove the duplicate contacts according to specific contact fields.
    click next
  4. Click Browse and select a desirable location of your preference.
    destination path
  5. Click the Create Single VCF box to add all deduplicated contacts in a single vCard file.
    delete duplicate contacts in whatsapp
  6. Click Extract and start removing duplicate contacts from WhatsApp.
    how to remove duplicate contacts from whatsapp
  7. The tool opens the chosen folder automatically with the deduplicated WhatsApp vCard file(s).


The blog explored the reasons and solutions to remove duplicate contacts from WhatsApp. We discussed the manual and automated methods to delete duplicate contacts in your WhatsApp account. The manual method involves deduplicating contacts from the default Contacts app, proving inefficient and time-consuming due to the time taken to delete all duplicate contacts from your phone.

On the contrary, the automated tool can remove duplicate contacts from your WhatsApp account while ensuring no data loss during deduplication. Thanks to a clean and user-friendly graphical interface, users can access this tool without technical expertise.