How to Import Excel Contacts to WhatsApp? Free & Pro Ways

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 24th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Are you stuck on finding a solution on how to import Excel contacts to WhatsApp? If so, then, do not panic. Here, in this informative write-up, we have devised 2 simple and reliable approaches for adding contacts from Excel to WhatsApp Application.

In today’s modern world, the smartphone is the most notable development. There is even nobody who is out of mobile phone use. The mobile phone comes with many applications, among all people who know WhatsApp and its growing popularity. With the help of this application, users can keep in touch with listed people in the WhatsApp contact list through text messages or online calls.

With the onset of social media, our communication methods have changed immensely. From text messages to Instagram or WhatsApp messages, we have seen a tremendous change in how we connect. We are witnessing everyone embrace WhatsApp as the primary communication channel. You must have a list of contacts in an Excel Sheet waiting to be added to your WhatsApp account. This blog explores the reasons to import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp and the solutions you can use. Keep reading this blog to know everything!

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About WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging service owned by Facebook, allowing users to send text and voice messages, share multimedia content apart from documents, and make voice & video calls. WhatsApp is the world’s most famous messaging application, and this can be proved by the fact that regions like Latin America and the Indian subcontinent have embraced it as their primary communication medium.

Reasons to Import Contacts from Excel to WhatsApp

Being a communication platform, WhatsApp provides many features. Here are some reasons that necessitate adding Excel contacts to WhatsApp:

  • Bulk Import: Users prefer to bulk add Excel contacts to WhatsApp while manually they can add contacts one by one.
  • Accessibility: After importing contacts from Excel to WhatsApp, you can access imported contacts with different devices i.e. Smartphones and computers.
  • Easy Interface: The main reason is the user-friendly accessibility of WhatsApp, meaning that everyone can use WhatsApp without any technical expertise.
  • Encryption: WhatsApp messages are encrypted, meaning that no one, even WhatsApp, can read your messages unless allowed.
  • Expandable Reach: Users have a desire to transfer Excel contacts to WhatsApp because after that they can easily connect with their friends, colleagues, relatives, etc.

These reasons highlight the importance of importing Excel contacts to WhatsApp. So let’s read the solutions to add contacts to WhatsApp from Excel XLSX or XLS files.

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Pro Method to Import Excel Contacts to WhatsApp

Since there is no direct method to import Excel contacts in WhatsApp (because WhatsApp supports vCard format only), an automated tool for importing Excel contacts is the best option. Here, we will discuss one contact’s converter tool – BitRecover Excel to vCard Converter.

Some of its features are:

  • Create vCard files with different encodings.
  • Make individual or combined VCF file(s).

How to Import Excel Contacts to WhatsApp?

You will need to complete 2 phases to import contacts to WhatsApp from XLSX files. Download and install the suggested software and then follow these steps to complete this task effortlessly.

Phase 1: Convert Contacts in vCard

  1. Install the tool and open it after installation. Click the Select box to add the Excel file.
    start software
  2. Choose the Save As option to browse a destination path to store output data.
    save as option
  3. To make a single vCard file for all contacts, check the Save all contacts in one VCF file box.
    save all contacts in vcf file
  4. See the contacts fields available in your Excel contacts.
    excel fields
  5. Map the contact fields according to your preference using the Select button alongside vCard Field.
    select vcard field
  6. Set vCard fields according to your preferences.
    complete contact field mapping
  7. Confirm the field mapping and select Set vCard Encoding.
    import excel contacts to whatsapp
  8. To start the file conversion process, click Convert.
    import contacts from excel to whatsapp
  9. Go to the destination folder to access your single or multiple vCard file(s) after the process ends.
    resultant vcf contacts

Phase 2: Import vCard File to WhatsApp

Now connect your smartphone to a computer, then copy and paste resultant vCard from computer to your smartphone. After that follow below steps:

  1. Open your phone’s Contacts application.
  2. Go to Settings and select Import/Export Contacts.
    import export contacts
  3. In the Import/Export menu, choose Import from Storage Device under the Import section.
    import contacts to whatsapp from excel
  4. Select the saved file on your phone and click Import.
    import button
  5. The importing process is running please wait.
    import contacts from excel to whatsapp
  6. Now open WhatsApp and click the message icon on the right-hand bottom to open the contacts list.
  7. Click the three dots on the right side and select Refresh to refresh the contact list.
  8. Use the search bar to search for a name from the Excel Sheet. If you see the name, your Excel sheet is successfully imported to WhatsApp, albeit in a different format.

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Manual Method to Import Contacts to WhatsApp from Excel

  1. Open XLSX or XLS file using the Microsoft Excel program.
    excel contacts
  2. Choose File >> Save As option.
    save as
  3. Select CSV (Comma Separated Values) option from the drop-down choices.
    select csv with utf
  4. Browse the destination path to store the CSV file and press the Save button.
    save contacts in csv file
  5. See your Excel contacts converted to CSV contacts.
    csv contacts
  6. Login to your Gmail account and choose the Contacts option.
  7. Choose the Import option as shown in the figure below.
    import option
  8. Now use the Select File button to continue.
    select file
  9. Browse the recently converted CSV file and press the Open button.
    choose open
  10. Hit the Import button.
    how to import contacts to whatsapp from excel
  11. See importing contacts process is running, please wait.
    how to import excel contacts in whatsapp
  12. All done, your contacts are imported to Gmail contacts.
    all done
  13. Now select the Export button from Gmail contacts.
    export contacts
  14. Select vCard as a saving option and press Export.
    export contacts
  15. The process to export Gmail contacts to vCard VCF is running.
    how to import contacts from excel to whatsapp web
  16. See finally contacts are exported in vCard format.
    resultant contacts

Important Note: After getting your contacts in vCard format, you can easily import vCard contacts to your smartphone. Thereafter, open your WhatsApp and Refresh the contacts list. In this way, anyone can import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp free.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Does the manual method have limitations?

Yes, this is a time-consuming method that can be used to import Excel contacts to WhatsApp by completing multiple phases. Even you need to use Gmail as a mediator app to complete this task. There is no field mapping option available if you use the manual method.

Q 2: How do I import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp group?

Firstly, import contacts to WhatsApp from XLSX files using the above-mentioned techniques. Thereafter, open your WhatsApp group and choose the Add Participant option to add contacts.

Q 3: How to import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp web?

First, import Excel contacts in WhatsApp application as shown in the above-explained manual and pro methods. After that, go to and scan the QR code to start WhatsApp web. Now you can access recently imported contacts on WhatsApp web.

Q 4: How do I add bulk contacts to WhatsApp from Excel?

First, download the suggested software and convert Excel contacts to WhatsApp supported format. After that import contacts to WhatsApp in bulk.


The onset of social media has seen a drastic shift from text messages to WhatsApp. From sending text and voice messages, sharing multimedia content apart from documents, and making voice & video calls – you can do everything on WhatsApp instead of using particular applications for every activity. Now, you can’t directly import Excel contacts to WhatsApp as WhatsApp supports the vCard format only.

The automated tool is the perfect solution to export the Excel sheet to the vCard format without data loss. Then, import the converted file to your phone’s Contacts app and refresh the WhatsApp application to access contacts.