How to Save Hotmail to Zip Archive Format for Dropbox : Guide for Novices

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 7 Min Read


I have a compilation of Hotmail email messages which I have accomplished for an ongoing venture. Now, I need to handover the project to my co-worker; thus want to move the entire email history from Hotmail account including attachments to me secondary email account which is Gmail. Adding each email individually as an attachment will be a bad idea. So, I am thinking to group all the Hotmail emails together into a single folder. Thus, before I import Hotmail folders to Gmail, I need to move Hotmail emails to Dropbox. Please help me to switch from Hotmail to Dropbox.

-Richmond, UK

For Ensuring a smooth transfer of your emails, one should consider compressing all data files into a .Zip archive format. Just like the above scenario, a good number of people are searching for a solution to save Hotmail to Zip archive format.

If you have also huge data in your Hotmail account and want to backup Hotmail folders to another platforms, then you can download emails from Hotmail to Zip archive format. Then, have no fear – it’s as easy as pie, which we will unfold in the next few minutes.

With these tips, we will also be simplifying a smooth and smartest way to move Hotmail emails to Dropbox.

BitRecover Email backup wizard is an impeccable software which allows to save Hotmail emails to Zip archive format. Not only just emails, it helps to download emails from Hotmail to Zip archive format along with attachments.

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Here to Save Hotmail to Zip Archive Format in the Right Way ?

It is a precise solution which facilitates to save Hotmail emails to Zip archive format. The tool permits to move emails from Hotmail to Zip with attachments, attributes, components, etc. It can be downloaded on any version of Windows including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, etc.

Go through these steps to save Hotmail to Zip archive format:

  • Step 1: Firstly, download and install software to backup Hotmail emails in Zip format.
  • Step 2: Run the tool on any Windows-compatible machine. Select Hotmail option from the email source list.

  • Step 3: Now, enter the credentials of Hotmail account – email address and password.

  • Step 4: Choose desired email folders, and thereafter select Zip saving option.


  • Step 5: Select the desired saving location for storing the resultant data.


  • Step 6: Enable the advance settings option to sort out required Hotmail emails.


  • Step 7: Tap on the convert tab to save Hotmail to Zip format.


  • Step 8: When this Hotmail to Zip conversion ends, a completion message displays.


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How to Move Hotmail Emails to Dropbox Successfully for Saving Space in Hotmail ?

Once you have accomplished to download emails from Hotmail to Zip archive format. Now, it’s time to transfer Hotmail emails to Dropbox directly.

These guidelines will show you to migrate emails from Hotmail to Dropbox.

Step 1: First step is to login in to Dropbox account by entering the credentials.


Step 2: Now, from the Dropbox home page, Select the upload files/ folder option.


Step 3: Thereafter, choose the Hotmail email downloaded in Zip archive format.

Step 4: Lastly, move Hotmail emails to Dropbox account.


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5 Reasons Why This Software is Actually a Right Solution for You

Forwarding emails is certainly not a recommended approach to move Hotmail emails to Dropbox. So, we have come with few major reasons as well as benefits that why this software is a best fit for you.

Download Hotmail locally: Saving Hotmail emails as Zip archive is a smart decision as you can view them whenever you are offline too. The utility empowers you to move Hotmail emails to Zip format in a precise manner without storing your account details.

Try advance filters: Reading or viewing some selected Hotmail emails could be your only reason for Hotmail to Dropbox conversion. For such purpose, you can hit that advance settings option. It is a bonus for you as with it you can do a selective transfer of Hotmail emails to Dropbox account.

Choose your saving location freely: Are you also wondering that after saving Hotmail to Zip archive files, where will the Zip files be stored. Don’t panic! The tool gives you option to save the Hotmail to Zip converted emails at a user-friendly location.

Versatility of tool (both for professionals and novices): It seems that many users are not much aware of using software application. But here, at BitRecover you don’t need to be a tech-savvy to access the application. It’s simple as well as interactive GUI enables each one of us to move emails to Dropbox directly.

Move all Hotmail account to Dropbox in one shot: This is the main and the foremost reason why this software is ultimate resource to download Hotmail emails in Zip format. Even if you have more than one Hotmail account, still you can transfer multiple Hotmail accounts to Dropbox in one go. The batch mode option of this tool facilitates to migrate all Hotmail account emails into Dropbox without losing any details.

Forget Manual Techniques: Try This Demo Version of Software

The software is authentic and an intact utility. It is well buttoned up with power packed features. It keeps all the details, email components, email headers, attachments preserved throughout you save Hotmail to Zip format. But, before enjoying these features, if you are not sure about the working of software. Then, please try the demo version – download it, and make the most of it by saving first 25 data items from Hotmail account to Dropbox. It’s not the end here, you can even make more conversions with the pro version of tool. You can activate the license keys for this.

Client Review: Is it Worth It?

We are sure that you are pretty much convinced with this rich-featured software. Our client use them and always provide their valuable feedback to us. See what our user Warren from England say about our software.

From a decade, my was piled up with a myriad of business emails. In order to create some space in my account, I made a decision to move all emails into my yahoo mail. But before I do that, I was looking to save to Dropbox account. While navigating through various options for this, I founded this to Dropbox converter. Not exaggerating my words, but I can certainly say that it is a genuine, easiest and most reliable product anyone can use for conversions. Even after moving hundreds of emails to Dropbox account, it maintained the hierarchy of folders. Highly impressed with this utility!

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Your Turn

Switching from multiple email accounts comprising of bountiful emails becomes an achievable task when you move them into your Dropbox account.

Although we have covered all the aspects in this blog about how you can move Hotmail emails to Dropbox. But, if you still left up with any query regarding the tool, kindly join the live chat to solve your queries.

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