How to Import Winmail.dat into Gmail / G Suite Account ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

In this write up we will elaborate on how can a user import Winmail.dat to a Gmail account effortlessly. Winmail .dat to Gmail Converter offers a direct option to send emails data from Outlook Winmail.dat to G Suite account with attachments. Direct and best way to open and import winmail.dat into Gmail or Google Apps for Business.

Free Download Winmail.dat to Gmail Migration Tool:

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By using the Free Trial Version of this powerful Winmail DAT Converter application you can convert first 5 emails from Winmail.dat files to a Gmail account. The users can download Winmail Dat to Gmail Converter software from above for free.

Moreover, it is one of the best and most advanced Winmail to Gmail migration toolkit to import winmail.dat into Gmail. Also, this utility perfect for non-technical users to complete the conversion process. There are lot of users who want to send Winmail.dat files to Gmail account and have requested them in different file formats and email clients. They commonly asked about it on numerous forums and platforms, some of which are mentioned below:

  • How do I import Winmail.dat files into Gmail ?
  • How can I convert multiple Winmail.dat to Gmail / Google ?
  • What is the best way to transfer Winmail.dat emails files into Gmail with attachments ?

I want to quickly convert Winmail.dat emails to Gmail email account. I want to easily move all Winmail.dat mailbox items to Gmail mailbox. I did not have technical knowledge regarding the conversion, therefore I needed a powerful application to do this. Please help me find the Winmail.dat to Gmail Converter software to do this.

こんにちは、Mathyです。 昨日、ローカルのOutlookストレージからIMAPを使用してGmailに何千ものメールを転送します。 その結果、すべての添付ファイルがwinmail.datで変換されました。 幸いにも、Outlook / Gmail / IMAPで添付ファイルを正しく表示できますが、添付ファイルをGmail Webインターフェイスで表示したいと思います。 この変換を達成する簡単で迅速な方法はありますか?

How to Convert Winmail.dat to Gmail / G Suite Account ?

Winmail Dat to Gmail Converter software can move bulk of emails that are attached to Winmail.dat. The tool comes with the direct option to transfer Winmail.dat emails to G Suite mailbox. Just follow these steps to check the working of product.

  • Install and run Winmail DAT to Gmail Converter tool or read all the instructions.

import winmail.dat into gmail

  • Browse Winmail Dat files obtained from Outlook, Excel or Gmail twice.

load winmail files

  • The tool to import Winmail.dat into Gmail will display all Winmail.dat file lists from where you can select all the required data items.

mark mailboxes

  • Select Gmail or G Suite from the list of more than 30 saving options.

winmail to gmail

  • Set Winmail.dat to Gmail Conversion on the taskbar.

outlook winmail.dat to gmail

  • Add credible login information for a specific Gmail account including your username and password.

winmail.dat email to gmail

  • Once you have finalized all migration options correctly, press the OK button to confirm and exit.

winmail.dat to g suite

  • The software will generate a SavingLog report that will contain all the required Winmail.dat migration data in G Suite.

winmail.dat file to g suite

There is no doubt that it is one of the coolest solutions available in recent time for performing Winmail.dat to Gmail migration. Users can successfully migrate Winmail DAT files to G Suite email account. One of the simplified Winmail DAT to Gmail Converter tool best for novice users.

Highlighted Features of Winmail.dat to Gmail Converter Software

Winmail Dat to Gmail Converter program is designed with advanced email migration algorithms. It supports group conversion of multiple Winmail.dat files into a Gmail account. Thanks to the simplified graphical user interface, it turned out to be the best solution from the perspective of non-technical users. You do not need to have a Gmail account connectivity with Outlook to decrypt Winmail.dat files. Some of the advantages of this software are listed below:

  • Add your Gmail account username and password into the software panel to directly import Winmail.dat into Gmail account.
    The Winmail.dat to G Suite Converter tool will support the batch conversion of several Winmail.dat mailbox items to Gmail or G Suite account.
  • Allow to move unlimited Winmail.dat files to Gmail account with this premium Winmail.dat file into the G Suite Converter software interface.
  • Users can upload single Winmail.dat files or multiple Winmail.dat files to the tool panel twice. Click Select Files or Select Folders to do this.
  • The whole software functionality is very simple and easy, which has proven to be very useful for non-technical users.
  • The utility is fully support all the latest editions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. for 32-bit and 64-bit OS releases.

The Ending Notes

Winmail.dat to Gmail Converter software is capable of transferring emails and attachments of Winmail Dat file to Gmail account. It proves to be the best software available in present time due to its easy working. User does not need to have any advanced technical knowledge to accomplish the migration. Just enter the login credential details of the destination Gmail account to import Winmail.dat into Gmail. This toolkit is also best for users in case they want to convert TNEF files to Gmail mailbox.