How to Migrate Ipswitch IMail to Kerio Connect Server?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Multiple businesses use Ipswitch IMail Server for complete email management. But recently Ipswitch IMail release a note about it will discontinue Ipswitch IMail Server on 30 November 2024. After receiving this notification Ipswitch IMail users want to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Kerio Connect Server.

Users prefer to opt for Kerio Server because this is well suitable for all small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Kerio was founded in 2001 and later in 2017 GFI Software Company acquired Kerio Connect. Even, there are several reasons available for choosing Kerio as the primary email server to manage employees’ emails.

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Causes to Choose Kerio Connect Server

More than 30 thousand companies deployed Kerio Connect Server for fulfilling email requirements. Hence, other enterprises are also confident when opting for Kerio Server. Here we are discussing certain points for selecting Kerio Server.

  • Kerio Server offers all the facilities for collaboration, email management, messaging, calendar scheduling, managing contacts, tasks, notes, shared and public folders, synchronization, etc.
  • Kerio Connect Server comes with advance security features. Users can enable and disable required encrypted connection option. Even it provides several authentication methods i.e., CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, LOGIN, and PLAIN.
  • Companies prefer to choose Kerio Server from the email servers’ catalog because this is available at pocket-friendly pricing. Kerio Connect is divided into total 3 categories as Small, Medium, and Large. Its subscription plans start from approx 13 USD per user per year.
  • Kerio Connect gives freedom to deploy it using partner-hosted cloud environments as well as on-premise environments. Hence, respective users can take the decision about how they want to deploy it for emailing.

Easy Way to Transfer Ipswitch IMail Server to Kerio

BitRecover Email Backup Wizard is a great software to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Kerio Connect Server. This is a truly automatic tool that asks only for the account credentials of both servers for completing this migration task.

This utility is available with a free trial version that permits to transfer first 25 emails from Ipswitch IMail server to Kerio server. So, this is most beneficial and useful for users as they can test it with their own servers. After getting complete satisfaction, you can get its license keys.

What To Do Before Migration?

Get IMAP Server Details: First, make sure IMAP Settings should be enabled for both email servers. Thereafter, visit to know your server’s IMAP details including Server Name, and Port Numbers. This is necessary because the software will ask for complete IMAP details when transferring Ipswitch IMail to Kerio Server.

Get Kerio Connect Subscription: This is also compulsory to create Kerio Server admin and user accounts before beginning the process. The software will ask for destination Kerio accounts.

How to Migrate Ipswitch IMail Server to Kerio Connect?

  1. Start the recommended Ipswitch IMail to Kerio Migration Tool and select IMAP as an email source.
    select email source
  2. Fill Ipswitch IMail credentials and hit on the Login button.
    enter credentials
  3. After that, select folders from the software GUI that you want to migrate.
    select folders
  4. Set IMAP Server as a saving option.
    select imap as saving option
  5. Optionally you can use advance filters to migrate specific emails.
    filter options
  6. Afterward, enter Kerio Server login details with a port number.
    click on backup
  7. Press Backup to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Kerio server.
    migrate ipswitch imail to kerio connect
  8. The procedure to transfer Ipswitch IMail Server to Kerio finished successfully.
    completed successfully

What Next: Now login to your Kerio Connect account and see imported emails of Ipswitch IMail in the original folder structure.

Do You Use On-Premise Ipswitch IMail?

On-Disk Ipswitch IMail users can use BitRecover IMail Migrator Software which is fully authenticated for on-premise Ipswitch IMail users. The tool comes with multiple saving options so it is well-suitable to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Kerio Connect.

This utility is also available with a free demo version with a migration limitation of 25 emails per folder. Hence, just download this software for evaluation with your own data. If you get 100% satisfied then grab its license keys and avoid all the limitations.

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Ipswitch IMail to Kerio Migration Tool Facilities

  • The advance filter option of this software is most useful because that allows to migration of only specific emails. It offers multiple filters to set a date range, specific email address, subject, and word in the email body for migration.
  • Ipswitch IMail to Kerio Migration Tool comes with a batch mode option. This feature permits to migration of emails between multiple Ipswitch IMail accounts to multiple Kerio accounts at once. Hence, users can save valuable time.
  • This application keeps the actual folder structure after completing this migration task. Even it maintains all email properties such as sender and receiver details, date and time, email subject, attachments, inline images, and hyperlinks.
  • Sometimes users want to move only required folders from Ipswitch IMail to Kerio Server. Because according to them some email folders are not useful for them like Trash, Junk, Spam, etc. This software has the option to select only required folders for migration.
  • This is an easy-to-use and powerful software that works automatically without any import and export process. We used lasted technology while developing this automatic software so it doesn’t store your profile data and credentials.

End for You

In above article, we have mentioned all details to migrate Ipswitch IMail to Kerio Server. Now all administrators or business professionals can easily replace their Ipswitch IMail Server with Kerio Server before expiring without losing old emails. Here we have also mentioned an alternative for on-disk Ipswitch IMail Server users.