How to Perform POP3 to Exchange Online Migration in Few Clicks ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Are you looking for an easy method to perform POP3 to Exchange Online migration? If yes, then stay on this page. In this blog, we have provided all instructions on how to convert POP3 emails to Exchange Online, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange.

In the last 6 months, I have accumulated thousands of business POP3 mailboxes. Now, I want to import POP3 to Exchange Online as soon as possible. How can I do this?

Professional Tool to do POP3 to Exchange Online Migration

Important Tip: It is advised that if you have various database errors, troubleshooting hassles with existing POP3 mailboxes. Then, you can easily migrate from POP3 to Exchange and get rid of these problems.

If you are someone looking to convert POP3 mailboxes to Exchange Online then please try the POP3 Email Backup Wizard. It gives a direct feature to change POP3 to Exchange Server, Exchange Online, Hosted Exchange. You can even migrate bulk POP3 email accounts to Exchange with this tool. Since it’s a user-friendly application so any user (home/ business) can utilize it easily.

Just download the POP3 Backup Tool to learn how it works:

Steps to Convert POP3 Mailbox to Exchange Server

  1. Run POP3 to Exchange Online migration tool.
  2. Specify all POP3 account login credentials.
  3. Enter POP3 hostname and port no.
  4. Select required mailboxes & choose Exchange Server.
  5. Enter Exchange account login details.
  6. Start to convert POP3 to Exchange Server.

Benefits to Migrate from POP3 to Exchange Mailbox

We have summarized some of the advantages which you will get after a change from POP3 server to Exchange:

Handy to Utilize- By importing POP3 emails to Exchange, you can move all folders, subfolders, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes as well to Exchange Online mailbox.

Easy Accessibility- You can convert POP3 to Exchange and can utilize Microsoft Outlook also with this Exchange mailbox. Also, it will help you to read your POP3 emails from any PC, connected to the internet.

Enables to Use Emails for all User Devices- After executing POP3 to Exchange Online migration, you can use this Exchange email account by configuring it with any iPhone, iPad, smartphone, etc. Within a couple of minutes, you can sync your emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc to these devices.

Effortless Maintenance- Once you convert POP3 mailbox to Exchange Online, there will be no problems recovering email data on new computers. Moreover, you will be hassle-free regarding the hardware maintenance for the server.

Now, let’s see in detail how you can execute the POP3 to Exchange Online migration on your computer with the help of small and easy steps.

Guidelines to Migrate from POP3 to Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange

Firstly, download and install the tool to convert POP3 mailbox to Exchange on your Windows PC.

Now, you will see the software screen in which you need to specify all POP3 account credentials, and thereafter, click on the Login tab.

Then, the tool will automatically load all mailboxes from the POP3 server in the interface. Just, enable those mailboxes whose data you want to move into Exchange Server.

After this, navigate to the saving options list. Here, scroll down and select Exchange Server from it.


Then, enter the Domain/ username, password, server name. Also, if you are an administrator then enable the ‘I am Admin’ option.


Please note that if you want your destination to be Hosted Exchange Server, then in the saving options list, select Hosted Exchange Server. Proceed with the same steps as explained thereafter.


Next, move to the filter options list, you can select any date range, From, To, Subject like filters in order to selectively migrate emails from POP3 to Exchange Server. Also, there is a ‘Selective Export settings for Email folders’ option which you can mention if required.


Lastly, click on the Backup button. This begins the POP3 to Exchange Online migration. You can go to your Exchange account after this processing completes.


Change from POP3 to Exchange Server – Salient Advantages of this Software

Easily Migrate from POP3 to Exchange: The software is well proficient to convert POP3 email mailbox to Exchange Server with preserved data integrity. It has a simple-to-use and self-descriptive interface.

Move all Email Items from POP3 Server: This POP3 to Exchange Server migration tool not only permits to convert POP3 email to Exchange. But, also, it transfers all email attributes associated with the mailbox such as attachments, inline images, email address (To, From, CC, BCC), HTML formatting, mail headers, text formatting, etc.

Import Selective POP3 Emails to Exchange: Many users don’t wish to convert all POP3 emails to Exchange Online or Hosted Exchange. So, if you are one of those individuals, then take the help of the ‘Advance settings for selective backup’ option. It enables to import of selective emails from the POP3 server by sorting them by date range, subject, email address, etc.

Convert Multiple POP3 Email Accounts: For people who want to migrate bulk POP3 email accounts into Exchange, then they can use the ‘Batch Mode’ option. To do so, enter all POP3 email accounts login details in a CSV file and then upload it into the software kit.

Find POP3 Server with Proxy Server: If you are unable to use your POP3 server outside your organization, your country, city, etc then don’t panic. This tool offers a special feature to the users for accessing POP3 mailboxes with the help of a proxy server. All you want to do is to mention your proxy address and proxy port number.

Windows Compatibility: The POP3 to Exchange Server migration tool runs swiftly on all versions of Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc

Over to you

In this blog segment, we had an outline on how to implement POP3 to Exchange Online migration. The task to convert POP3 mailbox to Exchange is very easy and has been described in the most proficient manner in this post. The need to import emails from POP3 server to Exchange is also explained above.

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