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  • No installation required to run portable Winmail DAT Viewer even it can be run directly via pen drive.
  • 100% freeware software to open Winmail.dat TNEF, ATT00005.eml, and ATT00001.dat files. Users can also upgrade it to convert Winmail.dat files.
  • Allows to open winmail.dat attachments and save attachments in actual formats separately.
  • Automatically counts and previews the total number of Winmail.dat TNEF files from each selected folder.
  • An inbuilt advance search option for searching specific information within TNEF files with multiple filters.
  • View Winmail.dat files inclusive of complete information i.e. Serial Number, Date & Time, From, To, Subject, Message and Attachments.
  • Fully authenticated utility to open a whole folder having unlimited Winmail DAT TNEF files.
  • Supports Winmail DAT files of Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server, Outlook Express, GoDaddy, Mozilla Thunderbird, iPhone, and all.

Why Winmail.dat Viewer

Winmail.dat Opener is obtainable 100% free of cost which is an easy way to open Winmail.dat TNEF (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format) files of MS Exchange Server, Outlook, OE Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Zix Mail, Google Mail, Zoho Mail, etc. Microsoft Outlook editions automatically create Winmail.dat files if Outlook users send email message using the RTF (Rich Text Format) or HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). In Winmail.dat file original email message information i.e. To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, Attachments, etc. is packed in single Winmail.dat file. If MS Outlook users use RTF and HTML format during sending their email messages then sometimes end users receive emails and attachments in Winmail.dat files. It is an exquisite program to read winmail.dat files.

Forensics Investigation

Forensics Investigation

Winmail.dat file reader is a perfect software for forensic investigation because it can be directly run from pen drive or hard drive without installation. Forensic investigators don’t want to install any software on affected machine and it is best for them because it does not require installation as it is portable software. It is an excellent software for forensic investigators.

Attachment Evidences

Attachment Evidences

As we all know, in Winmail.dat TNEF file Email Message, Sender Email Address, Receiver Email Address, HTML Links, Subject, Signature, Header, Footer, Attachments, etc. is packed in separate file. Attachments are the most important part of any Winmail.dat file and this Winmail.dat file reader permits to open winmail.dat attachments and save them at the desired destination path.

Advanced Search Option

Advanced Search Option

The advanced search functionality of BitRecover Winmail.dat TNEF File Viewer comes with multiple filters so that users can easily find out the relevant information within Winmail.dat files. Free winmail.dat file opener has To, From, Subject, Receive Date, Receive Before, Receive After, HAS Attachments, etc. filters for searching the specific information within Winmail DAT TNEF files.

Counts Folder Messages

Counts Folder Messages

When users choose a whole folders having unlimited winmail.dat files then this application automatically start the counting of email messages. After complete the counting procedure, free Winmail.dat viewer shows the total number of counted emails in the software interface. This functional is beneficial if someone wants to know how many TNEX files available in the whole folder.

Easy Way to Open Winmail.dat Files

Download program to open Winmail.dat TNEF files without using any other application of email client. BitRecover Winmail DAT Opener is an authorized software for reading Winmail.dat files, attachments, ATT00005.eml, ATT00001.dat, in bulk by showing complete email information and components.

Read Exchange TNEF

Read Exchange

Read Google TNEF

Read Google

Open Zoho Mail TNEF

Open Zoho Mail

Open iPhone TNEF

Open iPhone

View Outlook TNEF

View Outlook

View Thunderbird TNEF

View Thunderbird

Read Ubuntu TNEF

Read Ubuntu

Read Zix Mail TNEF

Read Zix Mail

View Different Types of TNEF Winmail DAT Files...

  • Open Exchange Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Open Google Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • View iPhone Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • View Microsoft Outlook Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Preview Thunderbird Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Preview Ubuntu Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Read Zix Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Read Zoho Winmail.dat TNEF files in bulk.

Read Winmail.dat on PC

FREE TNEF File Viewer is a most helpful program to open Winmail.dat files inclusive of complete important information. Users can download this application for reading Winmail.dat files with attachments, serial number, date, time, from email address, to email address, subject, hyperlinks, etc.

View Winmail.dat File Information




Email Date




Email Size

View Winmail.dat File Details


Email Subject

From Address

From Email



To Address

To Email

View Winmail.dat File Details Using This Tool —
  • View Winmail DAT file attachments.
  • Read Winmail DAT file messages.
  • View Winmail DAT sender information.
  • View Winmail DAT receiver information.

Users expectation

User friendly easy to use software.

Preview single and multiple files at once.

Option to save email attachments in actual format.

Preview TNEF file attachments in software UI.

Fastest software to open TNEF files on Windows PC.

Installation of supported email clients is not mandatory.

24X7 technical support for solving your queries.

What Winmail.dat File Viewer Provides

Open large size folder having multiple TNEF files.

Compatible with Winmail Dat files of different email clients.

Shows all components & attributes of TNEF files.

Extract attachments from Winmail DAT files.

Advance search option for finding specific information.

Automatically count email messages from folder.

Upgrade option allows to get saving options.

Key Features of Winmail.dat File Reader
Known the software functionality to view Winmail.dat files.

View Unlimited Winmail.dat Files

View Unlimited Winmail.dat Files Free

The tool gives an option to choose Winmail.dat files i.e. Select Folder... which allows to choose a whole folder having several Winmail.dat TNEF files. After that users can preview all files in the software panel and click on any particular email for reading the information in software panel.

No Installation Required

Portable Software No Installation Required

After downloading this utility, just double click on the setup to run this Winmail.dat reader on PC. It is a portable software which does not require any installation even users can directly run it from external storage devices such as hard drive, pen drive, memory card, etc.

Complete Information

Preview Complete Information of TNEF

Free Winmail DAT Opener gives permission to read complete information of Winmail.dat TNEF files in the software panel, for example Email Serial Number, Email Date, Email Time, From Email Address, To Email Address, Email Subject, Email Signature, Hyperlinks, Header, Attachments, etc.

Save Attachments

Save Attachments in Actual Format

Outlook Winmail.dat Viewer offers a separate option to open Winmail.dat attachments in the software GUI. If someone wants to store email attachments on computer then he can click on the “Save All Attachments” button. After that choose destination path to store attachments.

Advance Search Filters

Advance Search Filters

Free Winmail.dat file opener has several advance search filtration options for searching any specific information within selected Winmail.dat files such as To, From, Subject, Receive Date, Receive Before, Receive After, HAS Attachments, etc. Users can choose any filter easily.

Count Emails

Count Email Messages from Folder

First starting screenshot of this Winmail DAT Reader allows to choose a folder having several TNEF files. After selecting a folder, this application counts email messages from the selected folder and shows total number of emails in the software interface. Users can easily count emails.

Download Free Winmail.dat Opener
Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease

BitRecover Software Box
Software Download
Size 5.16 MB
Version 3.0
1579 Ratings

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
10 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

How to open winmail.dat on windows 10 using BitRecover Winmail.dat reader ?

You can follow below steps for reading winmail.dat files:

  • Download and run BitRecover Winmail.dat reader software on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Click on “Select a Folder” for choosing a folder having several Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Now you can view Winmail.dat files in the software panel, click on any email for reading its information.
  • Click on attachments option for extracting Winmail.dat attachments in the software interface.

First add winmail.dat TNEF files in the software interface, choose an email and click on attachments to read a winmail.dat attachment.

Yes, of course it is compatible with all latest and previous Windows OS with Windows Server editions.

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