How to Import Outlook Contacts to Zoom Meetings?

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 28th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

In this digital world, several users search for a solution to import Outlook contacts to Zoom Meetings platform. Nowadays business professionals, lawyers, teachers, doctors, students, motivation, remote workers, and government agencies schedule their meetings and webinars using the Zoom meeting platform.

Zoom Meetings utility is an excellent video conferencing and communication platform for attending virtual meetings. At present time a lot of users prefer to conduct virtual meetings using Zoom because it offers real-time audio and video communication facilities.

Various users want to add Outlook contacts to Zoom meetings because after that they can easily add attendees’ email addresses while scheduling a virtual meeting and webinar. Hence, we have decided to publish this informative blog post which explains 3 best techniques to import Outlook contacts to Zoom.

Why Do Users Add Outlook Contacts to Zoom?

Nowadays most working professionals use MS Outlook as their default email client. Outlook is suitable for sending and receiving emails, managing contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, to-do lists, etc. But Zoom meeting platform is popular for scheduling online meetings and webinars. Hence, a lot of working professionals want to sync Outlook contacts to Zoom. After importing contacts from Outlook to Zoom, professionals can easily add preferred attendees for scheduling virtual meetings.

Here are the benefits of importing Outlook contacts into Zoom:

  • Efficient scheduling of virtual meetings and webinars.
  • Quickly send invitations to respective attendees for scheduling meetings.
  • Unified contact management without using any other application or device.
  • Get enhanced collaboration by timely connecting with team members.
  • Save your crucial time and effort by directly sending invitations for meetings.

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How to Import Outlook Contacts to Zoom Manually?

  1. Start MS Outlook and select File option.
  2. Choose Open & Export and then select Import/Export.
    Import export option
  3. Afterward, select Export to a file and tap Next.
    Export to a file
  4. Next, choose the Comma Separated Values option.
    Comma Separated Values
  5. Check Outlook Contact folder and hit the Next button.
    Choose Contacts folder
  6. Use the Browse button to set a destination folder.
    Browse a location
  7. Map Custom Fields accordingly and select Finish.
    Map custom fields
  8. Outlook contacts to CSV export process is running.
    Exporting contacts
  9. Go to the destination path to get exported CSV contacts.
    Exported CSV file
  10. Open Zoom using a web browser and select Personal Contacts.
    Personal contacts
  11. Tap on the Import from CSV File option to continue.
    Import-from CSV file
  12. Click on Select CSV File option as shown in below figure.
    Select CSV file
  13. Thereafter, choose Outlook CSV file and press Open.
    select and open csv
  14. Next, press the Upload button to start importing contacts.
    Import Outlook contacts to Zoom
  15. See Outlook contacts imported to Zoom meetings.
    Outlook contacts imported to Zoom

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How to Sync Outlook Contacts to Zoom?

  1. Login to your Zoom Meetings and choose Profile.
    Zoom profile
  2. Select Calendar and Contacts Integration from Others.
  3. Then, choose Configure Calendar and Contacts Service.
    Configure calendar and contacts service
  4. After that, select Office 365 and click the Next button.
    Select Office 365
  5. Enable Authorize with OAuth 2.0 and tap Authorize.
    Authorize with OAuth 2.0
  6. Enter Office 365 credentials and click on Sign In.
    Office 365 credentials
  7. Check Consent on behalf of your organization and accept.
  8. Sync Outlook contacts to Zoom completed successfully.
    Sync Outlook contacts to Zoom

Note: If you are using Microsoft 365 Outlook then you can sync Outlook contacts to Zoom. This facility is not available for desktop Outlook users.

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What If Outlook is Not Installed?

Sometimes users may have PST (Outlook Data File) files, but Outlook is not installed. Then users cannot complete this process manually. If you have a PST (Personal Storage Table) file that has contacts, then you can use BitRecover PST Contacts Converter Wizard.

This software will help you to import PST contacts to Zoom Meetings without an Outlook email client. The tool comes with 30 days of free trial which can add the first 25 contacts from Outlook PST to Zoom application. Just download and test this software.

How to Add Outlook PST Contacts to Zoom?

  1. Run suggested tool and add PST file in software panel.
    Add PST contact file
  2. Next, check the Contacts folder from software window.
    Select contact folder
  3. Then, choose CSV as a saving option for contacts.
    Select CSV
  4. Select CSV file encoding and destination location.
    Destination path
  5. Tap Convert to convert PST contacts to CSV format.
    Import Outlook contacts into Zoom
  6. The conversion process is running, please wait.
    Live conversion
  7. Get the converted CSV file from the destination folder.
  8. Lastly, import the resultant CSV file to Zoom meetings.
    Import from CSV file

Take a Look at Questions

Q 1: What is the maximum number of personal contacts to import in Zoom meetings?

The maximum number of personal contacts cannot exceed 1000. Hence, ensure that more than 1000 contacts should not be available within the CSV file.

Q 2: After adding Outlook contacts to Zoom, I am seeing some fields empty why?

Zoom meetings application can preview only specific CSV columns such as Name (Required), Email, Office, Home, Mobile, Fax, Phone, and Company. If your CSV file has extra columns, then these columns will seem empty. Hence, this is advisable to put only the mentioned columns for better presentation.

Q 3: How to import contacts from Outlook to Zoom?

Scroll above to learn the complete steps to import Outlook contacts to Zoom. You can also learn how to sync Outlook contacts to Zoom application.

Concluding Words

Above we have learned multiple ways to import Outlook contacts to Zoom manually and professionally. We have also discussed the steps to sync Outlook contacts to Zoom, however sync facility is available with only Outlook 365. If MS Outlook is installed on your machine, then you can use the manual method. If MS Outlook is not installed on your computer but Outlook contacts are available in PST format, then you can use the recommended software.