How to Migrate Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Server?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Several administrators and working professionals want to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Server because they recently received a note. According to the note, Ipswitch IMail Server will be discontinued on 30 Nov 2024. Thereafter, users started planning to replace it with another similar server without losing the previous emails.

Users prefer to transfer emails from Ipswitch IMail Server to Zimbra. Users want to opt for Zimbra because it is capable to fulfil users’ requirements as it has some similar features like Ipswitch IMail. Hence, users easily take the decision to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Server.

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Why Do Users Choose Zimbra Collaboration?

  • Zimbra Collaboration is the best emailing solution that comes with an email server and web client facilities. These facilities are like Ipswitch IMail Server so this is well-suitable for them.
  • The latest Zimbra Collaboration 9 comes with 60 days of a free trial version. Multiple famous productivity applications are also integrated with Zimbra such as Slack, Dropbox, and Zoom meetings.
  • Zimbra Collaboration is the best alternative for the Ipswitch IMail email program that is available at a low cost. Even Zimbra provides all trending and useful features including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, file sharing, chat, videoconferencing, etc.
  • Like other email servers, Zimbra supports all useful email protocols such as IMAP, POP3, CalDAV, CardDAV, SMTP, LDAP, AD, ClamAV, SpamAssassin, DSPAM, and S/MIME. Hence, it can be configured and integrated with various email programs.

Expert Choice to Transfer Ipswitch IMail Server to Zimbra

BitRecover Software for Email Backup is an excellent and expert-recommended tool that comes with an IMAP source and destination option. Hence, anyone can easily use this utility to migrate Ipswitch IMail Server to Zimbra Collaboration.

This application is available with a free trial version that permits to transfer first 25 emails from Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Server. Even it works same as pro edition so our respective clients can understand its working process before upgrading to the full version.

Know The Mandatory Pre-Migration Settings

Get IMAP Settings: This mentioned software will ask for IMAP details of both Ipswitch IMail and Zimbra Server during the migration. Hence, go to website which is helpful in knowing your IMAP details.

Enable IMAP Settings: Before starting the Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra migration process. Make sure, IMAP settings must be enabled for Ipswitch IMail and Zimbra collaboration.

Setup Zimbra Collaboration: Connect and setup your business domain with Zimbra Collaboration. Thereafter, create admin and user accounts because the tool will also ask for destination accounts.

How to Migrate Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Collaboration?

  1. Run the above-suggested software on your computer and pick IMAP from available email sources.
    select email source
  2. Afterward, enter Ipswitch IMail sign-in details in specified fields and press Login.
    enter ipswitch imail credentials
  3. Choose the required Ipswitch IMail folders from the software panel according to your choice.
    select required folders
  4. Thereafter, select IMAP as a saving option as Zimbra is compatible with the IMAP protocol.
    select saving option
  5. Now use advance filters for transferring data between a specific date range, by email address, by email subject, etc.
    filter options
  6. Fill Zimbra collaboration account login details in conspicuous fields.
    click on backup
  7. Press the Backup button to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Server and wait.
    migrate ipswitch imail to zimbra server
  8. Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Collaboration migration completed successfully.
    transfer ipswitch imail server to zimbra

Note: After completing the process to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra, click on the Ok button for your confirmation. Thereafter, login to your Zimbra account and see the all imported data in the actual folder hierarchy.

Are You Using On-Disk Ipswitch IMail Server?

If you are using an on-premise Ipswitch IMail server to manage your employees’ mailboxes. On-Premise Ipswitch IMail stores your data on a local computer hence this difference. On-Disk Ipswitch IMail users can use BitRecover IMail Migrator Software which also has an IMAP saving option.

Use this software on your machine to transfer emails from On-Disk Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Collaboration directly. This utility is also available with a free demo version hence users can test its working process before upgrading to the licensed version.

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What Users Can Do with Suggested Software?

  • The tool is helpful to switch email servers from Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Collaboration easily. The tool support batch migration mode that allows transferring of data between multiple accounts at once.
  • It is capable to keep all crucial email information together with overall email components i.e. To, Cc, From, Date, Time, Year, Subject, Signature, HTML Links, Inline Images, Attachments, Headings, and all.
  • After providing Ipswitch IMail account credentials, users can see all email folders in the software interface. From there, users can easily use front checkboxes to select choice email folders for migration instead of all.
  • This software has several advance filter options which are helpful to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Server by choice of date range, email address, email subject, and word in email body.
  • The tool is designed in such a way that it automatically maintains the folder and sub-folder hierarchy structure during completing this task. This is useful because our valuable clients can easily understand the output data having the same structure.

Have Questions? Get Answers!

Q 1: Does your software allow to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Desktop edition?

Ans: Yes, this is all-in-one software to transfer email from Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Server and Desktop editions. For the desktop version, choose Zimbra TGZ as a saving option.

Q 2: Does this tool keep email attachments during Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra migration process?

A: Yes, the tool transfer Ipswitch IMail Server to Zimbra Collaboration including email attachments. Even it has a separate option to extract email attachments separately.

Q 3: Can I install and use your software on Windows Server 2022 OS?

A: Yes, don’t worry! This software supports Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Vista. Even it is compatible with all the latest Mac OS computers.


As you heard the news that Ipswitch IMail will be shut down soon, so the current time is the golden time to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Zimbra Server. When its discontinuing date will seem near then there will be a rush of users for resolving the same query. So timely switch your server using the above-mentioned steps.

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