How to Find Broken Images on Website and Know About Errors?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Find broken images on website with the help of professional software. A broken image checker takes only a few minutes to detect broken image links on websites developed using WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, and all.

Broken links act as poison to websites as they are one of the foremost causes of the drop in the search result ranking. If you quickly want to identify and detect broken image links on your website, then, don’t miss the chance as in this blog post, you will know the complete step-by-step process to find the source of broken images on a website. Read what types of problems are faced by users.

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Why Do Users want to Detect Broken Image Links on Website?

I created a WordPress website about four years ago. However, several screenshots are currently broken due to a mistake in the image database. Nowadays, my website is dropping its ranking in Google and other search engines. Therefore, I am looking for a broken image checker WordPress to check broken links on website. Please help me!

– Brielle, Houston

I have recently joined an MNC as a digital marketing manager. Today, my boss assigned me a project to work on and get a better ranking in search engine results. Thereafter, I have scanned the assigned website using many tools and found some broken images in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other resources. I don’t want to take any risk so I am looking forward to downloading an advanced professional solution to detect all the broken images. Please suggest me some powerful software.

– Amaya, Kansas City

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Broken Image Checker for WordPress & Blogger

All-in-One Website Auditor by BitRecover is a proficient toolkit to find the source of broken images on websites, i.e., WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Statamic, etc. Therefore, users also call it a broken image finder.

The software is fully loaded with advanced features and comes with a simple-to-use interface. Moreover, it is easily operable by both technical and non-technical users. Just download it on your Windows computer and follow the given steps:

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How to Find the Source of Broken Images on Website?


  1. Start broken image checker on your machine and read the instructions to check website errors.
    Broken Image Checker
  2. The software here demonstrates the many types of links that can be detected.
    graph information
  3. After that, fill website URL and click the Start button to begin the process to find all images with broken links on the WordPress site.
    detect broken image links on website
  4. The broken image finder is detecting the available broken image links from the website. Please wait.
    check broken links on website
  5. The task has been successfully finished. View the notice of completion and click the OK button.
    how to check broken images in wordpress
  6. At last, click on find broken links tab and view the detected broken images.
    find broken images on website

Note That – The mentioned steps help you to detect broken image links on a website. If you wish to correct these broken images, then you need to edit the source URL and add correct images. This is #1 tool to find the source of broken images on a website.

Broken Image Link Finder Features

  • It is capable to check broken links on a website from all resources like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, etc.
  • Detect broken image links on websites created with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Weebly, etc.
  • Find the source of broken images on website having any file extension, i.e., *.png, *.jpg, *.gif, *.tiff, *.bmp, *.webp, etc.
  • Users can easily know the source URLs that have broken images. Thereafter, they can edit them one by one to fix the issues.
  • The Chrome broken image checker also alerts users about the error codes of broken images, i.e., 400, 403, 404, etc.

Reasons That Be the Cause of Image Broken

  • If images are uploaded in the *.jpg format on the server but the developer added them with the *.png file extension on webpages.
  • Sometimes, website admins use the wrong image path, which is also a reason for broken images.
  • If the user changes the image name in one place instead of both local and server. Then the image break.
  • Sometimes, users accidentally deletes images from the server and this becomes the cause of broken images.
  • If you are using CMS for creating websites, i.e., WordPress, and have changed the folder’s name that contains all images.

Common Asked Questions by Users

Q 1 – How to find the source of broken images on a website?

A – Enter your website URL in a specific field, and click on the Start button to find broken images on the website. After completing the procedure, the software will show you broken images as well as source path information in the software panel.

Q 2 – How to find all images with broken links on WordPress site?

A – You need to follow the above-mentioned steps to find all images with broken links on WordPress as well as in other sites.

Q 3 – Is it possible to find pages in my domain with broken images having JPG file extension?

A – Yes, this broken image checker is authorized to detect broken links on website having all file extensions.

Q 4 – Does broken image finder allow to detect broken images available on JavaScript?

A – Yes, you can check broken links on website as well as all the connected resources like JavaScript, CSS, PHP, HTML, and other scripts.


Now all Web developers, online business owners, digital marketers, and working professionals can easily find broken images on their websites. They can also edit the source URL to implement the right workable image link. Free download this suggested software to detect a maximum of 100 broken image links on website including internal, external, and redirect links. If you want to find unlimited broken image links, then upgrade it to a professional version.