How to Find External Links on Website for Outbound Links Monitoring?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Many website owners want to find external links on website because they want to monitor outgoing links. Actually, nowadays websites provide the opportunity for doing business. All working professionals and business owners always try to grow their online businesses that are handled through websites.

Therefore, users are always concerned about if their website performance goes down then what will happen. This is the fact if your website is giving multiple do-follow backlinks to other websites then link juice is passing. This is not better for your website’s health. Therefore, users find all outbound links on a website to prevent passing link juice.

Reasons to Check External Links on Website

Sometimes website owners are not aware of how many external links are going from their website to another website. As sometimes their employees may take some money from other website owners to for giving them do-follow backlinks.

Website development and digital marketing both belong to same industry but the primary work criteria are different. Therefore, being a digital marketer, you need to find external links on website for better control. For example, you can check all external social profile links connected to your website as some website developers don’t focus to add rel=”nofollow” tag.

This is mandatory to check outbound links websites connected to your domain. As sometimes, website owners add some third-party services to their website i.e., Live Chat, Award, DMCA, Reviews, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Affiliate, Purchase Links, etc. But they forget to add no-follow tag to stop passing jink juice.

outgoing link checker

Download Outgoing Link Checker Tool

Website Audit Tool by BitRecover is a perfect solution to find all outbound links on a website. This mentioned software can be helpful in such cases i.e., you can easily find out all external do-follow links available on your website to prevent link juice benefits. The application is also known as a website external links checker because of its work compatibility.

Download for Windows

How to Find All External Links in A Website – Steps

  1. Run website external links checker and read guidelines to check outgoing links website connected to your domain.
    website external links checker
  2. Thereafter, here you can see software is able to find outbound links on a website.
    graph information
  3. Enter your domain URL in a specific software box and press the Start button.
    enter website url
  4. After that, it will start detecting external links from your website.
    find outgoing links on a website
  5. The free outgoing links checker is authorized to find a maximum of 100 outbound links. For unlimited links, you can grab its professional edition.
    free outbound links checker
  6. Now click on the External Links tab and check external links on a website with proper status code, link, source URL, no-follow, and do-follow information.
    find outbound links on a website

Fix All Outbound Links on A Website – Know-How

After finding external links in website using outgoing links checker software. You can see all external links in software window with crucial information as shown in the given screenshot.

Links – All external links that are connected to your website.

Source URL – In this column, the software will show your website pages that have external links.

NoFollow Link – If your external link is showing NoFollow then it is not passing link juice to the external link. But if a link is not showing any information, then it means this is DoFollow external link. Thereafter, you need to add rel=”nofollow” tag in Source URL to stop passing link juice for external links.

find external links on website

Note That – Users can also do many useful operations directly from the software panel as given below.

Copy – Copy both external link and source URL.

Open in Browser – Open the selected external link in your default web browser.

Open Source URL in Browser – Open a specific Source URL in the primary web browser.

Export – Extract link and source URL information CSV and TXT file extension.

Remove – After fixing the issue, users can remove specific information from the software window. Thereafter, need to correct another next link.

Website External Links Checker Features

  • Website owners can monitor their website’s external links and get information about do-follow and no-follow outgoing links.
  • Outbound links checker is helpful to prevent unnecessary link juice by adding rel=”nofollow” tag in source URLs.
  • The tool is able to provide information about external, internal, redirected, and broken links.
  • Users can detect website error status code i.e., 200, 301, 302, 303, 400, 403, 404, 500, 503, 999, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – I have find external links on website but I don’t know how to add rel=”nofollow” tag in the source URL?

A – You need to backup your source URL page from server to local computer. After that, edit source page using any editor program. Now add rel=”nofollow” tag after external link and save it. At last, again upload edited page on server.

If you are a WordPress user then edit source page directly in WordPress CMS, and add rel=”nofollow” tag. After that, update WordPress Source URL.

Q 2 – How many external links can be detected using the free outgoing links checker tool?

A – Free website external links checker assents to find maximum of 100 external links from any website.

Q 3 – After finding all outbound links on a website, I need to share detailed information with my client. Is it possible by your software?

A – Yes, the outbound links checker allows to export of complete reports in standard CSV and TXT formats. Therefore, first, check outgoing links website and then share them with your client.