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Winmail DAT Converter Wizard

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  • Convert Winmail.dat TNEF (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format) files in various file types.
  • Direct option to import Winmail.dat files into cloud-based email services or servers i.e. Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server.
  • Extract Winmail.dat files and attachments in usable email file and document formats.
  • Compatible with MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange Server Winmail.dat or ATT0001.dat files.
  • A prosperous software to migrate batch Winmail DAT file at once for saving time efforts.
  • Winmail.dat Converter offers multiple file naming conversion options accordingly.
  • Freedom to select the language to use during the installation such as English, Dutch, Francais, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, etc.
  • After completed the Winmail.dat conversion, it creates SavingLog.txt file for providing the detailed information about conversion.

Why Winmail.dat Converter

Winmail DAT Exporter permits to convert Winmail.dat files and attachments sent by several Microsoft email programs such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, Office 365,, etc. Winmail.dat files are proprietary file of Microsoft which are also known as TNEF (Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format) files. When some email client and platforms (Mozilla Thunderbird, Zimbra, Zoho, Ubuntu, GoDaddy, Android, iOS, etc.) receive these files, they are unable to read them because it is not a native file format for those programs.
In Winmail.dat file, the prime information i.e. sender and receiver information, email subject, email body, hyperlinks, signature, attachments, etc. is packed in a single Winmail DAT file. In few cases Winmail DAT TNEF files receive in generic names such as like ATT00005.eml or ATT00001.dat. BitRecover Winmail.dat Extractor is a well-suitable program in every situation as it allows to extract files from Winmail.dat in 30+ standard file formats.

Winmail.dat to Cloud

Winmail.dat to Cloud

With the help of BitRecover Winmail DAT TNEF Converter, users can import their Winmail.dat files into the cloud-based email services directly for example Google Mail, Microsoft Office 365, IBM Verse, Yahoo Mail, Amazon Workmail,, etc.

Winmail.dat to Server

Winmail.dat to Server

Users can also transfer their TNEF files and attachments on multiple email servers by providing account credentials i.e. User Name, Password, and Server Host Name. For example MS Exchange, Hosted Exchange, IMAP Server, IBM Domino Server, Zimbra Server, etc.

Winmail.dat to PC

Winmail.dat to PC

Our respective clients can also extract files from Winmail.dat files to local computer by choosing a destination path according to their choice. The tool permits to extract Winmail.dat files in PST, MSG, EML, PDF, MBOX, HTML, CSV, MHT, TXT, XPS, NSF, OLM, etc.

Convert Complete TNEF

Convert Complete TNEF

Winmail DAT Converter Wizard grants permission to migrate Winmail.dat Attachments, Email Message, Sender Email Address, Receiver Email Address, Signature, Subject, HTML Links, Inline Images, Internet Header, Footer, etc. in standard file formats / email clients.

Extract Winmail.dat TNEF Files in Every Case

Winmail.dat Extractor Tool is a well-preferable utility which is authorized to extract files from Winmail.dat TNEF in every situation. Winmail DAT Exporter is compatible with Winmail.dat attachments, ATT00005.eml, ATT00001.dat, batch Winmail.dat files, corrupted and damaged Winmail.dat files. One of the best feature of this application is that it keeps all important information during closure of the procedure.

Exchange TNEF


Google TNEF


Zoho Mail TNEF

Zoho Mail

iPhone TNEF


Outlook TNEF


Thunderbird TNEF


Ubuntu TNEF


Zix Mail TNEF

Zix Mail

Supports Different Types of Winmail.dat TNEF Files...

  • Extract files from Exchange Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Export Google Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Convert iPhone Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Migrate Microsoft Outlook Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Transfer Thunderbird Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Change Ubuntu Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Import Zix Winmail.dat TNEF files.
  • Convert Zoho Winmail.dat TNEF files in bulk.

Convert Winmail.dat TNEF files in 30+ Formats

BitRecover Winmail.dat Conversion Software has double options for adding Winmail.dat TNEF files in the software interface i.e. Select Files or Select Folders. You can easily load multiple TNEF files and choose saving format according to your need, the tool allows to migrate Winmail.dat files in various emails clients / email services / cloud-based email services / cloud-based email servers in a professional way.

To Email Message Formats









To Cloud-based Email Services



G Suite

G Suite

Hosted Exchange Server


Office 365



Extract Winmail.dat Files in Multiple Formats —
  • Extract files from Winmail.dat to several email formats.
  • Convert TNEF Winmail.dat files in standard document formats.
  • Transfer Outlook Winmail.dat in various email clients.
  • Migrate Exchange Winmail.dat files into email servers.

Users expectation

Simple to use, user friendly software.

Support batch and single TNEF file conversion.

30 days money-back guarantee according to the policy.

Select data conversion using smart option.

Fastest conversion speed with 100% accurate result.

Creates SavingLog.txt file after ending of the task.

Previews live conversion progressive report.

What Winmail.dat Converter Provides

Dual options for adding TNEF (Winmail.dat) files.

Multiple saving formats according to the choice of clients.

Extract Winmail.dat emails as well as email messages.

Supports Winmail.dat files of MS Outlook, Exchange, OE, etc.

Freedom to browse destination path for storing the converted data.

Multiple file naming options for choice to choose migration.

Allows to import Winmail.dat files into IMAP Server.

Key Features of Winmail.dat Exporter
Known the software functionality to convert Winmail.dat files.

Convert Winmail.dat TNEF

Convert Winmail.dat TNEF in Multiple Formats

BitRecover Winmail DAT Converter is recognized to extract Winmail.dat files in PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, TXT, MBOX, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, Windows Live Mail, CSV, PDF, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Maildir, Thunderbird, MyOffice Mail, Entourage, Outlook for Mac, Gmail,, Yahoo, Office 365, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, G Suite, IBM Verse, Amazon Workmail, IMAP, etc.

Note: Users can feel free to choose any saving format, according to the need.

Extract Winmail.dat Files

Extract Winmail.dat Files in Bulk Speedily

Winmail.dat Software of conversion is an excellent product for migrating bulk Winmail.dat files & attachments so that users can easily save their valuable time and efforts. Users can use Select Files or Select Folders option for adding single and multiple files in the software interface. This toolkit provides fasted conversion speed during TNEF Winmail.dat file conversion with 100% accuracy guaranteed.

Various Types of TNEF

Consistent with Various Types of TNEF Files

With the help of BitRecover Software, users can convert Mozilla Thunderbird Winmail.dat, Zix Winmail.dat, Zimbra Winmail.dat, Zip Winmail.dat, Zoho Winmail.dat, Ubuntu Winmail.dat, Outlook 2016 Winmail.dat, Exchange TNEF Winmail.dat, GoDaddy Winmail.dat, Google Winmail.dat, iPhone winmail.dat, Outlook Express Winmail.dat, Large Winmail.dat files so don't worry about TNEF files.

Attachments / Components

Extract TNEF with Attachments / Components

Winmail.dat Migrator Software is authorized to extract files from Winmail.dat ATT00005.eml, ATT00001.dat, etc. inclusive of all types of email attachments / components / attributes such as To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, Body, Hyperlinks, Image, Header, etc. This feature is helpful because users can get their resultant data without manipulating the original information.


Self-Understandable Simple & Advance Software

It is very easy to use software which can be easily operable by both technical and non-technical users without any help. The first screenshot of Winmail DAT Converter gives dual options for choosing TNEF files, after that choose saving format and destination path and press Convert button to start the conversion of Winmail.dat files.

Choose File Naming

Freedom to Choose File Naming Conversion

If you want to migrate Winmail.dat files into single email or document formats then the tool will provide you 10+ different file naming conversion options. Using multiple file naming options, users can store converted files by date, time, subject, from, original file name and auto increment in a professional way.

Store Data

Store Data at Desired Storage Location

BitRecover Winmail.dat Converter automatically chooses Desktop as destination path but if it is not your choice then you can click on the Browse icon for selecting the different location to store your converted data. The tool also gives facility to save converted files / documents on Pen Drive or External Hard Drive.

What Is Exclusive

What Is Exclusive in This Software

Our developers launched this product with many exclusive features i.e. during the installation it says to select the language (English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Pyccknn, etc.) so that users can read the product agreement in their own religion language and it automatically creates log statement too.

Winmail.dat Converter Free Download
Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease

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Trial Limitations

Free Winmail DAT Converter permits to migrate 5 TNEF Winmail.dat files in the desired file formats / email clients / cloud-based email services / email servers so that users can easily evaluate this product before investing money.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
34.4 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Feature Comparison of TNEF Migration Tool - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Load TNEF Files
Multiple saving options
File Naming options
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
Convert Batch Winmail.dat Files First 5 emails. All Items
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Cost FREE $39

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

How to convert Winmail.dat files using BitRecover TNEF Converter ?

Just follow these simple steps for closure of the task.:

  • Archive Winmail.dat files on your computer from email clients.
  • Run Winmail DAT Converter and load TNEF files in the software GUI.
  • Select Winmail.dat files and saving format from software interface.
  • Choose destination path and press Convert button to start Winmail.dat conversion process.
  • One the process got finished, then the tool will automatically open the destination folder.

Yes, there is no limitation, you can export unlimited winmail.dat files in several formats using mentioned software.

Yes, it supports winmail.dat files of MS Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Google Mail, Ubuntu, iPhone, iOS and all.

Yes, it can be installed on Microsoft Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and all.

Yes of course, it is well-suitable software for conversion, if receiving winmail.dat instead of attachment outlook 2016.

Yes, BitRecover Winmail.dat Converter keeps all types of email attachments during closure of the procedure.

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