How to Migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365 Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 9 Min Read

Many working professionals want to migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365 user and admin accounts. There are a number of reasons for changing requirements for a developing business, limitations on licenses & features, and the absence of control over how users utilize the platform. Business individuals/organizations want to use productivity applications online; hence they have to begin GoDaddy to Office 365 migration.

Manually migration will be a tedious task, which is not for non-technical users and for those who have business-level of data in the GoDaddy account. This write-up will describe the best and easiest methods to migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365 account directly without any errors and limitations.

GoDaddy vs Office 365 – Why Microsoft O365 is Better?

Office 365 and GoDaddy are both popular services that are used by businesses and individuals to manage their online presence. However, there are several differences between the two that make Office 365 a better choice for many users. Here are some of the main reasons why users want to migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365:

  • Collaboration: Office 365 offers a suite of tools that are designed to help teams collaborate more effectively, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. GoDaddy, on the other hand, is primarily a domain registrar and hosting service that does not offer the same level of collaboration features.
  • Integration: Office 365 integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. This makes it easier to manage your workflow and keep all your files and data in one place. GoDaddy, on the other hand, does not have the same level of integration with other software solutions.
  • Scalability:  Microsoft 365 is designed to be scalable, which means that it can grow with your business as your needs change. Whether you need to add more users, more storage, or more applications, Office 365 can accommodate your needs. GoDaddy, on the other hand, may not be as flexible in this regard.
  • Security: Office 365 offers enterprise-level security features that help protect your data and information from cyber threats. This includes advanced threat protection, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication. While GoDaddy also offers some security features, they may not be as robust as those provided by Office 365.
  • Support: Finally, Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive support system that includes 24/7 phone and chat support, as well as an online community where you can find answers to your questions. GoDaddy also offers support, but it may not be as extensive or responsive as what you can get with Office 365.

Overall, while GoDaddy may be a good option for some users, Office 365 offers a more comprehensive and robust set of tools and features that make it a better choice for many businesses and individuals.

How to Migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365 Account?

Here are some possible ways are mentioned to export the GoDaddy email to Microsoft 365 account directly.

#1 Use Pro Software

Though it is paid however significantly more helpful, trustworthy, and dependable. Moreover, such an automated solution generally provides premium functionalities which can make an administrator’s life much simpler. Just as we explained, GoDaddy to Office 365 Migration Tool has the proficiency to automatically migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365 account.

#2 Use Manual Steps

If you do not have many users which may regularly be the case since GoDaddy’s plans are good for small companies. You can utilize the choice to configure GoDaddy email with desktop Outlook. Thereafter, export a particular email folder to a PST file. Lastly, open the resultant file in Office 365 profile. You may be wondering, are there any downsides? The answer is yes! This GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 migration process is challenging and untrustworthy.

Migrate Emails from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 Professionally

BitRecover GoDaddy Backup Wizard has all the earmarks of being the most solid one, offers desirable admin, and is even suggested by professionals across the globe. That is the reason it is a smart thought to utilize it to migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365 account. The software comes with amazing and advanced features, also created with highly advanced algorithms, which makes the software more powerful and usable for all users.

You can manually check the GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 migration tool before you purchase it. The demo edition is absolutely free and grants the users to export the top 25 email items from the source GoDaddy account to the destination.

Steps to Migrate GoDaddy Emails to Office 365 Directly

  1. Download the software using the download button and install it.
  2. Select the email source of your choice from the list.

    Select the email source

  3. Thereafter, enter GoDaddy account credentials and press Login.
  4. Check the Use Batch Mode and Use Proxy advanced mode.

    Use Batch Mode

  5. The software will start uploading GoDaddy folders.

    start uploading GoDaddy folders

  6. Check and uncheck the folders of Godaddy as per your choice.

    see all folders associated with the GoDaddy

  7. Pick Office 365 as a saving option from the drop-down list.

    Office 365 as a saving option

  8. Do advance settings according to your need and situation.

    advance settings

  9. Use the advanced filter for specific emails from Godaddy to Office 365 migration.

    advanced filter

  10. Enter the O365 login credentials and click on the Backup button.

    Backup button

  11. Live GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 migration start, please wait for completion.

    migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365

  12. See the confirmation message about finishing the task.

    GoDaddy to Office 365 migration

  13. Login to your Microsoft 365 account and open O365 for previewing the inserted data.

    migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365

Why GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 Migration Tool

  • Use Batch Mode: This option enables users to migrate emails from multiple GoDaddy accounts at once in bulk. You can simply upload the CSV file that contains the login credentials of all accounts.
  • Selected & Bulk Migration: The tool allows users to migrate selected folders as per their choice in bulk, which saves your time and energy without having any limits.
  • Change Language: Users can map the folders while migrating GoDaddy emails to Office 365 accounts in English, Dutch, Finnish, German, French, etc.
  • Support All GoDaddy Services: This solution allows users to transfer emails from all GoDaddy email services including GoDaddy Email, GoDaddy Office 365, and GoDaddy Exchange Server.
  • Advanced Filter Option: This feature enables users to move specific emails via Date Range, To, From, Subject, etc. also users can exclude unwanted folders like Spam Mail, Deleted Mail, Junk Mail, etc.
  • Preserve Hierarchy and Components: The GoDaddy to Office 365 migration tool retains the original folder hierarchy and email components including Bcc, Cc, To, From, Subject, Date, From, Formatting, Images, Inline, Signature, etc.

Manual Method to Migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365

If you want to export the GoDaddy email to Office 365 account. Then is no direct option available, however, you can complete this task by following these steps.

Configure GoDaddy Email with Outlook Desktop

  1. Start MS Outlook desktop edition on your Windows machine.
  2. After that, select File >> Info >> Add Account to continue.

    Add Account

  3. Enter the email address of your GoDaddy account and click on the “Connect” icon.

    Enter the email address

  4. Select the IMAP option from Advanced setup.

    Advanced setup

  5. Put the details of your IMAP account.

    Put the details

  6. Click on the “Next” icon and put the password and hit the “Connect” button.

    put the password

And your both accounts will be connected successfully. Now we will export GoDaddy emails to Outlook PST format, simply following the mentioned steps:

Open MS Outlook and choose File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export option to continue. Under Import/Export Wizard, pick the Export to a file option, choose Outlook Data File (.pst), and press Next. Use the checkbox for selecting GoDaddy email folders and browse specific destination paths to store output data. Lastly, click on Finish and get exported PST file from the destination folder.

Now we have to import PST to Office 365. We have mentioned an article, where you will get the all steps to completely migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365.

Manual Limitations

  • A lengthy and time-consuming method that requires completing multiple phases for this task as mentioned above.
  • Users should be aware of configuring accounts, the import/export process, and the PST upload process. Otherwise, non-technical users may face the problem.
  • One wrong step may be the reason for data loss while migrating GoDaddy email to Office 365.
  • Desktop Outlook should be installed on your computer for completing this task manually.

FAQs – Migrate GoDaddy 365 to Microsoft 365

  • Que 1: Why not to choose Microsoft 365 with GoDaddy?

    Ans: GoDaddy O365 is not hosted and managed by Microsoft. It is designed by GoDaddy itself for small businesses. So, if your business grows you will need more services to manage your business. Also, GoDaddy 365 does not have Power Platform, Power BI, and Dynamics, and there is no way to buy any add-ons from Microsoft either.

  • Que 2: Is GoDaddy Workspace Email Going Away?

    Ans. Yes, GoDaddy discontinued their workspace service as you can see the announcement on the mentioned screenshot.

    GoDaddy Workspace Email Going Away

  • Que 3: Is GoDaddy Microsoft 365 the same as Office 365?

    Ans: Yes, No, GoDaddy O365 is created for those users, who do not have IT knowledge and for small business. The GoDaddy Office 365 is not the actual MS O365 admin portal. It is a smaller version with limited tools to simplifies the administrative works.

  • Que 3: How can I Migrate GoDaddy subscription to Office 365?

    Ans: Here are the easiest steps to migrate GoDaddy subscription to MS Office 365.

    • Step 1: First take a backup of your GoDaddy emails to the hard drive.
    • Step 2: Delete your custom domain from the mandatory plan.
    • Step 3: Remove (Delete) your MS Office 365 plan from GoDaddy.
    • Step 4: Buy an Office 365 plan direct from Microsoft.
    • Step 5: Adding and verifying your domain in Microsoft 365.
    • Step 6: Import your previously backed-up emails to O365 in PST.

    And your GoDaddy subscription successfully migrates to the O365 account.

The Closure

Even with the presence of numerous methods to migrate from GoDaddy to Office 365, it is somehow not an easy task for people. In the blog above, we mentioned the 2 most reliable and simplest solutions. This is advisable to use software because it is a complete and direct method. Users can accomplish the process on their own without any help. In case you have a question, please contact our 24-hour available technical support team.