How to Open Winmail.dat in Mozilla Thunderbird Containing Attachments ?

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


At today’s digital epoch, email management is a most complicated task and professional users always faces several types of problems regarding their email messages. Some users are looking for a great solution to import Winmail.dat to Thunderbird (TNEF to Mozilla Thunderbird) because Thunderbird does not support winmail.dat files directly. A lot of users in worldwide are searching for a right solution for solving these types of problems…

  1. How to do I open a winmail.dat file in Thunderbird ?
  2. How to fix winmail.dat in Thunderbird ?
  3. How to open winmail.dat in Mozilla Thunderbird ?
  4. How to read winmail.dat files in Thunderbird ?

If your problem is also similar to above mentioned queries then you can import winmail.dat to Thunderbird by following few simple steps, without wasting your valuable time we are just describing easiest method for solving your complicated issue.

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Import Winmail.dat to Thunderbird Straightforwardly

At first, download all-in-one Winmail DAT Exporter which is authorized software for extracting emails from winmail.dat TNEF files into more than 30 valuable file formats along with Mozilla Thunderbird. Because of its separate saving option, it is also known as Winmail.dat to Thunderbird Converter. This toolkit can be installed on all latest as well as previous Windows OS inclusive of latest Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 editions.

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Step 1 – Run Winmail.dat to Thunderbird Converter and choose Select Files or Select Folders option from software panel for adding winmail.dat files in the software GUI.

Run Winmail.dat to Thunderbird Converter

Step 2 – Check desired winmail.dat TNEF (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format) files and click on the Next button to continue.

Check desired winmail.dat TNEF

Step 3 – Choose Thunderbird as saving format.

Choose Thunderbird

Step 4 – TNEF to Thunderbird Exporter will automatically pick the default destination path for importing mailboxes, press Next button to start conversion process.

TNEF to Thunderbird Exporter

Step 5 – TNEF to Mozilla Thunderbird conversion process has been completed successfully.

completed successfully

Step 6 – At last start your Mozilla Thunderbird email client for previewing imported winmail.dat files.

start your Mozilla Thunderbird

Winmail.dat TNEF to Thunderbird Converter Key Features

  1. It is a fully automated technique to import winmail.dat to Mozilla Thunderbird profiles.
  2. The tool automatically creates all important Thunderbird elements i.e. MOZMSGS, WDSEML, MSF (Mail Summary File), MBOX, etc. if required.
  3. TNEF to Thunderbird Converter permits to migrate specific emails from whole database as per need.
  4. This application preserves email attachments, components, attributes, internet header and all items during completion of the task.
  5. Users can open and read unlimited winmail.dat with Thunderbird account means it supports bulk conversion.
  6. It is compatible with Mozilla Thunderbird 60.0, 52.0, 45.0, 38.0, 31.0, 24.0, 17.0, 16.0, 15.0, 14.0, 13.0, 12.0, 11.0, 10.0, etc. and all previous editions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 – I have approx 800 winmail.dat files in my external hard drive, can you please suggest me how to open winmail.dat file in Thunderbird in batch because I don’t want to make extra efforts ?

Ans – You can follow the simple steps to read winmail.dat files in Thunderbird in bulk.

  • Run TNEF to Thunderbird Exporter and press Select Files or Select Folders button from toolbar for adding winmail dat files.
  • Check desired winmail.dat TNEF files and hit on the Next button.
  • Choose Mozilla Thunderbird as saving format and press Next button to start conversion process.
  • The procedure to import winmail.dat to Thunderbird is running.
  • Run Thunderbird email client to open imported winmail.dat files inclusive of attachments.

Que 2 – I have various winmail.dat TNEF files which was received from different email programs such as Outlook, Exchange Server, Office 365, etc.  Does your software support allow to convert all types of winmail.dat files to Thunderbird ?

Ans – Of course, it is well qualified toolkit which supports winmail.dat files of Outlook, Exchange Server or Office 365.

Que 3 – I am an enterprise level user, does your product permit to migrate 10K winmail.dat files into Mozilla Thunderbird ?

Ans – Yes, our software is available with several types of license editions, you can grab suitable license keys according to your choice. This software is authorized to convert unlimited winmail.dat files to Thunderbird profiles at once.

Que 4 – Does your software consistent with Windows 10 OS based PC ?

Ans – Yes, it supports all latest as well as old 32 bit / 64 bit Windows editions inclusive of Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019.

What Our Clients Say?

Thanks BitRecover, you are doing very nice job by providing several simplified techniques for solving different types of technical problems. After contacting your support team, I also got a reasonable answer for “how do I open a winmail.dat file in Thunderbird” my query. A big thanks to you from my side.

– Anton

I am using BitRecover products from past seven years and I know that they always provide best products with life time validity. Recently I have also contacted to BitRecover Support to get a software to import winmail.dat to Thunderbird and they suggested me an all-in-one product with extra benefits. Thank BitRecover for your amazing solution.

– Maximilian

Eventual Words

If you want to know “how to open winmail.dat attachment in Thunderbird” then you can follow above mentioned steps. It is a 100% verified solution, we have already suggested this technique for several users to import winmail.dat to Thunderbird. BitRecover TNEF to Thunderbird Converter is an excellent toolkit which keeps all email components during completion of the task. The tool comes with free demo edition so that users can check the software functionality before upgrading to the pro edition.

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