How to Migrate Ipswitch IMail to MDaemon Server?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Ipswitch IMail announced that it will be discontinued on 30 November 2024. Thereafter, its users are looking for a professional and easiest approach to migrate Ipswitch IMail to MDaemon Server.

System administrators and users are opting for MDaemon as an alternative to Ipswitch IMail Server. Because each server provides similar features. Hence, users have much confidence but they don’t know the easiest steps for transferring emails between both servers.

After understanding the user’s concern, we have decided to publish a write-up with detailed information. This article explains the complete step-by-step process to transfer Ipswitch IMail Server to MDaemon. Hence, no need to take any type of stress, it’s easy.

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Why Do Users Choose MDaemon?

After receiving Ipswitch IMail’s official announcement about discontinuing its services. Users are looking for different alternatives for Ipswitch IMail and MDaemon is one of them. Know the causes!

  • MDaemon offers cloud-hosted and on-premise servers deploying for business, government, and non-profit organizations with different pricing and plans.
  • Like other email service providers, MDaemon provides SaaS License which is known as the service provider edition. MDaemon’s SaaS license is useful for managed services providers (MSP), internet service providers (ISP), distributors, and resellers.
  • MDaemon is useful for both small and large-sized businesses. Even if your business is in a growing phase then MDaemon is scalable according to your needs.
  • MDaemon Server supports all email protocol standards so it can be easily integrated with other email clients and services such as IMAP, POP3, SMTP, MSA, Webmail, CalDAV, CardDAV, ActiveSync, etc.

Advisable Tool to Transfer Ipswitch IMail Server to MDaemon

BitRecover Email Backup Wizard is the perfect software to migrate Ipswitch IMail Server to MDaemon Server. This recommended software supports IMAP to IMAP migration facility; hence, it is the best solution to migrate emails between any email servers and services.

This software comes with a free demo version, so users can check its features without purchasing the license keys. The freeware version gives permission to migrate the first 25 emails from Ipswitch IMail to MDaemon Server including email attachments and components.

Pre-Migration Mandatory Preparation

Know Your IMAP Settings: This is a fully automated software that asks only Ipswitch IMail and MDaemon credentials including IMAP details. Hence, this is mandatory to know your IMAP Settings before starting the migration. Go to website and easily know your IMAP settings.

Enable IMAP Settings: Before transferring emails from Ipswitch IMail server to MDaemon. Please enable the IMAP settings of your both servers.

Create MDaemon Accounts: Setup MDaemon for your business domain and create user and admin accounts according to your need. This is also compulsory because a destination account (MDaemon) should be available for each source account (Ipswitch IMail).

How to Migrate Ipswitch IMail Server to MDaemon?

  1. Launch the suggested software on your computer and select IMAP from available email sources.
    select email source
  2. Enter Ipswitch IMail credentials in specific fields and press the Login button.
    enter ipswitch imail credentials
  3. Thereafter, Ipswitch IMail emails will be added in the software GUI, select required and all folders accordingly.
    select necessary folders
  4. Now choose IMAP Server as the destination saving option as you can see.
    select imap as saving option
  5. The software provides multiple advance filters for selective Ipswitch IMail to MDaemon migration.
    filter options
  6. After that, fill MDaemon credentials with IMAP details.
    click on backup
  7. Click on Backup to migrate Ipswitch IMail to MDaemon Server.
    migrate ipswitch imail to mdaemon server
  8. Ipswitch IMail to MDaemon migration process completed successfully, see the pop-up message.
    completed successfully

Note: After receiving the pop-up message of completion, click on the Ok button for successful completion. Thereafter, login to your destination MDaemon Server account and see the imported data.

Alternative for On-Disk Ipswitch IMail

If you are using on-premise Ipswitch IMail and want to migrate On-Disk Ipswitch IMail to MDaemon Server. Then you can use BitRecover IMail Migrator Wizard which also comes with an IMAP saving option. Hence, On-Disk Ipswitch IMail users can use it to transfer emails from On-Disk Ipswitch IMail to MDaemon Server.

This software also comes with a free trial version so just download and test it with your on-premise Ipswitch IMail account. After getting complete satisfaction, you can upgrade to the professional edition to overcome all the limitations. As freeware version gives permission to transfer only the first 25 emails including all properties.

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Some Benefits of Software

  • The software supports batch Ipswitch IMail to MDaemon migration so the administrator and users can transfer all emails from multiple accounts at once. Just create a CSV file having all account credentials and add in the software panel.
  • The tool previews all Ipswitch IMail folders in the software window in explorer view. Hence, our respective clients can check or uncheck the required email folders for migration.
  • This utility holds all email attachments, and other properties like To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, HTML Links, Heading, Inline Images, and other all proper information.
  • Use advance filters that are most useful to migrate Ipswitch IMail to MDaemon server between a specific date range, by choice email address, and by choice email subject.

Concluding Words

In the above article, we have discussed the steps to migrate Ipswitch IMail to MDaemon Server in detail. Now all Ipswitch IMail users can follow these steps if they desire to choose MDaemon as its alternative. We have also suggested a solution if you use the On-Disk Ipswitch IMail server. Still, if you want to know other information regarding this migration process. Then feel free to take the help of our technical experts that available 24 hours to assist you.

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