How to Migrate Yandex to Office 365 Cloud Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 3rd, 2023 • 5 Min Read
Are you seeking a hassle-free solution to migrate Yandex to Office 365 cloud-based account? Then you have come to the right post. This article will guide you on how you can migrate Yandex 360 Mail to Microsoft 365 in an effortless way. In this article, we discuss Yandex, the benefits of migrating to Office 365, and an expert-recommended method to migrate Y360 (Yandex) to Office 365.

Condensed Description of Yandex Mail

Also known as Russian Google, Yandex Mail (Y360) is a free email service provided by Yandex. It was launched on June 26, 2000. It provides 10 GB of free storage to manage email messages. And although it originated in Russia, it also has a significant presence in other countries like Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Turkey.

However, since the Russia-Ukraine war, people are looking to migrate from Yandex to Microsoft 365 and other email clients. Resulting in Yandex losing a huge chunk of users, especially from Ukraine.

On the other hand, a secure and popular email client around the world, Office 365 is the preferred choice among users. Moreover, there are amazing benefits of migrating to office 365. We have mentioned a few below.

Advantages to Migrate Yandex 360 Mail to Microsoft 365

  • It has up-to-date and enhanced security features.
  • It is entirely cloud-based. Hence, you can access your account from anywhere on any device.
  • Office 365 is available on many devices like Mac, Windows etc. So, there is no issue with using any device to access your Office 365.
  • Provides a generous amount of storage.
  • It is extremely affordable for even a single user. Starting at $5 per person.

So, you see that Office 365 is popular among users for the above-stated reasons and more.

Let’s us move on to how you can migrate Yandex to Office 365.

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Migrate Yandex to Office 365 using a Manual Approach

We have not shared any sort of manual approach to “migrate Yandex to Office 365”. Firstly, because there is no direct manual method for users to migrate Yandex to Office 365. Furthermore, the approach provided by Yandex Support requires vast technical knowledge. Thus, that method is not for every user.

In addition to that, if one carries forward with the method(s) provided by Yandex support, there are high chances of losing precious emails.

Though if you do have the technical knowledge and want to carry on with the manual approach; read the instructions provided on Yandex Support Page.

Since many users cannot go forward with the manual approach, we have brought you a smart solution to migrate Yandex to Office 365 in a hassle-free manner.

Migrate Yandex Mail to Microsoft 365 Using an Automated Tool

The extensive technical knowledge required of the manual approach limits most users from choosing it.

Therefore, many experts suggest using an automated solution such as this Yandex Mail Backup Software by BitRecover for risk-free, easy, and secure migration of Yandex mailbox to Office 365 account. The tool is also known as Yandex to Office 365 Migration Tool.

This trusted tool has numerous features for users to experience an effortless migration. We have mentioned some below.

Highlighted Features of Yandex to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Use Batch Mode option to migrate from multiple Y360 accounts to Office 365 accounts at once.
  • Select required Y360 account folders from software panel for Yandex to Office 365 migration.
  • A fully automatic tool that asks only account credentials of Yandex and Microsoft 365 for completing this task.
  • Advance filter options are helpful to migrate Yandex emails to Office 365 between a date range, by email subject, and by email address.
  • A separate option is available to migrate Yandex 360 Mail to Microsoft 365 primary mailboxes as well as in-place archive mailboxes.
  • Facility to migrate Yandex Mail to Office 365 default folders as well as new folders.
  • I am admin option is available for Office 365 admins for choosing a specific O365 user account for the migration process.
  • A change language option is also available for creating email source folders in choice language.
  • The tool preserves original folder hierarchy structure after Yandex Mail to Office 365 migration process.
  • It maintains all email properties and attributes such as To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Date, Time, Year, Inline Images, Heading, HTML, and all.

Now that we have discussed the amazing features offered by this tool, let’s move on to the steps to execute the process. Follow the instructions given below.

Steps to Migrate Yandex to Microsoft 365

Note: Make sure, IMAP should be enabled for your Yandex account and create Yandex App Password. The software will use Yandex App Password instead of a regular password. Read details:

  1. Start Y360 to Office 365 Migration Tool, enter Yandex credentials, and press Login.
    y360 to office 365 migration tool
  2. The software will upload all Y360 folders in the software panel and users can select the required folders.
    select folders
  3. Choose Office 365 from the source saving options, as shown in the screenshot.
    choose office 365
  4. Use advance filter options according to your need and requirements.
    advance filters
  5. After that, enter your Office 365 email address and press Backup to continue.
    migrate yandex mail to office 365
  6. Now, enter the O365 password and click on the Sign In button.
    Microsoft 365 password
  7. Yandex Mail to Office 365 migration process is running, please wait for completion.
    migrate Yandex to Office 365
  8. Lastly, after completion, login to your Office Outlook 365 account to access Yandex emails.
    login to office 365

In addition to that, this tool also provides several features such as

  • Retry Failed Items: the tool creates a log report about migrated data.
  • Re-run Full Migration: perform the complete migration process again.
  • Delta-Migration: migrate the new data that arrived during the migration process.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we shared with you a method to migrate Yandex to Office 365. Since the manual method of configuring an IMAP account requires vast technical knowledge; not many users opt for the manual method. Therefore, to avoid the heavy technicalities, numerous experts advise using an automated solution.