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GoDaddy Backup Wizard

An Exclusive Tool to Take GoDaddy Emails Backup Locally Exclusive Tool

  • Save GoDaddy Emails into Multiple Standard Formats.
  • Backup O365 GoDaddy Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, etc.
  • Take GoDaddy Exchange Backup from Server to Local PC.
  • Export Emails from Multiple GoDaddy Webmail Accounts at Once.NEW
  • Advance Filters to Backup GoDaddy Mailboxes by Date Range and Email ID.
  • Various File Naming Options to Manage Resultant individual Emails.
  • Select Required GoDaddy Folders for Taking Backup using Checkboxes.
  • GoDaddy Email Backup Software Allows to Set a Preferred Destination Path.

Why GoDaddy Backup Tool?

BitRecover GoDaddy Backup Wizard for Windows & Mac is a trustworthy and reliable software for all Windows and Mac OS users. The tool is specially developed to save GoDaddy emails to computers into several commonly used email and document formats.

Save GoDaddy Emails

The tool is fully authorized to backup emails from GoDaddy accounts together with complete email components. Users can store resultent GoDaddy emails on their local pc.

Backup O365 GoDaddy

GoDaddy Office 365 users can also go with this productivity application. It is well-suitable to backup office 365 GoDaddy emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.

GoDaddy Exchange Backup

GoDaddy Backup Tool for Mac & Windows is best for GoDaddy Exchange Server users. It is capable for taking GoDaddy Exchange backup with complete email, contact, calendar, and all data.

Export GoDaddy Emails from All Sources

GoDaddy offers 3 different types of email platforms respectively for individuals and enterprises respectively.

  1. GoDaddy Webmail
  2. GoDaddy Office 365
  3. GoDaddy Exchange Server

Here the best thing is that this GoDaddy Backup Tool is adequate to take GoDaddy Webmail backup, M365, and Exchange Server account. Hence, just download the utility and test it free of cost.

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Export Emails from GoDaddy into 30+ Savings

BitRecover GoDaddy Backup Wizard is an all-in-one software that developed with advance algorithm. This single software is sufficient to backup GoDaddy mailboxes into multiple formats.

Because of its multiple saving options, users will need to grab only this one software. Even using this software, they can resolve their most of the GoDaddy email backup-related queries.

  • Email Formats: Export GoDaddy email to PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, etc.
  • Document Formats: Save GoDaddy emails to PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, CSV, etc.
  • Desktop Clients: Migrate GoDaddy to Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Zimbra, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Email Services: Migrate GoDaddy emails to Office 365,, Yahoo Mail, Google Workspace, Rediffmail, Amazon WorkMail, IBM Verse, etc.
  • Email Servers: Migrate GoDaddy to Exchange Server, HCL Domino, IceWarp, IMAP, Zimbra Server, etc.
advance filters

Advance Filters to Save GoDaddy Emails to Computer

Some working professionals want to backup GoDaddy Webmail as per their preferences. Thus, we have added several advance filters in this software, let's take a look at them.

  • Date Range: Set a specific date range for taking GoDaddy backup locally.
  • From: Enter the specific sender’s email address for saving GoDaddy emails received from the choice email address.
  • To: Fill specific receiver’s email address for saving GoDaddy webmail emails of the specified email id.
  • Subject: Enter a subject of the email for downloading GoDaddy mailboxes having the same subject.
  • Exclude Folders: This feature allows to exclude of unnecessary folders while taking backup.
  • Has the Words: Users can write some specific words so that the software will only backup emails having matching words.
  • Only Export Sent Folder: Use the checkbox to select this filter to backup only the sent folder of GoDaddy webmail.
select required folders

Selective Backup Folder from GoDaddy Webmail

Once you have entered GoDaddy account credentials and signed in to the software. Thereafter, the software will start uploading all GoDaddy folders into the software panel. Later, users can see all folders in the actual file explorer view. Thus, users can easily select only the required folders for taking the backup locally.

This feature is most helpful in such cases as sometimes users want to take backup only selective GoDaddy Workspace email folders. Thus, they can easily use checkboxes for selecting the crucial folders. Users can also uncheck unnecessary folders (Trash, Spam, Junk, Deleted Items) to skip downloading them.

Backup GoDaddy Webmail with All Items

Maintains Overall GoDaddy Workspace Crucial Data


Email messages available under primary and secondary folders such as Inbox, Bulk Mail, Drafts, Templates, Sent Items, Trash, Send Later, and Local Folders.


The GoDaddy backup tool maintains all GoDaddy attachments available in emails such as Word Documents, Adobe PDF Documents, PowerPoint Presentations, Images, and all.

Folder Structure

GoDaddy Email Backup Software preserves actual folder hierarchy structure. Hence, users can easily understand the output result.

Header Data

It preserves complete GoDaddy email header details and components such as To, Cc, Bcc, From, Day, Date, Time, Year, Subject, etc.

Body Data

This utility also keeps entire emails body data including Headings, Paragraphs, Hyperlinks, Color, Symbols, Inline Images, and Text formatting.


Software allows you to keep all email signatures during taking GoDaddy Exchange backup & Office 365 backup.


The tool permits to backup O365 GoDaddy emails associated with all attributes and components.


GoDaddy Microsoft 365 users can backup GoDaddy O365 contacts including email addresses, names with details, business information, and Home & Business Addresses.


GoDaddy Exchange & Office 365 subscribers can take GoDaddy exchange calendars backup having Meetings, Appointments, Event Dates, Subjects, and Locations.

Primary Mailboxes

GoDaddy O365 primary mailboxes can be downloaded into a choice file extension.

In-Place Archive Mailboxes

If you have enabled GoDaddy M365 In-Place Archive quota space. Then don’t worry because it permits you to backup GoDaddy Microsoft 365 In-Place Archive mailboxes.

Shared Mailboxes

The tool proficiently takes GoDaddy Outlook 365 shared mailbox emails to a local computer.

GoDaddy Backup Software Additional Features

Reliable Software to Save GoDaddy Emails to Computer

Backup Complete GoDaddy Emails

All GoDaddy Webmail and GoDaddy Office 365 subscription-based users can go with this utility. The tool is well-suitable for GoDaddy basic webmail and GoDaddy productivity mail users. Hence, there is no need to take any type of stress if you are using any plan of GoDaddy emails because the tool handles all GoDaddy backup-related issues.

Batch Export GoDaddy Emails at Once

The software’s welcome screen has a Use Batch Mode option. Users can check if they want to take GoDaddy automatic backup from multiple user accounts at once. After checking this feature software says to insert a CSV file having multiple account credentials. Thereafter, BitRecover GoDaddy Backup tool will start taking GoDaddy accounts backup.

Set Preferred Destination Path

This utility automatically sets desktop as default destination path. But sometimes users don’t want to save resultant emails on their desktop. Then users can click on the Change button and browse a specific choice destination path. Even they can backup GoDaddy email to hard drive by connecting an external hard disk to the computer using a USB.

Unmatched File Naming Options

We have added 10+ unique unmatched file naming options in this software. Hence, users can easily store individual emails and documents in multiple renaming formatting. Rename single emails and documents i.e., Subject + Date (dd-mm-yyyy), From + Subject + Date (dd-mm-yyyy), From + Subject + Date (yyyy-mm-dd), Date (dd-mm-yyyy) + From + Subject, and many more.

Extract GoDaddy Attachments and Email Ids

GoDaddy Backup Tool also has separate options to extract attachments and email addresses from GoDaddy accounts. These are business-oriented features because users can use collected email addresses for email marketing purposes. While they can use extracted attachments according to the needs and demands of tasks. For example, users may collect content attachments available as Word files.

Creates Log Report for GoDaddy Backup

After successfully taking backup Office 365 GoDaddy emails, the tool automatically generates SavingLog.txt file. This log file has complete information about resultent GoDaddy mailboxes such as Start Date, Start Time, Saving Type, Source Folder Path, Destination Folder path, Items Converted, and Conversion Status (GoDaddy backup failed or successful).

Customized GoDaddy Backup Tool

Our respective clients can feel free to connect with our support team. If they think, we need to add some customized features in BitRecover GoDaddy Backup Wizard. Thereafter, we will develop a new product with customized features. We will charge additional costs accordingly for unique customized features.

Get GoDaddy Email Backup Service

If you want to get GoDaddy email backup service instead of GoDaddy Backup Software. Then, you can also contact our support team, we will connect remotely to provide GoDaddy email backup services as per demand. We have successfully migrated multiple small-sized enterprises from GoDaddy to Zimbra, and Office 365 accordingly.

How to Save GoDaddy Emails to Computer?

Watch Live Video and Know How to Take GoDaddy Webmail Backup

GoDaddy Backup Tool Specifications

Be Aware of Minimum System Requirements to Export GoDaddy Webmail

Software Download

File Size : 24.9 MB

Version : 6.2

Trial Limitations

Free GoDaddy Backup tool for Windows is capable to download a maximum of 25 emails from each GoDaddy folder to multiple formats. Thus, users can easily check its working steps. After getting satisfaction, users can grab license keys to avoid all the limitations.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
60 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008, etc.
  • Mac OS – Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, etc.
  • GoDaddy Plans – GoDaddy Webmail, GoDaddy Office 365 (Email Essentials, Email Plus, Business Essentials, and Business Professional), and GoDaddy Exchange Server.

Electronic Delivery

Product delivery is online and automatic through email. After successful confirmation of payment, users receive the product download link and license keys within 15 minutes.

BitRecover GoDaddy Backup Wizard – Comparison

Know Difference Between Free and Pro Edition

  • Unlimited GoDaddy Emails Backup
  • Supports all GoDaddy sources
  • Select required folders
  • File naming options
  • Advance filters
  • Various saving options
  • Generates log report
  • Keep email attachments
  • Free
  • 25 emails / folder
  • Download
  • Most Popular
  • Unlimited
  • Upgrade
Repeatedly Asked Queries

Read all commonly asked questions and read answers also

5 steps to for GoDaddy accounts Backup:

  • Start GoDaddy Backup Tool and choose email source.
  • Enter GoDaddy account credentials and press Login.
  • Select required GoDaddy folders and saving option.
  • Use advance filter and set destination path.
  • Press Backup to start taking GoDaddy email backup.

It depends upon what GoDaddy email account it is, if it is a GoDaddy Webmail then you can backup only GoDaddy emails. While if it's GoDaddy Office 365 or GoDaddy Exchange then everything.

Yes, BitRecover GoDaddy Backup Wizard preserves all attachments. Even the tool has a distinct option to extract GoDaddy attachments separately.

Yes, of course, this GoDaddy backup tool has a separate source to backup O365 GoDaddy emails.

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