How to Import PST to BlueMail Without Losing Data?

Mark Regan
Published: July 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

This write-up explains a complete procedure to import PST to BlueMail account with ease. If you are interested to know then start reading this blog and easily migrate all PST files into BlueMail with all data without facing any trouble. We have discussed the solution for this task so let’s get started.

PST files are used to store Outlook data such as emails, contacts, calendars events, and journals. When an Outlook user is switching from Outlook to a BlueMail account they need to migrate PST files to Bluemail.

However, BlueMail is a powerful email management application built for mobile and desktop both. Bulemail is a feature-rich platform that supports personal and business email accounts.

To import PST to BlueMail a user should first change to PST format into a compatible format of BlueMail platform. Otherwise, the migration is not possible as BlueMail does directly support the PST file. The supported currently supported format with BlueMail is MBOX. It means you will have to convert PST to MBOX.

Moreover, there is no manual way to accomplish this task, so have simply provided the direct method PST to BlueMail migration tool which can easily move multiple PST files in BlueMail account without facing any challenges. Continue reading the article to know.

Why Do Users Want to Import PST to BlueMail?

  • It will become easy to manage all the emails on a single app.
  • BlueMail works on mobile and desktop both, so users can access Outlook data from anywhere.
  • BlueMail app provides useful features like a unified inbox, notifications, and themes.
  • Users moving from Outlook to BlueMail need to import their old emails.
  • Importing PST in BlueMail allows for backup and safeguarding of important Outlook data.
  • BlueMail has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Therefore, another major reason to import PST to BlueMail is, BlueMail has recently launched BlueMail Gem AI, an email assistant that helps manage emails better. It uses ChatGPT to make email tasks easier and boost business productivity.

Most Suitable Approach to Migrate PST Files in BlueMail

The Bitrecover PST Converter for Mac & Windows makes it easy and instant to transfer PST file into BlueMail without losing data By converting them into a suitable format, this utility allows you to migrate several PST files at once into BlueMail. Although it provides several file-saving choices, users can import PST files into BlueMail by selecting the required format. Anybody can easily use it thanks to its user-friendly design, and users may migrate PST files to Bluemail in three easy steps.

How to Import PST Files to BlueMail on Windows and Mac?

Here are the simple steps to import PST to BlueMail using the PST to BlueMail Migration tool:

  1. Download and run the PST to BlueMail migration tool on your computer.
    PST to BlueMail Migration tool
  2. Use the “Select File” option to add specific PST files or “Select Folder” to add a folder of PST files.
    add files or folders
  3. The software will list the added PST files. Use the checkboxes to select the files you want to import, then click “Next.”
    mark folders
  4. Click on “Select Saving Options” and choose the MBOX format.
    import PST to BlueMail in MBOX format
  5. Adjust the settings as needed and click the “Convert” button to import PST to BlueMail.
    click convert to migrate PST files to Bluemail
  6. The PST to BlueMail migration tool will show a live report of the conversion progress.

Move PST Files into BlueMail Account After Conversion

  1. Open BlueMail on your system.
  2. Navigate to the setting option.
    start BlueMail and go to settings
  3. Click on Account settings.
    Account Settings
  4. Choose the relevant account.
  5. Select the Advanced option.
  6. Click on the Import Mailbox option.
    click Import Mailbox
  7. Select the resultant file from the desktop.
  8. Hit the Import button.
    import PST to BlueMail in MBOX format

Features of PST to BlueMail Migration Tool

Features of the tool to import PST to BlueMail:

  • Converts PST files to over 30 different file formats, including those supported by BlueMail.
  • Allows to migrate to BlueMail along with emails, contacts, attachments, calendars, and journals from PST files.
  • You don’t need Microsoft Outlook installed to use this tool for migrating to BlueMail.
  • Preserve email headers, folder structure, and HTML formatting while importing PST to BlueMail.
  • Offers more than 10 ways to name and organize files before you import PST to BlueMail.
  • Can convert and repair corrupted PST files before moving them to blue mail account.
  • Allows to import large-sized PST files into BlueMail account without any trouble
  • Can migrate single or multiple PST files to BlueMail at once.
  • Can be easily installed and any version of Windows and Mac operating systems.


Using the sophisticated PST to BlueMail conversion tool, we made it easy and effective to import PST to BlueMail in the above post. With the help of this utility, users may easily move numerous PST files into BlueMail by converting them to appropriate formats. BlueMail’s powerful features and user-friendly design allow you to migrate PST files to Bluemail in a simple and hassle-free way.