How Can I Migrate Hotmail Emails to Gmail Account – Useful Tutorial

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Mr. Joy had shared his experience to migrate Hotmail emails to Gmail account. He had clarified a whole way to execute Hotmail to Gmail migration procedure.

Mr. Joy is Technical Assistant in a firm that keeps on searching for new things in technology.

He said that once I got a query from his user that how can I move Hotmail emails to Google Gmail mailbox. My user was having a bulk amount of Hotmail emails and wanted to convert Hotmail to Gmail.

Performing the data migration manually would take a huge time. Therefore, he wanted a direct solution to switch from Hotmail emails to Gmail account.

To resolve this issue, I tried to find out some direct solution to execute Hotmail to Gmail migration. While going through these forum posts, I got one solution – BitRecover Hotmail to Gmail Email Backup WizardThis software is an all-in-one solution that allows to transfer contacts from Hotmail to Gmail and migrate Hotmail emails to Gmail account without any hassle.

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How to Migrate Hotmail Emails to Gmail ?

Follow these steps to transfer Hotmail emails to Gmail process:-

  1. Launch Hotmail to Gmail migration tool.
  2. Choose Hotmail and fill in account login details.
  3. Enable required imported Hotmail folders.
  4. Select the Gmail saving option and enter Gmail login credentials.
  5. Start to migrate Hotmail emails to Gmail account.

Hotmail to Gmail Transfer Tool – Complete Explanation

This software can migrate Hotmail emails to Gmail mailbox in batch. No external application is required to forward Hotmail to Gmail account.

Firstly, download and install the Hotmail to Gmail migration software.

Download for Windows    Download for Mac

Important Note:- The demo version of this software allows to convert first 25 data items from each Hotmail folder to the selected format. For unlimited migration of Hotmail emails to Gmail, please update the licensed key of the product.

Now, select an option of Hotmail from the list of emails sources.


Then, enter credentials of your Hotmail account and click on Login button.


Tool will start analyzing all the Hotmail folders, sub-folders.


Thereafter, the software will list all the older with its message count on left side of tool. Enable all those checkboxes to change from Hotmail to Gmail.


This ends the first phase of how to move email from Hotmail to Gmail.

Then, choose Gmail option from the list of file saving options.


Now, if you need to store all mails in the default folder then, check for option of “save in default folder.”


Afterward, enter credentials of your Gmail account to switch email from Hotmail to Gmail account.


Application provides an option to execute selective mail migration.

For this, just check an option “Use Advance Settings” >> enter date range to migrate specific date range emails >> click on Backup to begin the process to backup Hotmail to Gmail.


Once the process to export Hotmail to Gmail completes, you will get the message of completion on screen.

In this way, I was able to transfer my Hotmail account to Gmail. I found the software useful to migrate all Hotmail emails to Gmail mailbox directly. The best thing is that no any limitation is put to perform data migration.

Check out the Steps to Execute the Data Migration from Hotmail to Gmail with Video Tutorial

By using this solution you will be able to solve such user queries as mentioned below:

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Eye-Catching Features of Hotmail to Gmail Migration Software

Hotmail to Gmail Migration Tool is programmed to support all versions of MS Windows reliably. This is the most suitable software present to convert Hotmail emails to Google Gmail without affecting data integrity.

This advanced utility is upgraded by developers of the tool so that users can precisely migrate Hotmail to Gmail directly.

With this application, users can perform unlimited data migration and can know how to migrate from Hotmail to Gmail. The simplest user interface makes it easy for users to download the tool after being a complete novice on the technical end. So, this utility is designed to benefit both types of users in creating backup by migrating emails into Google Gmail account.

One Key Many Purposes

  • With this utility, users can preserve folder hierarchy. When the user begins to work with the tool, resultant files are in a similar form as it was in Hotmail Webmail.
  • With this amazing software, users can migrate Hotmail emails to Gmail mailbox. By installing as well as investing in the software users can migrate unlimited data.
  • This reliable application gives an option of choosing the desired folder to be moved from Hotmail Webmail to Gmail.
  • 100% secure, and a bug-free way to change from Hotmail to Gmail directly.
  • The software gives a feature to execute specific date range mails to Gmail account simply.
  • With this utility, one can efficiently export contacts from Hotmail to Gmail account.

Let’s Conclude

Using third-party software is the best way to convert Hotmail to Gmail mailbox directly. The worthy thing is that I found is that all data is moved without data loss. If you have doubts while you migrate Hotmail emails to Gmail, then please contact our technical support team.