How to Find Website Errors & Know All Common Problems?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Do you want to scan your WordPress to find website errors? Now, this is not a highly technical task. A website checker tool is available to detect all common issues of any website.  Therefore, continue read this blog post and know how easy it is.

Nowadays websites are playing a most crucial role in doing online businesses. But if website health is not correct then it doesn’t perform better in search results. Therefore, this is necessary to check website errors timely.

A website may be affected by different types of errors. Therefore, if you are a website owner then it is your responsibility to resolve all currently available issues of your website.

Check Website Errors in Following Situations

  • If website performance is going down in search results, then this is time to detect website errors. You can login to Google Search Console and Analytics to check your website performance.
  • This is necessary to check and compare your website traffic every month using the Google Analytics program. If your website traffic is decreasing then your need to check website errors.
  • If your product and services sell graph is going down and you don’t know the actual reason. Then, you should need to analyse your website using website error finder software.
  • Are you continuously receiving GSC error emails on your registered email address? If yes, then don’t waste your crucial time and start scanning your website to increase the website’s health status.

website error checker

Download WordPress Website Error Checker

Website Indexer Tool by BitRecover Software can be proudly used to find website errors including proper information. You can install this efficient utility on the latest as well as previous Windows OS machines. This Google website error checker is helpful to resolve all different types of errors on any website.

Download free website error finder software on your windows computer. Thereafter test the working process of this powerful utility as the freeware edition of the tool allows detecting the first 100 website errors. Let’s know the working steps of this software.

Download for Windows

How to Check Website Error Log with Details?

  1. Start Google Website Error Checker on your Windows machine and read the guidelines.
    google website error checker
  2. Know what types of website errors will be found using this tool. See the website error graph.
    website error graph
  3. Thereafter, fill your website URL and click on the Start button to continue to start finding website errors.
    how to check a website error pages
  4. The process of detecting website errors is running. It will take very less time according to your website size.
    find website errors
  5. Find website errors process has been finished successfully. See the pop-up message.
    check website errors
  6. Here you can see the different types of website errors in the software panel.
    website error finder

Information on Website Error Log Tabs

Website error finder software is able to locate different types of website errors. You can see multiple tabs in the software interface and click on the specific tab to know detailed information about errors. Let’s know about website error log tabs.

Some Questions with Answers

Q 1 – How to check a website error pages?

A – You can follow the above-mentioned steps to check a website error pages. Actually, you need to enter your website URL in software GUI and then click on the start button.

Q 2 – Can I install your website on the latest Windows Server 2022 edition?

A – Yes, website error checker software can be installed on the latest Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 OS.

Q 3 – Does your Software allow to detect WordPress website errors?

A – Yes, this is also known as WordPress website error checker because of its compatibility to locate WordPress website errors.

Q 4 – Is it possible to correct website errors using your software?

A – Yes, you can easily fix website errors using this software as shows information about the error and source URL. Therefore, you need to edit source URLs one by one to resolve the problems.


Grab website error finder software and find website errors. Thereafter export error report information in CSV or TXT file extension and fix the problems one by one. After correcting all website errors, your website performance will be boosted in search results. Let’s enjoy it!