POP3 to Office 365 Migration Tutorial: The Proven Strategy in 2021

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

This definitive guide walks you through the exact strategy or steps for POP3 to Office 365 migration. Following this post users can migrate multiple POP3 email profiles to Office 365 domain with all information in original form.

Disclaimer: This post uses the simplest of language to let beginners or non-IT users migrate POP3 to Office 365 with attachments & other attributes.

Also, following the mentioned POP3 to Microsoft 365 migration process, IT professionals can also get the job done without any trouble.

So, here we begin!

There can be several scenarios responsible for someone wanting to convert POP3 to Office 365 account. Therefore, knowing the ultimate yet professional way to import POP/POP3 emails to Office 365.

Below we are highlighting a recent scenario of a United States user, who wanted to know the complete step-by-step process of migrating POP3 account to Office 365 with attachments.

How Can I do POP3 to Office 365 Migration ?

Hello experts!

I have my old PC with Windows 7 Outlook with local POP3 account receiving emails through my local internet provider i.e. [email protected]. I have purchased the new license for Office 365 services and installed it with the latest Windows 10 install. How can I migrate all my old Outlook files into Office 365 account? Can you help me with a simple and straightforward method? – Leon Dien

Other queries that are frequently asked by the users are:

  1. How can I import emails from a POP3 email account to Office 365 in an easy way?
  2. How do I switch from POP3 to Office 365 account mailboxes directly with attachments?
  3. Can I migrate only old POP3 emails to Office 365 account swiftly?
  4. Is it possible we can migrate multiple POP3 user mailboxes to Office 365 accounts?

For resolving the standard of the POP3 to Office 365 migration query, we need to decide on the best solutions available for the scenarios. Also, the user demand for POP3 mail migration to Office 365 solution is reliable, quick, and simple in functioning.

What are the Different Ways to Migrate POP3 Accounts to Office 365?

In this section, we will reveal multiple ways users can import POP3 emails to Microsoft 365 accounts.

The first method is automatic and straightforward to move POP3 email to Office 365 with complete attributes maintained.

So, let’s straight dive into the automatic process!

#Method1: Your go-to solution to Migrate POP3 to Office 365 without any disruption

POP3 Backup Wizard is a software solution ranked as #1 to migrate POP3 emails to Office 365 or Microsoft 365 accounts and focused on 100% complete results after the migration process. Using this professional software toolkit, users can migrate multiple POP3 accounts to Office 365 and delete them from the Server.

The utility is compatible with both the non – SSL (110) and SSL (995). It has the ability to bulk migrate thousands of emails from a POP account to Office 365 with attachments. So, if you want to import old and new POP3 email messages to Office 365 account with complete precision, we recommend you download the software.

Below are the tabs for free download for POP3 to Office 365 migration utility.

We recommend you download the free demo edition of the software first. Users can launch it on any Windows-based system. After it gets installed, follow the five simple steps!

  1. Enter the POP3 Mail account credentials and login.
  2. Choose the mailbox for POP3 to Microsoft 365 migration.
  3. Select Office 365 as the saving option and enter account credentials.
  4. Enable the filter option to sort out the emails as per the need.
  5. Press the Backup tab and analyze the live POP3 to O365 migration.

However, with the free trial edition of the software, users can migrate the first 25 emails from their POP3 account to O365 account. So, better switch to the license edition of the toolkit for unlimited email backup from the POP3 account to Office 365 mailbox with attachments.

Take a look at POP3 to Office 365 Migration Tool Software Screenshots

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial to use the POP3 mail to Office 365 converter.  Also, convert bulk emails from POP3 to Microsoft 365 accounts with attachments.

Firstly, install and launch the software toolkit on your Windows system.


Then, enter the credentials of your POP3 mail account – email address, password, POP3 Host and POP3 Port No. After that, tap on the Login button.

Now, check the required mailboxes for the migration process to continue the task.

After this, choose Office 365 from the select saving list.


Thereafter, enter the credentials of Office 365 you want to migrate emails with attachments.


Also, you can mark the Use Advance setting to sort POP3 emails using filters like date range, from, to, and subject.

After all, press the Backup tab and watch the live migrate pop3 email to office 365.


At last, open your Office 365 account, and get a folder containing all the POP3 mailboxes.

That’s it for the direct and quick process for migrate pop3 to office 365. It ensures all your POP messages, attributes, attachments, and other data property remain in their original form.

#Method2: Copy and Paste POP3 to O365 Account One Email at a Time

This section talks about the manual method to copy and save POP3 mails to Microsoft 365 accounts one by one. It means the bulk POP3 email to Office 365 migration is not possible. Moreover, it also doesn’t support the attachment files with the POP3 emails.

We believe a software solution is best for you to migrate POP3 emails to Office 365 account. Also, if you want to know the process for the manual procedure, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Firstly, add your POP3 email account to Office 365 profile.
  2. Now, select the mailbox from which you want to migrate emails such as Inbox, Sent, Draft, etc.
  3. Then, open the email and press Control + A tabs to copy the complete message.
  4. Lastly, right-click and select Move or copy to a folder.

The list of Drawbacks with Manual Methods are:

  1. It doesn’t allow to migrate bulk emails from POP3 email account to Office 365.
  2. No email properties and attributes are maintained.
  3. This trick doesn’t allow to migrate POP3 messages with attachments.
  4. The method is lengthy and time-consuming.
  5. It can be a risky and hassle process for POP3 to O365 migration.

Wrapping Up 

Your email messages and attachments are something you won’t be to lose in dreams. In the above blog post, we talked about the top 2 tricks for migrate pop3 to office 365. We recommend you to go with the professional software to enjoy the advanced features. Which makes the process to convert POP3 mail account to Microsoft easily and safely.