How to Migrate LogicBoxes Email to Office 365?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 23rd, 2023 • 5 Min Read

Many email users look for solutions to migrate LogicBoxes email to Office 365, and this blog will help them in LogicBoxes to Office 365 migration. LogicBoxes is a web product and consulting company providing private-labeled communication and web presence applications to web hosts, domain resellers, ISPs, Telecommunication, and other companies. LogicBoxes has two email hosting plans – Business and Enterprise, and both have many customers using them for official communication.

5 Brief Steps to Migrate LogicBoxes to Office 365

  • Step 1: Configure and run BitRecover Software.
  • Step 2: Add LogicBoxes email folders in GUI.
  • Step 3: Choose required folders and Next.
  • Step 4: Select Office 365 and enter credentials.
  • Step 5: Hit Backup to migrate LogicBoxes to O365.

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Why Users Wish to Choose Office 365

Even with two email hosting plans offering features like multi-device email sync and auto-response, many reasons make LogicBoxes users migrate emails to Office 365, and we will discuss some of them in the following points:

  • Restricted Email Storage: With just 5 GB for Business Email and 30 GB for Enterprise Email, LogicBoxes offers limited account storage for its email users, looking pale in front of Office 365’s 50 GB storage, which extends to a massive 100 GB in some subscription plans.
  • No Cloud Backup: LogicBoxes doesn’t offer a cloud vault or digital storage option, making users migrate Logicboxes email to Office 365. Office 365 has a massive 1 TB of OneDrive (cloud application by Microsoft) storage for all plans, highlighting the technological efficiency email users require for daily tasks.
  • Dependency on Sister Brands: As a part of NewFold Digital, LogicBoxes depends on sister brands like StartLogic, BlueHost, and others to provide additional services like cloud storage, convincing users to migrate LogicBoxes to Office 365. On the opposite side, Office 365 functions independently of other Microsoft brands like GitHub, LinkedIn, Xbox, and others – another reason for users for LogicBoxes to Office 365 migration.

These reasons persuade users to migrate LogicBoxes to Office 365 instantly. We will review the solutions for the email migration, so keep reading!

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Automated Technique to Migrate Emails from LogicBoxes to Office 365

Moving LogicBoxes emails to Office 365 manually isn’t viable, and automated software becomes the best solution for the migration process. This tool has many benefits that make the migration of emails from LogicBoxes to Office 365 easier. This software is IMAP Backup Software.

Features of Software

This software has multiple characteristics, and some of them are:

  • Data Perfection: The tool ensures your emails and folders stay intact during the LogicBoxes to Office 365 migration without data loss issues.
  • Secure Login: LogicBoxes to Office 365 migration tool has a Proxy Server for the privacy of your LogicBoxes account. Just check the Use Proxy box and enter the server’s IP address and Port number for securing your Logicboxes email account.
  • Numerous Backup Choices: The tool has many backup options for LogicBoxes emails besides Office 365. The software offers LogicBoxes users multiple email backup options- from PST, PDF, MBOX, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and other IMAP clients.

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Migrate LogicBoxes Email to Office 365 with the Software

The following points describe the steps for migrating emails from StartMail to Office 365 using the tool:

  1. Install the LogicBoxes to Office 365 migration tool on your computer and run it.
  2. Enter your LogicBoxes email address and password, IMAP Host, and Port Number, and click the Login box to log into the tool. You can also migrate emails from multiple accounts to Office 365 with the help of the Batch Mode feature.
    LogicBoxes to Office 365 migration tool
  3. Choose all or specific email folders for Office 365 migration from the left-side folder panel.
    Select folders
  4. After that, use the Date Range or Subject filters to migrate selective emails.
    Advance filters
  5. Choose Office 365 as the migration source from the Select Saving Option menu.
    Select Office 365 as saving option
  6. Enter your Office 365 email address and click the Backup button.
    Migrate LogicBoxes Email to Office 365
  7. Fill password to verify your Office 365 account and click the Sign In button.
    Microsoft 365 credentials
  8. Begin the process to migrate LogicBoxes email to Office 365, Please wait for completion.
    LogicBoxes to Office 365 Migration
  9. LogicBoxes to Office 365 migration process completed successfully.
    Task completed
  10. Lastly, sign into your Microsoft 365 account, and you will find your LogicBoxes emails under an Imported_date time folder.
    Login to Office 365


Microsoft’s Office 365 is the best productivity suite with apps like Word, Excel, and Yammer that help users work efficiently with these apps under a single roof. This blog explored the reasons and solutions for users to migrate LogicBoxes emails to Office 365.

LogicBoxes is a NewFold Digital brand offering affordable Business and Enterprise email hosting plans. However, limitations like limited storage and dependency on sister brands (BlueHost, StartLogic, etc.) convince users to migrate emails from LogicBoxes to Office 365. The automated software described in the blog is the perfect solution for migrating LogicBoxes emails to Office 365 with complete data safety.

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