How to Import MBOX to BlueMail on Mac & Windows Easily?

Mark Regan
Published: July 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Read this article to know how you can easily import MBOX to BlueMail. BlueMail is a cross-platform email application and for various reasons users from Thunderbird, and Apple Mail are switching here. If you have also decided to move from these platforms to BlueMail then read this article. We will provide you with a detailed guide to migrate MBOX to BlueMail account with all data on both Mac and Windows computers. So get ready!

Introduction of MBOX and BlueMail

MBOX is a popular file format that allows email message storage in a single text file. MBOX files are commonly used by Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Eudora to backup and store emails. The straightforward structure of MBOX files makes migrating to different email clients easy. However, as the MBOX file grows in size, it becomes slower to open.

On the other hand, BlueMail is a user-friendly email client that supports multiple email accounts from various providers including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more. This can be easily accessed via both mobile and desktop platforms. BlueMail offers several useful features like integrated calendar support, customizable swipe actions, snooze emails for later, etc. It provides end-to-end encryption and supports a secure login process.

BlueMail not only allows you to integrate with multiple email accounts but also supports importing MBOX files. This compatibility makes it easy to import MBOX to BlueMail. Therefore, we will show you a complete step-by-step guide for migrating MBOX files to BlueMail. Keep reading to know where to start and how to succeed.

Reasons to Import MBOX to BlueMail Account

  • Consolidate multiple email accounts into a single account and ease email management.
  • Access your emails anytime or anywhere through mobile and desktop.
  • BlueMail offers robust security features such as end-to-end encryption and 2-factor Authentication.
  • Import MBOX to BlueMail to access its data without switching between platforms.
  • BlueMail provides a single, easy-to-use interface that makes email navigation simple and efficient.
  • Take advantage of features like integrated calendars, customizable swipe options, etc.

How to Migrate MBOX to BlueMail with Attachments?

1. Launch the BlueMail application on your device.

2. From the BlueMail interface find and click on the Settings option by clicking on the gear icon.
start BlueMail

3. From the multiple settings options, you have to select the Account Settings option.
go to Account Settings

4. Pick the email account which mailbox you want to import into from the list of accounts.

5. From the accounts settings, select the Advanced option to import MBOX to BlueMail.

6. Now look for the Import Mailbox option and click on it.
click Import Mailbox

7. In the Next step, a file browser will open, you simply have to navigate to the file location on your desktop and select the MBOX file you want to import.
import MBOX to BlueMail

8. At the end, hit on the Import button to begin the process and BlueMail will start importing your MBOX files.

Ease the Process to Import Multiple MBOX Files to BlueMail

It is a huge advantage that BlueMail directly supports MBOX file import. But as we know, it is common to face issues in importing the files when they are in bulk. The manual process often fails due to large files even after making you wait for a long time.

In such a situation, you can use the MBOX Splitter Tool provided by BitRecover, one of the most popular companies providing free data recovery services and several useful solutions around the world. The suggested software to import MBOX to BlueMail in bulk helps in migrating several large-size MBOX files easily along with the specific folders only on both Mac and Windows computers.

You can reduce the size of MBOX files by breaking them into smaller parts and effortlessly importing them while saving time. This tool prevents you from several errors that you may face with the manual approach.
Best tool to import MBOX to BlueMail

Easy Steps to Import Large Sized MBOX Files to BlueMail

  1. Start the MBOX to BlueMail Migration tool on Mac or Windows.
  2. Click on Open the select an option from Select File or Select Folder.
  3. Check the required MBOX folders you want to move to BlueMail and preview the data from the software panel.
  4. Check out multiple splitting options like from, size, maximum size, start date, end date, etc.
  5. Now hit the OK button to initiate the process to import MBOX to BlueMail in bulk.


With the increasing popularity of BlueMail and understanding its outstanding features, many people are migrating from other platforms to BlueMail. Just like that, if your user has to import MBOX to BlueMail they can simply do it by using the add account feature of BlueMail. However make this process more convenient and easily migrate several MBOX files to BlueMail in bulk, we have introduced an MBOX to BlueMail migration tool in the article. So be smart, save your time and effort, and prevent yourself from errors