How to Import Google Vault Emails to Gmail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: July 26th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

This guide explores a quick and straightforward solution to import Google Vault emails to Gmail. We recommend you read the complete article to make it possible to import emails from Google Vault to Gmail and cloud & desktop-based clients in an easy manner.

Does Google Vault Support all File Formats?

Google Vault is a centralized platform that provides services to perform eDiscovery, archiving, and retention of multiple types of data to match the requirement of the organizations. These requirements can be for various purposes such as legal, compliance, and regulatory.

Thus, if you are doubting about that Google Vault supports all file formats or not then the answer is NO. Only a few limited file formats are supported on Google Vault such as ZIP, MBOX, and PST. Although to import/ export or download the emails, data, and files in other formats, you need to take the help of software.

Can We Import Emails from Google Vault to Gmail Manually?

Unfortunately, there is no direct method available to import Google Vault emails to Gmail account. However, you can complete this process manually by completing 2 phases with technical knowledge.

  1. Phase 1: Export Google Vault emails to PST manually.
  2. Phase 2: Import PST file to Gmail using the GWMMO utility.

Primary Reason to Import Google Vault to Gmail

Gmail is the most popular email client which provides mailing services all over the world to millions of users. Gmail has become a very common need of people and industries. On the other hand, Google Vault is only a web-based service provided and Gmail is an application that allows access to emails quickly and easily.

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Best Tool to Import Google Vault Email to Gmail

The BitRecover Vault Converter Wizard is a wonderful software that imports multiple Google Vault emails hastily and smartly with no effort. It is a remarkable tool that permits to import email from Google Vault to Gmail account. The tool is compatible with Google Vault exported ZIP, MBOX, and PST formats so this handles all the situations.

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Key Features of the Software Include

  • 35 saving options: Save Google Vault exported emails in various email formats, document formats, image files, contacts and calendars, desktop clients, cloud email services, and email servers.
  • Multiple revolutionary filter options: Export or import emails from Google Vault to Gmail or any other format while using useful filters such as date range, year-wise, subject, sender, recipient, exclude folders, exclude empty folders, exclude meta headers, root folder, organizer, and more.
  • Batch Import Google Vault to Gmail: Easily import multiple Google Vault emails to Gmail within seconds using this software. No additional software installation is required as this single platform fulfills all your Google Vault requirements.
  • Fully Automated Software: This utility is fully automatic software that requires only Gmail account credentials i.e., Email Address and App Password to perform the whole process. Even this is a 100% secure tool that follows OAuth Authentication for security.
  • Import Selective Folders: Before importing Google Vault email to Gmail, it shows all folders in the software panel in file explorer view. So, you can easily choose only specific folders for importing.

Note: Read more about the features of the software by visiting its official site. Just click on the link above.

How to Import Google Vault Email to Gmail?

Note That: To import Google Vault emails to Gmail, first export Google Vault emails in any supported file extension. After that follow these straight-forward steps given below:

  1. The first step always starts with downloading and installing the software. Thereafter, run the software and read the instructions.
    read instructions
  2. Now open the application and look for the Let Me Select My Outlook Mailbox Data option. Click on it and choose Select Files or Select Folders option for adding Google Vault data.
    select google vault files
  3. Enable the Use Recovery Mode option, if you are performing with corrupted Google Vault files.
    use recovery mode
  4. Thereafter, choose the required folders from the software window and hit the Next button.
    select google vault folders
  5. Use advance filter options according to your choice to import selective folders from Google Vault to Gmail account.
    advance filters
  6. After that, go to the saving option and select Gmail from the given in the box.
    saving options
  7. Enter your Gmail account’s credentials (Email Address and App Password).
    gmail credentials
  8. Click the Next button to start importing emails from Google Vault to Gmail.
    import google vault emails to gmail
  9. Now you can see the message of completion, press Ok to confirm.
    import emails from google vault to gmail
  10. Login to your Gmail account and see the recently imported data.
    login to gmail


The only way to import Google Vault emails to Gmail is by using the software. This is the professional’s choice software that has helped various businesses and industries to convert their Google Vault files into multiple file extensions.

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