How to Import OLM to iCloud with Emails, Contacts and Calendars?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 7 Min Read
In today’s world of computers and the internet, it’s really important to handle emails smoothly so that you can stay organized and get things done well. Sometimes, people find it difficult to move their email stuff from one place to another. This guide will help you learn how to move your OLM data (which is from Outlook on a Mac computer) into iCloud Mail. This way, you can switch without any problems and not lose any important info. Several MacBook users want to import OLM to iCloud Mail because of various reasons. If you are also looking for a solution to upload Mac Outlook exported OLM files into iCloud. Then, after reading this write-up, anyone can instantly resolve all-related queries.

In this article, team BitRecover is explaining the complete step-by-step process to import OLM file to iCloud Mail. Therefore, continue read this article and get complete detailed information for resolving the below-mentioned problems questions.

  • How to import OLM file into iCloud Mail?
  • Can I upload OLM calendars into iCloud?
  • How to import OLM contacts to iCloud contacts.

Quick Steps to Import OLM File to iCloud Mail

  1. Download and launch OLM to iCloud Import tool.
  2. Select OLM files or folders for transfer.
  3. Select IMAP option and enter iCloud login detail.
  4. Finally, Start importing into iCloud Mail.

Why Do Users Upload OLM Files to iCloud Mail?

iCloud is a cloud-based platform to store users’ crucial data online. Users can access iCloud data using different Apple devices from anywhere and anytime. After uploading OLM files to iCloud, users can easily access them using account credentials from any worldwide location.

Some Apple Mail users may have archived OLM files on their local computer. But now users want to upload OLM into iCloud together with emails, contacts, and calendars. Therefore, users can instantly get cloud benefits while accessing OLM file complete data.

However, Apple Inc. always focuses to provide high-level security features for avoiding data loss / virus attacks / hacking-related problems. But still, some users want more security for their emails. Therefore, they want to synchronize Mac Outlook with iCloud Mail. This is possible after uploading OLM files to Apple iCloud Mail.

There is no doubt Microsoft Outlook for Mac is considered the most popular email client. That allows for sending and receiving emails as well as users can manage their contacts and calendars too. But nowadays users are preferring to store their important data on cloud services as many companies allow for work from home and have multiple offices. Therefore, according to the demand users want to transfer OLM into iCloud Mail account.

Download OLM to iCloud Importer on Windows & Mac OS

BitRecover OLM Migrator Wizard is a recommended solution for inserting OLM files into iCloud Mail account. Even it has twin isolated options to import contacts & calendars from OLM file to iCloud including complete details. This application is available with a free trial version which permits to upload maximum of 25 items from each OLM folder to iCloud account. The tool is also available for both Windows and Mac OS users so that you can download its set up according to your choice.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

How to Import OLM File to iCloud Mail?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to import OLM files to iCloud together with emails, contacts, and calendars.

  1. Firstly, start OLM into iCloud Mail Importer and carefully read the working instructions.
    olm to icloud mail importer
  2. The tool has double options i.e., Select Files or Select Folders for uploading Mac Outlook exported OLM files.
    dual options
  3. Thereafter, you can see OLM folders in the software panel. Choose required folders and press Next.
    select folders
  4. Now choose IMAP as a saving option from the available listed options.
    select saving option
  5. Enter iCloud Mail IMAP login details i.e., iCloud Email ID, Password, Host Name, and Port Number.
    icloud imap credentials
  6. After that, press Next to start OLM into iCloud importing process. Please wait for a few seconds for finishing the task.
    import olm to icloud mail
  7. Lastly, sign in into Apple iCloud Mail and view imported OLM file data.
    open icloud mail

Are You Getting Error Message?

If you are receiving an IMAP setting and port number-related error. Then ensure below mentioned settings should be used.

1) Enable iCloud Mail IMAP settings

2) Create and use app password instead of a normal password

Details are available here –

3) Fill iCloud Mail IMAP Server host and port number

Know IMAP details –

How to Import OLM Contacts to iCloud Contacts?

Section A: Convert OLM Contacts vCard

  1. Launch the software on your Windows & Mac computer.
  2. Upload Mac Outlook OLM files in software GUI.
  3. Choose OLM folders and press the Next button.
  4. Select Contacts from UI and vCard as a saving option.
    import olm contacts to icloud
  5. Click on Convert button to start the conversion process.
  6. Get converted vCard file exported from OLM.

Section B: Import vCard to iCloud Contacts

  1. Sign in to your iCloud account using Apple ID & Password.
  2. Choose the Contacts option from available items.
    icloud contact option
  3. Click on the Gear icon and choose Import vCard.
    import contacts
  4. Browse the vCard file from pc and click on Open.
  5. Importing contacts to iCloud, please wait.
  6. OLM contacts to iCloud imported successfully.

How to Upload OLM Calendars to iCloud?

Phase 1: Convert OLM to ICS File

  1. Start OLM to iCloud Import Tool on your pc.
  2. Upload Mac Outlook exported OLM files in GUI.
  3. Select OLM folders from UI and press Next.
  4. Check Calendar option and choose ICS Format.
  5. Browse destination path and hit on Convert.
  6. After conversion process, get converted ICS file.

Phase 2: Import ICS File to iCloud

  1. Run Apple device and open Calendar Application.
  2. To save information about events, make a new calendar.
  3. Now choose File >> Import to continue.
  4. Browse ICS file and click on Import button.
  5. OLM calendars to iCloud imported successfully.

OLM to iCloud Import Tool Benefits

  • It is capable to import OLM into iCloud Mail with email attachments, header items, and body attributes without file size limitations.
  • Import OLM contacts to iCloud by maintaining name, address, phone number, business details, profile pictures, and all.
  • Users can also import OLM calendars into iCloud together with event start date, event end date, event name, and other details.
  • It supports OLM files exported from Mac Outlook 2022, 2019, 2016, 2011, etc.
  • The software has a separate option to repair corrupted OLM files and then import the healthy files into iCloud Mail.
  • Users can choose only specific OLM folders for OLM into iCloud uploading process.
  • The tool is well suitable to work with all the latest Windows as well as Mac OS computers.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1: Does your software allow to import email, contacts, and calendars from OLM file to iCloud?

A: Yes, of course! The tool is able to import OLM file to iCloud including emails, contacts, and calendars data.

Q 2: I have some Mac Outlook 2011 exported OLM files; will your software import them into iCloud?

A: Yes, OLM mail to iCloud Mail Importer is able to perform with OLM files of all Mac Outlook editions.

Q 3: Can I upload multiple OLM files to iCloud at once?

A: Yes, this is well suitable to import several OLM files to Apple Mail at once.


To sum it up, moving OLM data to iCloud Mail needs careful attention. By following the steps in this guide, you can shift your data smoothly and not lose anything. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience might be different. If you face any tough problems you can’t solve, it’s a good idea to ask experts for help to make sure your move goes well.

Team BitRecover has mentioned the steps by step process to import OLM to iCloud. Even we have separately explained the procedure to upload contacts, and calendars from OLM to iCloud account. Manually this task can’t be completed therefore, this is mandatory to use third-party software as recommended above.