Migrate Hotmail to Exchange Server – Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Amara shared an accurate solution to implement Hotmail to Exchange Server Migration for high success. Having key focus on migration, Amara deliberated on “how to migrate Hotmail to Exchange Server.” She said her own problem by which she had moved on for requirement to implement Hotmail to Exchange Server Migration.

After studying numerous solutions I got explicit solution from BitRecover, she added.

She illuminated her completely story with remarkable solution, which makes it likely to move Hotmail emails to Live Exchange Server directly.

How to Migrate Hotmail to Exchange Server ?

Follow these steps for migrating Hotmail to Exchange:

  1. Run Hotmail to Exchange Server migration tool.
  2. Choose Hotmail email source to convert into Exchange Server.
  3. Enable required Hotmail data to be migrated into Exchange account.
  4. Select Exchange Server and fill domain name, user name and password.
  5. Start to migrate Hotmail emails to Exchange Server account.

How to Export Hotmail Folders to Live Exchange Server ?

Having a precise solution to execute data migration process was a crucial decision. As one mistake, can take to the data loss stage. I began searching for procedure to import Hotmail emails to Live Exchange Server.

While searching, I got that no any manual procedure was there to move data from Hotmail to Live Exchange Server. Now, what to do?

On-going my search for solution, I got Email Backup Wizard by BitRecover. The utility seems well-meant to import multiple Hotmail emails to Live Exchange Server directly. I talked at the support to understand about the tool in details.

Technical assistant on the support panel directed me throughout. She said to me that the utility has free demo version, which I can use before investing. In a way to understand all application’s working I utilized the demo of tool.

Let’s check it out the migration process of tool.

Download and launch Hotmail to Exchange Server Tool: 

Select Hotmail email from the list of email sources


Enter the credentials of your Hotmail account and click on Login button to migrate Hotmail to Exchange Server.


Tool will analyse and list all folders.


Software will preview all the folders along with the message count.  Check desired folder to be migrated from Hotmail to Live Exchange Server.

This ends the first phase to migrate Hotmail to Exchange Server.

Choose Exchange Server option from the list of saving options


If you want to save the emails at default location then, check an option for the same


If you are an admin then, click on an option “I am Admin”


How to Use I am Admin Option to Migrate Hotmail Emails to Exchange Server ?

Open Microsoft Exchange Control panel on system. Enter its credentials.


Click on options of permissions then, choose Hygiene Management. Select an option“+”icon for adding Application Impersonation role.


Select an option of ApplicationImpersonation and click on the Add button. After that click on OK


Select an option of “+” icon to add admin mailbox users list


Choose member >> click on an Add button then, click Ok


Click on save button once update is completed, you will get the message ofcompletion


Add mailbox delegation practice for administrator after that click on Recipients


Click on Mailbox Delegation >> click on “+”icon for addition of Full Access for Admin. Click on save button


Now, go to utility panel again.

If you want to change the language then, check an option change language.


Enter credentials of your Live Exchange Server along with the server name.


If you want to perform specific email migration then, check an option “Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup” and click on Backup button.


Once the migration is done, you will get a message of completion on screen.

With this process, I exported all my Hotmail emails to Live Exchange Server mailbox directly. It takes some moment to migrate Hotmail to Exchange Server. The best thing that I got in this utility is that integrity of data is retained after conversion.

Why Need to Migrate Hotmail Emails to MS Exchange Server?

Exchange Server makes easy to have a communication with the team mates in an organization.  As it provides a facility to accomplish team as well as project communication.  One can simply share all information at a time with their team.

It permits users to have more ended from anywhere in inbox that provides a clean and uncluttered experience.

Having such profits by Exchange Server, I decided to move all the organization’s data from Hotmail to Live Exchange Server.

High-Ended Features of Tool

  • Application gives user-friendly interface, which permits even non-technical user to executeit smoothly.
  • The utility helps user to transfer unlimited number of Hotmail folders to Live Exchange Server by retaining all Meta information in original form.
  • Import Hotmail files to Exchange Server, utility moves all emails by retaining emailproperties in original form without data loss.
  • The application is operable over all editions of MS Exchange as well as MS Windows too.
  • Migrates unlimited data files from Hotmail.com to Live Exchange Server.
  • Time saving wizard to migrate multiple Hotmail emails to MS Exchange Server.

By ending my talk, I would say that searching on technology to understand and execute new things. Also, using a precise solution is crucial to achieve data in suitable way.