How to Import Excel Contacts to Gmail (Google Contacts)?

Rollins Duke   
Published: June 14th, 2023 • 7 Min Read

Sometimes the process to import Excel contacts to Gmail becomes mandatory due to unavoidable requirements. Thanks to technological advancements, we have seen extensive development at every step of our lives. And this technological advancement is also seen in how we converse and save contact details of our family & friends. From letters that take many days to reach to emails delivered in a minute, our conversation medium has changed drastically. And when it comes to storing contact details, the advancement from telephone diaries to Excel Sheets and digital contact managers is astonishing.

We have started this blog with emails and Excel sheets, so let’s discuss the main point! If you are a Gmail user and wish to import Excel contacts to Google contacts (Gmail), this blog is for you! We will discuss the reasons for importing your Excel contacts to Gmail account with the solutions you can use for importing your Excel contacts. Keep reading this blog to know everything!

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About Gmail and Excel

Gmail is an email service provided by Google with many features like high storage and an easy-to-use interface. It’s also the world’s largest email service, with around 40% of global users. On the other hand, Excel is a Microsoft-developed spreadsheet software with calculation capabilities, graphing tools, and much more.

After this short introduction to Gmail and Excel, let’s understand the reasons to import Excel contacts to Gmail accounts.

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Reasons to Import Excel Contacts to Google Contacts

Many reasons necessitate to import contacts to Gmail from Excel format, and some of these are:

  • Easy Configuration – The first reason is the easy configuration of Gmail with other email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail. You can comfortably configure your Gmail account, including the contacts, to other email clients while you can only share the Excel sheet through all the clients, either through mail or their respective cloud services.
  • Easily Accessible – Another reason to import Excel contacts to Gmail is the easy accessibility feature of Gmail. In short, you can easily access your Gmail contacts anywhere and through any device. On the other hand, you can’t take an Excel sheet with you unless you have it on your phone. Even then, you manually find a number, copy it on the clipboard, and then dial it – making the entire process tiresome.
  • Extra Security – This is the crucial reason for importing Excel contacts to Google contacts (Gmail). Gmail and its applications, including Contacts, are protected by many security features – keeping your contacts safe against technical problems. On the other hand, there is no notable security assurance with Excel except for locking the cells in the Excel sheet to protect the document from unlawful data deletion and accidental or deliberate changes.

These reasons highlight the importance of importing Excel contacts to your Gmail account. Now we will discuss the solutions for importing Excel contacts to your Gmail account, so keep reading!

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#1 Manual Method to Import Excel Contacts to Gmail

The manual method for importing Excel contacts to your Gmail account is simple – convert the Excel file (XLSX or XLS) to a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file and upload it to your Gmail account, and voila! Your contact list is further updated! Here are the steps to follow:

Stage 1: Convert Excel Contacts to CSV Format

  1. Open the Excel file having the contacts.
    excel contacts
  2. Now go to File and click Save As.
    save as
  3. Select CSV as the file format in the Save As Type dropdown menu.
    import contacts to gmail from excel format
  4. Now select the location to store the converted CSV file and click Save.
    save contacts in csv file
  5. Get a converted CSV file from the selected destination path.
    import excel contacts to google contacts

Your original file in XLSX or XLS format will be available to access, so don’t worry! Now you have converted the Excel file into CSV format, so follow these steps to upload the new contacts file to your Gmail account:

Stage 2: Import CSV Contacts to Gmail Account

  1. Open Gmail on your system.
  2. Select Contacts from the Google Apps menu.
    gmail contacts option
  3. Choose the Import button to continue.
    import option
  4. Click on the Select File button to browse the converted CSV file.
    select file
  5. Select the CSV file from your computer and choose Open to continue.
    choose open
  6. Now press the Import button to proceed to continue.
    import contacts to gmail from excel format
  7. Your Excel contacts are importing to your Gmail account, so please wait for a while.
    importing contacts
  8. All done! Contacts are imported successfully. To access them, click the side panel on the right-hand bottom of your Gmail homepage and select the Contacts icon.
    all done

Your Excel contacts are finally imported to your Google Mail account. Unfortunately, this manual method is time-consuming as you have to convert the Excel file into a CSV file and then upload the CSV file to your Gmail account. Also, you may face file-uploading issues while uploading the CSV file or see missing contact fields or duplicate contacts. Hence, using the automated solution is highly preferable.

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#2 Automated Method to Import Contacts to Gmail from Excel Format

Now that you can’t use the manual method due to its limitations, an automated tool for quickly importing Excel contacts to Google contacts is the best option. Here, we will discuss one such contacts’ converter tool – BitRecover Excel to vCard Converter.

How to Import Excel Contacts List into Gmail?

  1. Install the tool in your system and open it after installation. Add the Excel file using the Select option.
    start software
  2. Click Save As to select the destination folder for the resultant vCard file.
    save as option
  3. Check the Save all contacts in one VCF file box to make a single vCard file for all Excel contacts.
    import excel contacts to gmail
  4. The tool automatically detects the available contact fields in the Excel file.
    excel fields
  5. Use the Select button beside the vCard Field button to map the contact fields.
    map vcard field
  6. Map the contact fields as per your preference.
    complete contact field mapping
  7. Recheck the contact fields after the field mapping and encode the Excel file into vCard by checking the Set vCard Encoding box.
    see contact field mapping completed
  8. To start the file conversion process, click Convert and go to the destination folder to access your single or multiple vCard file(s).
    how to import excel file contacts into gmail
  9. At last, the software will open the destination folder, so you can easily get the output vCard VCF file.
    resultant vcf contacts
  10. Now use the manual method to import vCard contacts to Gmail account.
    how to import excel contacts in gmail

Some of Its Features

  • Convert Microsoft Excel XLS or XLSX files to vCard format.
  • Single panel software interface.
  • Make individual or combined VCF file(s).
  • An advance option to map contact fields.
  • Facility to set encoding for vCard contacts.


Technological advancements in recent times have made us switch to digital methods of communication and data storage. From letters that took days to get delivered to instantly delivered emails and telephone diaries to Excel sheets and digital contact managers – our technological growth has been astonishing. This blog discussed manual and automated methods to import Excel contacts to Gmail (Google Contacts).

The manual method involves converting the XLSX or XLS Excel file to CSV and importing the converted file to your Gmail account, but it has some limitations that make it unfeasible. On the contrary, the automated tool mentioned in this post can easily convert the Excel file into vCard without any issue, benefiting non-technical users.

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