How to Check Redirect Links on Website?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Looking for a professional solution to check redirect links available on your website? Keep continuing reading this write-up, here you will know the process to find 301 redirects with the help of redirect link finders.

Professionals always want to keep their websites up to date by resolving all the errors. Therefore, if you are planning for auditing your website then this article will help you.

You should be aware of 301 (permanent) and 302 (temporary) redirects. Actually, website developers and marketers prefer to use redirections on their websites through .htaccess file to deliver website traffic from old to a new webpage. Therefore, redirections help in avoiding 404 errors on the website.

Why Do Users Find Redirect Links on Websites?

Professionals are aware of what are the negative points available on their website. Actually, this is the fact, that when search engine spiders come on websites for indexing purposes. If detect more redirections then webpages face the problem in proper indexing and crawling. Because some crucial time of crawlers wastes in going here and there.

Experts always keep in mind to find 301 redirects and 302 redirects while doing advanced SEO. If users redirected some old pages to new webpages but while interlinking, they are using old links then it causes to waste search engine spider’s time. Therefore, websites don’t perform better in SERPs so users want to replace old redirected hyperlinks with new links.

redirect link checker

Download 301 & 302 Redirect Link Checker

Website Auditor by BitRecover is a professional tool that works like a redirect link checker. As the software has an isolated option to check redirect links at the time of auditing your website.

The software is capable to detect all 301 and 302 redirected links available on your website. It previews redirected links and source URLs in the software interface. Therefore, users can easily fix them one by one by editing the source URLs.

Download for Windows

How to Find 301 Redirects & 302 Redirects?

  1. Launch redirect link finder software on your Windows machine and read instructions to find 302 redirects.
    redirect link checker
  2. Click on the Next button and see software is capable to check 301 redirects also.
    find 301 redirects
  3. Thereafter, enter your website URL and press the Start button to start scanning.
    check 301 redirects
  4. 302 redirect link checker is scanning to check HTTP 301 redirect links from your website.
    how to find links that redirect
  5. The process to check redirect links on website has been completed successfully. You can see the message of completion.
  6. After that, click on Redirected Links tab and see the brief information about redirected links i.e., Serial Number, Status Code (301 or 302), Link, and Source URL.
    check http 301 redirect

Guidelines to Fix Redirect Issues

You need to understand two main things to fix redirection-related problems from your websites.

  1. Link – redirect link checker chrome software shows the “Link” column and under the link column, you can see multiple links that are redirected to a new URL.
  2. Source URL – 302 redirect link checker also shows the Source Links tab, which means that a specific redirected link is connected to this specific page.

check redirect links

Steps to Fix

  1. View redirected links in the software panel.
  2. Right-click on any link that you want to correct.
  3. Click on the Open in Browser option.
  4. A new link will be open in your default browser.
  5. Edit the source link and replace old link with new link.
  6. Live your page now and see changes

Note – You can repeat the same process to correct other redirected links one by one.

Redirect Link Finder Features

  • Users can check redirect links of WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, Drupal, and all websites.
  • Chrome redirect link checker permits to check 302 redirects as well as 301 permanent redirect links.
  • It is helpful to fix redirected links connected as hyperlinks on your website. Therefore, it is helpful for smooth website crawling.
  • Free redirect link finder allows detecting 100 mixed indexes from your website including internal, external, broken, and redirected links.
  • Software is able to preview detailed information about redirected links like serial no, redirection status codes, redirected links, and source links.


Q 1 – How to find links that redirect?

A – Enter your website URL in the software panel, and press the Start button to scan. After completion of the task, click on Redirected Links tab. Here you can see a column named as Link. In the link column, you can see multiple rows having redirected links.

Q 2 – Does your software allow to check WordPress redirect links?

A – Yes, this is an excellent software to find redirect links from WordPress websites.

Q 3 – Can I install your software on Windows 11 laptop?

A – Yes, it supports all latest as well as old Windows Operating Systems including Windows 11.