How to Migrate Ipswitch IMail to cPanel? – Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

With the announcement of Ipswitch IMail being discontinued on 30 November, 2024, users are frantically and desperately looking to migrate their data from Ipswitch IMail. Henceforth, we have drafted this technical writeup to guide users on how they can migrate from Ipswitch Imail to cPanel. Read this guide until the end to get the solutions and guidance we have provided for you here.

Ipswitch IMail is a server of Windows email. It includes services like webmail, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, LDAP and List Server. In addition to that, it also provides features which include Commtouch anti-spam, email archiving, collaboration for Outlook data etc. However, recently, Ipswitch IMail has announced that they are discontinuing it from Nov 30, 2024. This has left users stranded and abandoned and looking for a different service provider.

One program that users are drifting to is cPanel that provides the functionality for organizations to access their mailbox data on their server with support of three web clients. It is one of the preferred options among users for many reasons; we have mentioned a few below.

Reasons to Migrate Ipswitch IMail to cPanel

cPanel offers multiple advantages that make it one of the most preferred choice of users, the advantages are as follows.

  • cPanel has an easy and simple user interface. Users don’t need much technical knowledge to use it.
  • Unlike other platforms, cPanel is quite cost-effective. It provides high value of services for less money compared to other platforms.
  • When it comes to tech products, security is one of the primary concerns. With cPanel, you can also activate two-tier authentication programs to ensure utmost security for your site.
  • cPanel is compatible with browsers like Chrome and Opera and in addition it opens the door to various plugins and extensions.
  • One other unique feature is that you can add multiple domains to it.

Simply put, cPanel not only provides cheap and efficient services, but also has topnotch reliability. And that is why numerous users are drifting towards transferring Ipswitch IMail to cPanel. So, without any further ado, let’s see how you can execute the task.

Migrate Ipswitch IMail to cPanel with a Professional Solution

Moving data from any platform to another is a delicate task that should be performed with utmost caution. For that reason, technical experts always recommend using a tool to accomplish it. Thus, we have brought you an unmatched automated software. This BitRecover Email Backup Wizard is undoubtedly the most reliable choice out of all. Moreover, it has numerous features that add to its overall performance.

Fascinating Features of this Software

  • This Software only asks for your login details for performing the task.
  • It maintains your folder structure and hierarchy.
  • Comes with several unique File Naming options to help you better arrange your data.
  • You can also only Backup Selective Email Folders with the help of this software.
  • Has highly advanced algorithms.
  • Uses an app password to configure web-based clients.
  • Directly migrates data between any email account to IMAP.

All these features contribute to making this tool the most secure and reliable choice for users. Now, let’s see how to conduct the steps. But before that, there are some steps that you have to take before starting the migration process.

Pre-Migration Preparation

Know your IMAP Details: This software asks only for your IMAP credentials. Thus, you must have those. In case you do not then, you can go to website and get it from there.

Enable Your IMAP Settings: Before you proceed with Ipswitch IMail to cPanel migration process, make sure you have the IMAP settings enabled for both source and the destination.

Now that we are done with the necessary things you must do before going forth with the migration process, let’s get started with the steps to transfer Ipswitch IMail to cPanel using the tool.

Steps to use the Software for Ipswitch IMail to cPanel Migration

  1. Install and launch the software on your system. Once you’ve started it, select the IMAP option from the available email sources from the left panel.

    select the IMAP option to migrate Ipswitch IMail to cPanel

  2. Enter your Ipswitch IMail credentials in the required fields and click on the Login button.

    enter your Ipswitch credentials to migrate Ipswitch IMail to cPanel

  3. Upon doing that, all your IMail emails and data is added in the Software. Now, enable the checkboxes for the required folders.

    enable the checkboxes for required folders

  4. Then, in the Backup tab, select IMAP Server as your destination saving option.

    select the IMAP server as the destination

  5. In the Filter options tab, you will find numerous advanced features for selective Ipswitch IMail to webmail migration.

    make use of the filter options

  6. Again, in the backup tab, fill out your cPanel credentials in the required fields.

    fill out cPanel credentials to migrate Ipswitch IMail to cPanel

  7. Lastly, Click on the Backup button to initiate the migration process.

    click on the backup button at last

  8. After successful migration, you will get a popup notification in the software window.

    you will receive a popup notification

Are you Using On-Premise Ipswitch IMail Server?

If you are using an on-disk Ipswitch IMail server to manage the mailboxes of your employees. In that case, an on-premises Ipswitch IMail stores your data on a local computer, thus, this difference. Users who use On-Disk Ipswitch IMail can use BitRecover IMail Migrator Software which also provides an IMAP saving option.

Use this software on your machine to transfer emails from On-Disk Ipswitch IMail to cPanel directly. This utility is also available with a free demo version with which users can test its functionality before upgrading it to the licensed version.

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In this technical writeup, we shared an impeccable solution you can use to easily migrate your data from Ipswitch IMail to cPanel. Numerous experts recommended this solution as migrating data from one platform to another is always a risky task.