How to Migrate SiteGround to Office 365 Account with Complete Data Items ?

Mark Regan | June 23rd, 2021 | Move Data

A correct web hosting plan can offer your website a lot. SiteGround facilitates web hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting and a lot more catering to the needs of users across different domains. But, do you know that EMEA Cloud report has commenced that 43% of enterprises are using Office 365. Of course, the robust security, reliability and powerful features that Office 365 offers brings several benefits to any organization. So, if you are planning to migrate SiteGround email to Office 365 then, read this blog.


SiteGround is a web hosting provider launched in the year 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria by a few university friends. It provides multiple services like shared hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise solutions.

If we talk about speed, safety and ease then SiteGround offers a bundle of best features that an end-user desires! However, despite so much flexibility of SiteGround, an Office 365 subscription can offer you a great deal of safety and security that is matchless.

Luckily, this article can be insightful to migrate SiteGround email to Office 365. Download the SiteGround to Office 365 migration tool to directly transfer SiteGround email to Office 365 account. Tap on the green button given below to switch from SiteGround web hosting to Office 365. It is a comprehensive package of useful features. Now, batch convert SiteGround messages to o365 without any limitations.


Download for Windows     Download for Mac

How to Migrate SiteGround Email to Office 365 Mailbox ?

  • Launch SiteGround to Office 365 Email backup wizard.
  • Enter the account details of SiteGround email and login.
  • Enable required files for migration and choose Office 365.
  • Specify login credentials of Office 365 account.
  • Begin to migrate SiteGround email to Office 365.

SiteGround supports IMAP migration and consists of a native migration procedure to move SiteGround emails to Office 365 in batch. This transfer process can be done using MS Outlook. But, it might not be an optimal solution for SiteGround to Office 365 migration. The major difficulty is that it must be done for every account individually. Apart from this, you will keep on receiving the emails in the old account.

Hence, alternatively a third-party application such as the BitRecover SiteGround to O365 migration tool can be used. This method does not require any technical knowledge on the other hand if you are migrating SiteGround emails to Office 365 with the native method then we are sure you may end up getting hassled to solve the troubleshooting issues.

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Reasons for SiteGround to Office 365 Migration

Though SiteGround offers cutting-edge technologies in the form of amazing features like spam protection, secure email protocols, cPanel based mail management. Still, users prefer the Office 365 due to its exceptional capabilities.

  • Clients can work from any Location: Since Office 365 is entirely cloud-based, you and your workforce can manage to access emails, files, office programs by sitting in any corner of the world on any gadget. This is particularly useful for organizations whose employees works in remote areas, are situated in different locations or you may even have workers that are required to make a trip regularly and need to get to information. For such purposes, you can swiftly migrate SiteGround emails to Office 365.


  • Offers strong security: People still believe that cloud isn’t safe. But, Microsoft has taken complete responsibility of providing robust safety to its end-users. Once you save all emails and data on the cloud with Office 365, you can get rid of purchasing the costly hardware for your server rooms. It has lot of built-in security features – encrypted email, prevention of data loss, advanced threat analytics.


  • Team and clients can easily collaborate: The start-ups and various organizations can operate with their teams and clients by using the collaboration features of Office 365. Every individual who wants to edit a file, spreadsheet, document, presentation or anything else can work on same edition that a user has created and can receive real-time changes.

Transfer SiteGround Data to Office 365 Mailboxes with Precision (Complete Tutorial with Pictures)

In order to transfer SiteGround data to Office 365, first download and launch the software as we have suggested.

Then, comes the next step in which you need to enter the credentials of your SiteGround account. Once you put your email address and password in the software panel now you just have to tap on the login tab to end the first phase to convert SiteGround emails to Office 365 account.

Also, if you are having many SiteGround accounts, then please click on the check box near to “Use Batch Mode” option.

Now, in the left side of the software’s window, you can see all the email folders of your SiteGround account. Enable all those files and folders whose data you wish to move from SiteGround to Office 365.

A Note to Remember! Please make sure to enable the “Less secure app” otherwise you will get an authentication error.

The tool provides bulk of saving options. Here, you need to choose Office 365 as saving option and thereafter enter the login credentials of your Office 365 account.

Please remember:- If you are an admin then, check an option “I am Admin.” It helps to perform multiple account mapping. For using the user accounts be to ensure that Application Impersonation, as well as mailbox delegation, is allowed.

*Bonus- For selective migration of SiteGround email messages to Office 365 mailbox, you can use the “Advance Settings option for selective backup”*.

Now, last step is to hit on the backup tab to start to migrate SiteGround email to Office 365 account. The process to transfer SiteGround mails to Office 365 is running and will end in sometime.

Lastly, open your Office 365 account to view all mailboxes from SiteGround.


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Why Choose SiteGround to Office 365 Migration Tool?

For the complete SiteGround website migration, it is always suggested to use a reliable and professional professional software. So, here we have recommended the best and secure migration tool for migrating SiteGround email to Office 365 account. This software is a rich-featured application that gives facility to its users to import SiteGround emails to Office 365.

  • Change the Default Software Language:
    During the installation of SiteGround to Office 365 conversion tool, the users can change the software language as per their requirement.
  • Export SiteGround Emails with Attachments:
    SiteGround to Office 365 migration tool allows to migrate SiteGround emails into O365 mailbox along with corresponding attachments.
  • Maintains all the Email Properties:
    While you transfer SiteGround data to Office 365 mailboxes, the tool always preserves all the email properties such as the sender and receiver details, attachments, inline images, hyperlinks, font style, formatting, etc. At the end of conversion, you will get an exact and precise results.
  • Save as Default Folder:
    The software gives facility to map the email folders using this Save as Default folder option.
  • All Windows Compatible Tool:
    This SiteGround to O365 migration tool supports almost all versions of Windows Operating system. So, you can download this tool on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.
  • Selective Folder Migration:
    SiteGround to Office 365 migrator is helpful to import selective SiteGround email folder to Office 365 account without any hassle.
  • Move multiple SiteGround email accounts: You can migrate multiple SiteGround email accounts to Office 365 as per need. For this, use the Advance mode option.

Want to Try the Software for Free ?

This software comes with a free demo version. You can download this software and know about the software’s functionality and features. It permits to migrate first 25 items from the SiteGround mail folder to Office 365 account. Once you get completely satisfied with it’s working, then you can purchase the license keys. The full pro version will give you capability to migrate unlimited emails from SiteGround to Office 365 account.

Final Words

By ending this topic, we would like to say that a proper SiteGround to Office 365 backup solution is an urgent need of the hour. So, if you are looking to find the solution for the same. Hence, download this software and migrate SiteGround email to Office 365 account with perfection.