Repair Corrupted OLM Files and Extract Emails from Corrupt OLM Files

Recover Your Data, September 10, 2018

What This Article will Cover?

  1. What is OLM file?
  2. Common reasons for Mac Outlook OLM file corruption
  3. How to extract OLM file from Mac Outlook to Windows computer?
  4. Expert solution to fix OLM files
  5. Features of OLM repair software
  6. How to extract messages from corrupt OLM files?
  7. Completion

Glance on What is OLM File?

An OLM file is known as Mac Outlook database file. In other simple words – Mac Outlook gives an option to export the database in OLM format, which has its all important information i.e. email messages, contacts (address book), calendar (specific date entries), journals (important documents), to do list, etc. An OLM file is used by only Mac Outlook (2011, 2016) email client and it cannot be accessed by the Windows Outlook editions.

Common reasons for Outlook for Mac OLM file corruption

During exporting of OLM files from Mac Outlook, sometimes OLM files gets corrupted due to many possible reasons. Corruption in OLM file is harmful as users cannot access damaged OLM files and they can lose their valuable data. These are common reasons for corruption in OLM files.

  • OLM corruption via software related issues
  • OLM files can be damaged by hardware failure
  • Virus attack on computer
  • Human errors
  • Wrong shutdown process
  • Oversized OLM file

How to Extract OLM File from Mac Outlook to Windows PC?

Follow these simple steps to extract Mac Outlook backup

  1. Mac Outlook 2011, 2016 editions offer Export option to download the backup in OLM format including email, contact, calendar, journal, etc. in Mac machine. For more information read the official documentation.
  2. After export OLM file from Mac Outlook, users can easily copy and paste the file from Mac machine to Windows machine by using the pen drive or external hard disk.

Expert Solution to Fix OLM Files

Most of the technical experts recommend OLM Repair Software to extract messages from corrupt OLM files into various file formats such as PSTMSGEMLEMLXMBOXPDFHTMLMHTXPS, RTF, DOCWindows Live MailLotus NotesZimbraThunderbirdOffice 365GmailG SuiteOutlook.comYahooRediffmail, etc.  formats. These file formats can be easily accessible with the different application so users can use these extracted email message as the backup of corrupted OLM files.

Features of OLM Repair Software (OLM Recovery Tool)

  • Repair corrupted OLM files and extract emails in the healthy formats
  • Extract email messages from corrupt OLM files in various file formats
  • No file size limitation while OLM recovery
  • Supports Mac Outlook 2011, 2016 exported OLM files successfully
  • Saves Outlook for Mac archived OLM file data at selected destination path
  • Repair unlimited corrupted OLM files one by one
  • Separate options to recover contact and calendar from damaged OLM file
  • Preserves all email items while recovering emails from corrupted OLM files

How to Extract Messages from Corrupt OLM File?

  • Run OLM recovery software and select damaged OLM files to repair them in healthy format.Run OLM recovery software
  • After selecting the file click on Next button as shown in the screenshot.Repair corrupt OLM
  • OLM file repair tool automatically scans the corrupted OLM files and load all folders.Scan the corrupted OLM files
  • Users can choose the required folders and items to recover them in healthy format.Required folders and items
  • OLM repair software gives separate options to extract contacts and calendars from damaged OLM files. The tool also gives different saving formats to save extracted email messages.OLM repair tool
  • Now pick the destination path and start the process to fix OLM files.Destination path
  • Recovering emails from damaged OLM file.Recovering damaged OLM file
  • OLM file recovery process has been completed.OLM file recovery
  • Here is extracted database in selected file format.Extracted database


OLM file repair tool is the great option to repair corrupted OLM files by extracting important mailboxes from corrupted OLM files to various file formats. Now anyone can fix OLM files to access the extracted database with different types of the application according to their requirement.  This OLM recovery software has separate option to extract contacts and calendars from inaccessible OLM files. You can also use OLM Converter software to migrate them into various file formats. Just enjoy OLM file recovery.

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