How to Migrate Yandex to Gmail Account? – A Complete Guide

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“How to migrate Yandex to Gmail?” Is this question creating a lot of trouble in your mind? Are you in a stress state just because of this issue? Nothing to panic because here we come with a workable solution to migrate Yandex mail to Gmail. The solution for the same is Email Backup Wizard. It is an intelligent solution that smartly import Yandex into Gmail without any demand of high configuration settings. You can download this software by hitting on this green button given below.

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Human beings need not participate too much in exporting mailboxes from Yandex to Gmail. They simply have to enter the source and target tenant credentials, and rest processing will be done by this approach itself.
Well in this post, we are going to discuss more this solution. But before that let us see how you can export Yandex mail to Gmail in a simple way?

How to Migrate Yandex to Gmail – Step-by-Step Solution

The following points are going to assist readers with a foolproof approach to export all mailboxes from Yandex to Gmail. So let us begin!

1. Download and install the setup file of the Yandex to Gmail migration tool and install it on your machine.

launch software

2. Scroll down the menu of ‘Email Source’ and search for ‘Yandex’ option. Once found, click on it to continue with the procedure to import Yandex into Gmail.

choose yandex

3. Enter the email address and password of the Yandex account. After this, click on the Login button to proceed further.

enter yandex credentials

4. Once the utility successfully logins to your account, it automatically fetches the data from the Yandex account.

load yandex folder

5. In the preview section, the solution loads all the mailbox folders of Yandex.

check preview

6. Check the checkbox of those Yandex mail folders whose emails you want to export in the Gmail account.

click on checkbox

7. Continue with the procedure to migrate Yandex to Gmail by selecting the ‘Gmail’ option from the list of ‘Select Saving Option’.

choose gmail

8. Enter the Email id and password of the target Gmail account.

enter gmail credentials

9. At last, click on the Backup button to allow a solution for importing mailbox from Yandex to Gmail account.

hit backup

When the software flashes a dialog box of process completion, login into your target Gmail account. Here you can check all the emails that are from Yandex mail in the Gmail account.

Import Yandex into Gmail – Benefits & Features

The solution is considered as one of the best migration tools. It is because of the following highlighted features :

  • Supports exporting of messages in bulk without interrupting any other PC operation.
  • Emails along with their attachments are exported by this approach in the shortest time.
  • The attachment’s file format remains same in Gmail as it was in the Yandex account.
  • The program to migrate Yandex to Gmail does not require high technical skills to use.
  • Data integrity, email structure, and properties all are kept intact during the process.

Time to Solve Some Common Queries

After reading this post and before purchasing the solution to migrate Yandex to Gmail, there are several questions in the mind of clients. People contact the support team to sort out their queries and get a satisfactory answer. Just to make the decision simpler for customers, we are listing down some common customers’ raised queries. These might help you in solving your questions.

Ques1: Can this solution to import Yandex into Gmail tenant collectively move mailboxes with around 1000+ emails?

Ans: Yes, no matter how many mailboxes are present, our solution independently exports all data from Yandex to Gmail account.

Ques2: Is your method to migrate Yandex to Gmail compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system?

Ans: Yes, the solution to import Yandex mail to Gmail is a Windows-based application. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and all of its other versions.

Ques3: What account settings do I need to export mailboxes from Yandex to Gmail tenant?

Ans: There are none of the highly technical account settings required to import Yandex to Gmail. The only thing you require is that the IMAP settings should be enabled in both the source and target account.

Ques4: Can I switch my mail account from Yandex to Gmail through your suggested way?

Ans: Yes, if you wish to switch your mail platform from Yandex mail to Gmail then, you can surely use this application.

Its Simpler As It Seems to You

You can migrate Yandex to Gmail for free by using the trial version of Yandex to Gmail migration tool. This version allows users to access all the functionalities that are present in the software. There are no hidden charges present in trial version to use it. But, the only limitation with this version is that you can import only 25 emails from each Yandex folder to Gmail. You can avoid this limitation by purchasing this solution. It is available at an affordable cost on the official website. This will finally enable users to import Yandex into Gmail in a smooth manner without any restriction.

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