Large PST File Crashes Outlook When Opening – Resolved

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind large PST files, the issues they cause, and discover effective solutions to fix large PST file crashes Outlook. So, let’s dive in!

Do you often find yourself frustrated by the sluggishness and unresponsiveness of Microsoft Outlook? Well, the culprit might just be your large PST (Personal Storage Table) file. These oversized files not only slow down Outlook but can also lead to data corruption, causing havoc in your day-to-day work.

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Issues Users Face Due to Large PST Files

One of the major Outlook large PST file problems is their tendency to get corrupted easily, resulting in data loss. Additionally, their size affects the overall performance of Outlook, making it sluggish and unresponsive. Simple tasks like downloading attachments and sending emails can become time-consuming due to the burden of a large PST file.

Primary Reasons for Large PST Files in Outlook

There are two primary reasons why your PST file may have grown larger than desired:

  • Firstly, the influx of emails with large attachments can quickly fill up your mailbox, exceeding the PST file’s size limit.
  • Secondly, the presence of duplicate items within the file contributes to its bloated size, as these duplicates consume unnecessary space.

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Manual Way to Fix Large PST File Crashes Outlook

To address the issue, here are three manual methods you can try:

#1 Archiving PST File:

While Outlook doesn’t offer a built-in feature to archive large PST files, you can still manage their size. Utilize Outlook’s ‘Archive’ or ‘Import/Export’ options to move mailbox data from one PST file to another, effectively reducing its size.

archive folders

#2 Compacting PST File:

Outlook 2013 and later versions provide a handy feature called ‘Compact Now‘ to remove unused space within the PST file. This helps compress the file and optimize its performance. You can manually access this feature by navigating to File > Account Settings > Account Settings, selecting the PST file, clicking Settings, and then choosing Compact Now.

large pst file crashes outlook

#3 Removing Duplicate Data:

Duplicate emails are a common reason behind oversized PST files. By removing these duplicates, you can significantly reduce PST file size. However, identifying and removing duplicates from PST files can be a complex task, as various factors contribute to their existence. To tackle this, you’ll need to address the root cause, such as misconfigured rules, improper mailbox settings, or faulty third-party applications like Outlook Duplicate Remover.

clean up folder and sub folder

Drawbacks And Limitations of Manual Methods

While the manual methods mentioned above can be effective, they come with their own drawbacks and limitations:

  • Risk Of Permanent Data Loss: Performing these manual processes incorrectly can result in permanent data loss, which can be devastating.
  • Data Security: Manual methods do not guarantee the security of your data, posing a potential risk.
  • Time-Consuming Nature: Manual processes are often time-consuming and require technical expertise, adding unnecessary complications to an already troublesome situation.

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Automated Solution to Resolve Outlook Large PST File Problems

To overcome the challenges associated with manual methods, it’s wise to turn to automated software, such as the BitRecover Split PST file tool. This professional-grade software offers a host of benefits, including:

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  • Swift and secure splitting of any size PST file, ensuring data integrity.
  • Capability to split even the lengthiest PST files effortlessly.
  • Various splitting options to suit your specific requirements. Ability to selectively choose necessary folders for reducing size.
  • Compatibility with all Outlook and Windows OS versions.
  • User-friendly interface and streamlined process.
  • Automatic creation of new PST files post-splitting.
  • Additional features to split PST file by year and size.

How to Fix Outlook Crashes when Opening Large PST File?

Following are the steps to fix if your large PST file crashes Outlook:

  1. Begin by installing the application on your computer.
    start software
  2. Launch the software and it will automatically detect the configured outlook profile or select the option to add the large PST file that you want to split. Click on the “Select Folder” button to complete this step.
    add pst files
  3. Select the required PST folders from the software panel and press Next.
    pst directories
  4. Thereafter, set the destination path to store processed PST files.
    destination location
  5. Choose the desired splitting criteria based on your requirements. You can fix large PST files by size, date range, sender and receiver email addresses, or other options provided by the tool. Select the appropriate criteria that best suits your needs.
    outlook crashes when opening large pst file
  6. After specifying the reducing criteria, click on the “Split” button to initiate the splitting process.
    outlook crashing on startup
  7. The software will start resolving outlook crashes when opening large PST file error. according to the chosen criteria. It will create a PST file in Outlook as per your specified preferences.
    outlook large pst file problems

By following these simple steps, you can efficiently split large PST file into smaller parts, manageable parts using the software. Enjoy the benefits of a streamlined Outlook experience without the hassle of dealing with crashes caused by oversized PST files.


Dealing with a large PST file crashes outlook can be a daunting task, but with the right solutions, you can overcome this challenge. While manual methods exist, they come with risks and complexities. Opting for automated tools offers a safer, faster, and more efficient way to manage oversized PST files. By taking advantage of such professional solutions, you can bid farewell to Outlook crashes and enjoy a smoother email experience. So, why wait? Take control of your PST files today!

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