How to Move Emails from POP3 to IMAP Account with Attachments ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Want to know how to move emails from POP3 to IMAP server? Don’t know to change POP3 account to IMAP? If yes, then keep reading. In this article, we have outlined the complete method to convert POP3 emails to IMAP account with attachments.

Most of the email services enable users to pick between two different ways to access their messages.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) is a straightforward method to browse email. It’s upheld by all email clients.

If you configure your email client to browse email utilizing POP3, it downloads all emails from your mail worker and imprints them to be erased from the server.

On the other hand, you can have an IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) account that leaves all of your emails up on the mail server so you can get to them from any platform or device.

If you are someone who has been utilizing a POP3 email account, yet you can’t access your email messages then you can easily move emails from POP3 to IMAP account.

Various hosting companies and email providers offer two choices that is IMAP and POP3. But, switching POP3 account to IMAP needs you to avoid potential risks so you don’t lose any information.

Here’s the safest way to change POP3 server to IMAP email account.

How to Move Emails from POP3 to IMAP Account ?

Read these steps to migrate POP3 emails to IMAP:

  1. Launch POP3 to IMAP migration tool.
  2. Setup POP3 email server login credentials.
  3. Choose required folders to transfer to IMAP.
  4. Select IMAP as a saving option and enter login details.
  5. Tap on the next tab to move emails from POP3 to IMAP.

How to Change POP3 Server to IMAP Account with all Attachments ?

First of all, download and install the BitRecover POP3 Backup Wizard. This tool is specifically meant to export POP3 mailbox to IMAP account.

After launching the software, mention your POP3 account details in the respective fields such as username, password. Also, enter the Incoming server hostname as and Incoming server port as 995.

Thereafter, enable the required POP3 mailboxes from where you want to move data to IMAP.

Next, go to the saving options list and choose the IMAP server.


After selecting the IMAP option, mention all IMAP server login details that are email address, password, IMAP host, IMAP port no.


You can also pick the various data filter options available in the software panel in order to selectively migrate emails from POP3 to IMAP.

After this, tap on the backup button to start moving POP3 emails to IMAP server.


Once you are done with this process, all your POP3 messages will get transferred to IMAP account.

Best Way to Change Email Account from POP3 to IMAP – Top Benefits of Tool

Efficiently move POP3 messages to IMAP: With this software, one can convert POP3 to IMAP without any hassle. It has a very interactive Graphical User Interface and offers 100% precision.

Selectively Move emails from POP3 to IMAP: The POP3 to IMAP migration tool also comes with a feature to migrate POP3 emails to IMAP in a selective manner. With these options, users can sort emails by date, by subject, by email address, etc.

Transfer Multiple POP3 Account Emails to IMAP: It also facilitates changing multiple POP3 email account messages to IMAP server. All you require to do is to specify all POP3 server account login credentials in a CSV file and upload the same in the toolkit.

Full Compatibility with Windows OS: The POP3 to IMAP migration tool supports all versions of Microsoft Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

No Information Loss: There is no loss to the integrity of data during the conversion of POP3 emails to IMAP server. The software maintains all email components like images, attachments, hyperlinks, text formatting, etc.


In this write-up, we have explained the most effective method to move emails from POP3 to IMAP server. The software has no bugs or errors associated with it. Also, it never harms the user’s information. So, try this tool to change POP3 server to IMAP.