How to Convert Winmail.dat (TNEF) Files to PDF? Best Solution

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

If you are searching for the best technique to convert Winmail.dat to PDF Adobe documents then you can now end your search. This specific blog post provides you with a complete step-by-step process to export Winmail to PDF. As we all know Winmail.dat is a file of Outlook. This file is created when an attachment in Outlook gets corrupted or is not opening.

There is an important reason behind the creation of this file, which is if the email service from which you share an attachment on Outlook, the account is not configured properly. However, if you share an attachment, a winmail.dat file of that attachment is created in Outlook. After this the user searches for Winmail.dat free viewer so that he can view the data of this file. If they want to view only that data then it can be done with the same tool. If after this they want to convert Winmail.dat file to PDF then that user should read this article till the end.

User Query;

Some time ago, our BitRecover support executives received similar queries worldwide, which inspired us to find a solution to this query. We have mentioned some of those queries below.

“I have recently received a few business-related emails in Winmail.dat format, first I thought these were empty emails but my senior employee suggested to me these are TNEF files which have emails as well as attachments. In these emails, my business partners sent me a few important invoices but I am unable to read them. Can you please suggest to me how to convert Winmail.dat to PDF format?”

Braxton, Baltimore

“I am a forensic investigator, I was analyzing a Mozilla Thunderbird profile then I found a few emails in winmail.dat TNEF files. When I tried to access these emails I was unable to read the information. Now I want to convert winmail.dat to PDF documents because PDF documents can be easily printed and I can easily open them using a free PDF reader program. Please help me out with this problem.”

Brantley, Houston

Quick Steps to Convert Winmail.dat to PDF Format 

  1. Download & install the BitRecover Software.
  2. After that, add the Winmail.dat file on software panel.
  3. Now, select the file which you want to convert.
  4. Thereafter, choose the PDF option as saving option.
  5. Finally, select Desired Location and tap Convert button.

Best Solution to Convert Winmail. to PDF Files

There is no direct manual solution available to convert Winmail.dat to PDF, for this, you will need a professional tool. And the name of the tool you should use is All-in-One BitRecover Winmail.dat Converter. It is very easy to use this software. This amazing software is compatible with winmail.dat files of MS Outlook, Exchange Server, ZIX Mail, Ubuntu, Windows, etc. It can be installed on all the latest as well as previous Windows OS-based computers, including Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2019 editions.

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Steps for How to Use Winmail.dat to PDF Converter Tool

  1. Firstly, download, install, and run the Winmail.dat to PDF Converter tool on your Windows Platform
    download winmail.dat to pdf converter
  2. After that, choose one option from Select Files or Select Folders for adding Winmail.dat files in the software interface
    add winmail.dat file
  3. After the adding, select winmail.dat TNEF files and press the Next button to continue
    select files
  4. Now, Choose PDF as a saving format as shown in the desired screenshot.
    choose pdf option
  5. Select relevant file naming options accordingly.
    file naming option
  6. By default, the tool chooses Desktop as the destination path but you can change it by clicking the Browse icon, and clicking the Convert button.
    choose destination path
  7. Now, the Winmail.dat to PDF conversion process is running, please wait.
    winmail to pdf conversion
  8. After finishing the task, the tool will automatically open the destination path so that users can easily get their converted Adobe PDF documents. This software also creates a log report which has complete detailed information about converted data.
    output data

Key Features of the Best Professional Tool

  • This software is capable of converting large amounts of winmail.dat to PDF along with email attachments.
  • After converting TNEF to PDF files, users can easily print the resulting Adobe documents.
  • It is an excellent tool for forensic investigators as they can extract evidence in PDF format.
  • This application supports winmail.dat files of many email clients and cloud-based email services.
  • This creates a SavingLog.txt file that contains all the important information about the converted data.
  • Winmail.dat to PDF converter gives the facility to store the converted data on any desired destination path.
  • This utility also provides multiple file naming conversion options to save the resulting documents based on date, time, year, source, subject, etc.
  • It can be installed on all latest and previous Windows operating systems i.e. Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Win Server 2019, 2016, 2012, and all.

FAQs to Convert Winmail.dat Files to PDF

Ques. Why do I need to convert Winmail.dat to PDF files? What is it used for?
Ans. Microsoft Outlook uses a proprietary email attachment type called Winmail.dat. You must convert it to PDF for accessibility in order to see the material within it on non-Outlook platforms, such as Gmail or other email applications.

Ques. Are online converters secure to use for this conversion?
Ans. When discussing critical information, though, use caution. Always pick a provider that has a good reputation and avoid posting private or sensitive data.

Ques. Can a Mac be used to convert Winmail.dat files?
Ans. You can, indeed. After utilizing the BitRecover Winmail to PDF converter, you may export the result to a Mac device by connecting an external device.

Ques. How many Winmail.dat files can I batch convert to PDF at once?
Ans. Yes, our recommended software to batch conversions, can help you save time when working with several Winmail.dat files.

Ques. Does Winmail.dat to PDF conversion need any technical expertise on my part?
Ans. No, most conversion techniques are simple to apply and don’t call for a lot of technical expertise. Simply adhere to the guidance given by the software or converter you select.

Ques. After conversion, is it necessary to maintain the original Winmail.dat file?
Ans. Keep the original document on hand until you are certain that the converted PDF is correct and comprehensive. The Winmail.dat file can be deleted after confirmation to free up space.

When converting Winmail.dat files to PDF, keep in mind to use a dependable technique that meets your demands and guarantees the protection of your data.


In this article, we have explained the complete process to convert Winmail to PDF. In this, we have also suggested one of the best expert-recommended tools. Don’t waste your time, just download the the free trial version of Winmail.dat to PDF Converter and check the working process by converting 5 Winmail.dat files to PDF format. If it is able to solve your problems then you can invest in a Pro version which is authorized to convert unlimited winmail.dat TNEF to PDF files. The license keys of this software are available at pocket-friendly prices.