How to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Office 365 Accounts – [Solved]

Many working professionals want to migrate GoDaddy email to Office 365 user and admin accounts. There are a number of reasons available for changing requirements for a developing business, limitations on licenses & features, and the absence of control over how users utilize the platform. Business individuals / organizations want to use productivity applications online, hence they have to begin GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 migration.

Switching or transferring emails to a different email provider can be tedious and complex. Particularly when considering information security. So, how can you accomplish a fruitful technique to migrate GoDaddy email to Microsoft 365 amidst all these factors? Let’s take a glance.

GoDaddy Email and Microsoft 365 Overview

Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) is the best option for numerous organizations as it offers Microsoft’s use of its full collaboration suite. Your clients know about Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook as they have been utilizing it for years.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s cloud-based hosting services offer an effective way to host your business emails and permit you to upgrade your organization easily with regard to user accounts and mailboxes.

On the other hand, GoDaddy is a great name in the world of online domain registration and web hosting. It also offers many other services like GoDaddy webmail. People use GoDaddy webmail instead of regular email apps to send professional messages. But GoDaddy’s ridiculous limitations on incoming mail size (30MB) hinder the work of large companies. So, if you are hosting from GoDaddy and wish for GoDaddy workspace email migration to Office 365 then this blog is for you.

GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 Migration Causes and Considerations

Sadly, migrating emails from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 is certainly not an easy-to-do thing. If you are going with a manual way then it would expect you to transfer all your information, set up your Microsoft 365 account, move your data, call off your GoDaddy membership, and sort out your information in your new Microsoft 365 account.

Note that relying upon the size of your organization, the number of your clients, and the intricacy and vulnerability of your information, could make big business disturbances when not done as expected.

Reasons & Causes:

Business enterprises want to migrate email from GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft Office 365. If they are in a growing phase because Official Microsoft 365 is much more useful compared to third-party hosted platforms.

Basic GoDaddy webmail service doesn’t provide any online productivity applications for business needs. While Office 365 provides multiple productivity applications to use such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Possible Ways to Migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365

If you want to migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 then you should go with mentioned methods. [Click to scroll down]

#1 Use Pro Software

Though it is paid however significantly more helpful, trustworthy, and dependable. Moreover, such an automated solution generally provides premium functionalities which can make an administrator’s life much simpler. Just as we explained, GoDaddy to Office 365 Migration Tool has the proficiency to automatically migrate email from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 account.

#2 Use Manual Steps

If you do not have many users which may regularly be the case since GoDaddy’s plans are good for small companies. You can utilize the choice to configure GoDaddy email with desktop Outlook. Thereafter, export a particular email folder to a PST file from Outlook. Lastly, open the resultant PST file in Office 365 profile. You may be wondering, are there any downsides? The answer is yes! This GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 migration process is challenging and untrustworthy.

#1 Pro Technique to Migrate Emails from GoDaddy to Office 365

BitRecover GoDaddy Backup Wizard has all the earmarks of being the most solid one, offers desirable admin, and is even suggested by professionals across the globe. That is the reason it is a smart thought to utilize it to add the GoDaddy domain effortlessly and expertly to Microsoft 365. Read this step-by-step tutorial to transfer email from GoDaddy to Office 365 webmail.

Know Prerequisites

  • Ensure minimum system requirements – minimum 1 GHz processor, minimum 2 GB RAM, 100 MB free hard drive space. And then download and launch the software on a Windows or Mac-based machine.
  • Purchase the desired license with respect to the number of emails you want to migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365. Please note that the Pro edition and Enterprise edition support Microsoft 365 saving options.
  • To get rid of any limitations during this migration thing, get in contact with our highly trained technical support team. They are ready to communicate with you 24*7.

Once you are satisfied that you are completely prepared, go ahead to the next thing. You can manually check the GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 migration tool before you purchase it. The demo edition is absolutely free and grants the users to migrate the top 25 email items from the source GoDaddy account to the destination.

How to Migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365?

  1. Launch GoDaddy to Office 365 Migration Tool and choose the preferred Email Source.
    GoDaddy Email: If using a basic email service.
    GoDaddy Office 365: If using O365 hosted on GoDaddy’s server.
    GoDaddy Exchange Server: If using online Exchange with hybrid benefits, hosted on GoDaddy’s server.
    GoDaddy to Office 365 migration
  2. Thereafter, enter GoDaddy account credentials and press Login.
    Check the Use Batch Mode option if your want to migrate multiple GoDaddy accounts into multiple Office 365 accounts.
    godaddy credentials
  3. Now the software will start uploading GoDaddy folders into the software window as shown in the screenshot.
    uploading godaddy folders
  4. After that, you can see all folders associated with the GoDaddy account in the software panel. Now use checkboxes for selecting required folders accordingly.
    select required GoDaddy folders
  5. Pick Office 365 as a saving option from the drop-down list.
    choose office 365
  6. Do advance settings according to your need and situation.
    Save messages in default folders that are already created by default i.e., Inbox, Sent, Draft, etc.
    I am admin option allows to pick a specific user account associated with the admin account for migration.
    The change Language option is helpful if someone using M365 in non-English languages.
    Separate option to move email from GoDaddy to Office 365 Primary mailbox.
    Check the option to transfer GoDaddy email to Office 365 In-Place Archive mailbox.
    use advance settings
  7. Use advance filter while completing the GoDaddy moving to Microsoft 365 task.
    Set Date Range for migrating GoDaddy email to Office 365 between dates.
    Enter the sender and receiver email addresses for migrating specific sender and receiver emails.
    Fill a particular subject name to migrate GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft 365 accordingly.
    Exclude Folders option permits you to skip the migration from unnecessary folders i.e., Spam Mail, Deleted Mail, Junk Mail, etc.
    Migrate email from GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft Office 365 having any choice specified words.
    An isolated filter to transfer only the Sent folder.
    use advance filters
  8. Thereafter, enter the M365 email address and press the Backup button. Thereafter, the software will say to sign in to Official Microsoft 365 using credentials such as email id and password.
    migrate GoDaddy email to Office 365
  9. Now hit on the Backup to migrate GoDaddy email to Office 365 account. Please wait for completion.
    migrate email from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365
  10. GoDaddy to Office 365 migration process has been successfully completed. See the flash message about finishing the task.
    completed successfully
  11. Login to your Microsoft 365 account and choose Outlook 365 for previewing the inserted data.
    login to office 365

GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 Migration Tool Features

  • Great software to migrate email from GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft Office 365. Use this feature after selecting GoDaddy Office 365 as an email source.
  • Gives permission to transfer GoDaddy email to Office 365 from basic GoDaddy or GoDaddy Exchange accounts.
  • Maintains actual folder and subfolder structure during GoDaddy to M365 migration process.
  • Migrate emails from multiple GoDaddy accounts to multiple Microsoft 365 accounts directly by uploading a CSV file having account credentials.
  • Preserves all email items and components such as To, Cc, Bcc, Date, Time, Year, Subject, Signature, Text Formatting, Hyperlinks, and all.
  • Best recommended software for GoDaddy moving to Microsoft 365 together with email attachments and inline images.
  • Advance filters are most helpful to move email from GoDaddy to Office 365 by date range, email address, subject, etc.
  • A separate option is available to skip unnecessary folders during GoDaddy to O365 migration process.

#2 Manual Method to Migrate GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft 365

If you want to migrate email from GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft Office 365 account. Then is no direct option available, however, you can complete this task by following multiple phases.

First Stage: Configure GoDaddy Email with Outlook Desktop

  1. Start MS Outlook desktop edition on your Windows machine.
  2. After that, select File >> Info >> Add Account to continue.
    add account
  3. Choose “Manual setup or additional server types” and click on the Next button.
    manual setup
  4. Thereafter, choose the service as POP or IMAP (Connect to a POP or IMAP email account), and press Next.
    select pop imap
  5. This is the time to enter the correct POP settings as mentioned below:
    Your Name: Enter your real name.
    Email Address: Enter your GoDaddy email id.
    Account Type: POP3.
    Incoming mail server:
    Outgoing mail server:
    User Name: Enter your GoDaddy email address.
    Password: Enter the password of your GoDaddy account.
    server information
  6. After filling complete details, click on More Settings and give the name of the account.
    click more settings
  7. Thereafter, enter Internet E-mail settings under the Advanced tab.
    POP Server Port Number: 995.
    SMTP Server Port Number: 465.
    Encryption Type: SSL.
    advanced tab
  8. Once configure process is finished, please restart your Outlook.
  9. Press Send and Receive to start downloading GoDaddy emails to Outlook desktop.
Second Stage: Get PST File from Outlook Desktop
  1. Run MS Outlook and choose File >> Open & Export.
  2. Select the Import/Export option to continue.
  3. Under Import/Export Wizard, pick the Export to a file option.
  4. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and press Next.
  5. Use the checkbox for selecting GoDaddy email folders.
  6. Browse specific destination path to store output data.
  7. Lastly, click on Finish and get exported PST file from the destination folder.
Third Stage: Insert Exported PST to O365

You can use Microsoft’s own drive shipping service for uploading PST files on M365 accounts. The drive shipping method nearly charges $2 per GB for uploading PST files. If you don’t want to spend money and want another method for completing stage three. Then go with the network upload technique which is 100% free.

  • A lengthy and time-consuming method that requires completing multiple phases for this task as mentioned above.
  • Users should be aware of configuring accounts, the import/export process, and the PST upload process. Otherwise, non-technical users may face the problem.
  • One wrong step may be the reason for data loss while migrating GoDaddy email to Office 365.
  • Desktop Outlook should be installed on your computer for completing this task manually.
People Also Ask For

Que 1: I tried to migrate GoDaddy webmail to Office 365 through the Thunderbird account. But I cannot see my GoDaddy emails in my Office 365 account. What should I do?

Ans: You can try the professional solution for GoDaddy email to O365 migration. It provides complete results without any trouble.

Que 2: I am using GoDaddy webmail for almost 5 years. Can this tool be able to migrate all my emails from GoDaddy webmail to Outlook 365?

Ans. Yes, the utility is a powerful solution to transfer bulk GoDaddy emails to Outlook 365. You can test the free demo version of the tool.

Que 3: Does this software save GoDaddy files in Office 365 with attachments?

Ans: Yes, the top-class solution helps to migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365 with attachments.

The Closure

Even with the presence of numerous methods to migrate GoDaddy email to Office 365, it is somehow not an easy task for people. In the blog above, we mentioned the 2 most reliable and simplest solutions to migrate email from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365. This is advisable to use software because it is a complete and direct method. Users can accomplish the process on their own without any help. In case you have a question, please contact our 24-hour available technical support team.