How to Find Broken Links in Website and Fix Them Forever?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Looking for a solution to find broken links in website created with WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Joomla, and all CMS (Content Management System)? Now no need to take any type of stress if you want to detect broken links on website. As in this blog post, team BitRecover is explaining the technique to find 404 page not found related error.

Actually, a lot of digital marketers, corporates, and individuals want to find broken images on websites. As after correcting all page not found errors, they want to make their website most proficient to perform in search engines. Let’s read some real-time queries.

Websites with Broken Links Queries

I am a tech support blogger since 2018, my WordPress website performed better. But nowadays, it is going down slowly-slowly so that I am under stress. My earnings are also reduced but I don’t know the actual reason. When I gave my website to a college friend for auditing then he said to me your website has thousands of 400, 403, and 404 errors. But I don’t know the procedure to locate broken links website and how to resolve page not found errors. Is any easiest way available to find broken links on website?

I am looking for a 400, 403, 404 dead links checker software which comes with simple to understanding interface. Actually, I have tested many broken link generator and finder tools. But I am unable to understand how to use them because tools have multiple difficult-to-use features. Now, I need to download a WordPress broken link checker to find 404 links on website but the product should be easy to use.

404 dead link checker

Download 404 Dead Links Checker Software

BitRecover recently launched Website Audit Software for Windows OS users. The tool has the capability to detect broken links on website. Even software will suggest you the step-by-step process to find broken links in website.

After auditing your WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal websites, you can easily fix all available errors with complete guidance. This API based software is also known as Google broken links checker because of its functionality.

Download for Windows

Detect Broken Links on Website Using Best 404 Link Checker

  1. Start 404 link finder tool and read instructions to locate broken links website created with WordPress, and other CMS platforms. Click on the Next button.
    website broken link checker
  2. Here, you can see software will find 404 page not found errors as well as other errors.
    find 404 page not found errors
  3. Thereafter, enter your website link in a specific field of 404 dead links checker and press Start for scanning.
    enter website url
  4. Website broken link checker is finding for 404 page not found errors. You can see the live progress report.
    detect broken links on website
  5. Free broken link checker allows to find the maximum of 100 error indexes as you can see in the popup window.
    locate broken links website
  6. Software is capable to locate different types of problems in multiple separate tabs. But you need to click on the Broken Links tab to detect broken links on website.
    find 404 page not found

How to Find Broken Links in HTML Page for Correction?

In the above screenshot, you can see how software find broken links in HTML pages. But you don’t know the process to fix the errors shown in the software panel. Don’t worry! The process to fix broken links in website is quite easy. Just follow the given steps.

Here, you need to consider your focus on two things. In Broken Links tab, you can see Link and Source URL options. Therefore, you need to understand both of them.

find broken links in website

Link – Under links column, you can see multiple broken links. You can right-click on any link and choose Open in browser option. After opening specific links in web browser, you see these all are 400, 403, and 404 broken links that are connected to the source URL, and source URL can be seen in front of links.

Source URL – It means detected 404 broken link is connected with this specific source URL. You can right-click on any URL and choose Open-Source URL in the Browser option. Thereafter, source URL will be open in web browser. After that, press Ctrl + U to open source code of web page and find broken link. To fix broken links in website, you can edit specific pages and use the correct workable links instead of old broken link. In this way, you can correct all broken links one by one to improve website’s health status.

Google Broken Link Checker Features

  • Find broken links in WordPress website, as well as Joomla, WooCommerce, Shopify, and all.
  • Locate broken links website in software panel and export detailed report in CSV and TXT file format.
  • Detect broken links on website and know the status code of actual problem i.e., 400, 403, and 404 pages not found.
  • Simple to use software specially designed for all professionals and corporate houses to resolve all website errors.
  • This 404 link finder is also able to find out internal links, external links, and redirected links available in the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – Does your tool assent to find broken links in WordPress website?

A – Yes, this is one of the best WordPress broken links checker tool which successfully works with websites created with WordPress CMS.

Q 2 – Can I find 404 pages on website free of cost using your software?

A – Yes, of course, free broken link checker permits to find maximum of 100 indexes including broken, external, internal, and redirected links.

Q 3 – How to find broken links in HTML page?

A – Enter your HTML page link in software interface and click on Start button. Thereafter, get detailed information about broken links.


It’s time to close the article as we have explained the complete process to find broken links in website. Even we have suggested how to fix broken links available on website. Download 404 dead link checker on your windows computer and correct all the issues related to 404, 403, and 400, errors.