How to Find Internal Links on Website and Fix Problems?

Mark Regan ~ April 1st, 2022 ~ Site Audit

A lot of working professionals want to find internal links on websites for resolving the detected issues. As we all know, nowadays websites are the need of the hour. A lot of businesses are successfully running with the help of websites. Therefore, site owners don’t want to take any risks regarding their website’s health and performance.

The digital marketing team that is handling your website always takes care of performance. Therefore, they timely prefer to check internal links on a website with proper information on error code status. Internal link finder tools are playing a crucial role to detect internal links on WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, and all types of websites.

Reasons to Check Internal Links on A Website

  • Working professionals want to increase the website performance in SERPs. Therefore, they prefer to fix all the internal links structure from their website.
  • Users want to check that is their website connected to broken internal resources or not i.e., CSS, JSON, PHP, XML, Images, Author, Webpages, etc.
  • Business owners want to increase the revenue that they are earning from websites. Therefore, they want to find broken links on website for resolution.
  • Digital marketing companies want to find internal links on websites for delivering the projects to clients on time.
  • If website performance is going down day by day because of internal link-related issues. Then website admins want to scan their website to detect internal links.

internal link checker

Download Website Internal Link Checker

BitRecover Website Indexer Software is a fully prosperous tool to find internal broken links on website. It is competent to detect internal links with suitable status code information i.e., 200, 301, 302, 303, 400, 403, 404, and all. This broken internal link checker utility permits to find all internal links website including available CSS, JavaScript, Images, Hyperlinks, and all.

Download for Windows

How to Find Internal Links in A Website – Steps

  1. Launch Website / WordPress Internal Link Checker on your machine. Starting screen provides information to detect internal links.
    wordpress internal link checker
  2. After that, users can see, that this internal link analyzer is authorized to detect internal links.
    detect internal links
  3. Enter your website link to check internal links in website and press Start.
    enter website url
  4. After that, you can see that software is detecting internal links from your website. Please wait for a while.
    check internal links in website
  5. The process to find internal links on website has been finished successfully. See the pop-up message.
    check internal links on a website
  6. After that, hit on the Internal Links tab and get proper information regarding internal links i.e., Serial Number, Status Code, Internal Link, Source URL, No-Follow, and Do-Follow.
    internal link analyzer

How to Fix Internal Links on Website According to Status Code?

You have completed the first phase after finding internal links on website. Now you can see detailed information about your website’s internal links. After that, you need to correct internal links if you detected any problems. Take the guidelines now!

This internal link finder shows you given information in software inbuilt viewer.

  • Status Code – You can see specific status codes for each internal link i.e., 200 – Ok, 404 – Page Not Found (Broken), etc.
  • Link – Internal links and resources that are connected with your website pages.
  • Source URL – Software shows a specific source URL for each internal link. You can understand it as an internal link is connected to a source link.
  • No-Follow – This broken internal checker also displays information like detected internal links are do-follow or no-follow.

Advice – This is advisable to keep internal hyperlinks do-follow. If you want to fix bad status code links then download source links from the server to the local pc. After that, edit it accordingly to fix the problem and again upload it on the server.

find internal links on website

Direct Software Operations – After find all internal links website resources, right-click on any link and do the following operations.

  • Copy internal link and source URL from software.
  • Open internal link in default web browser.
  • Open source URL in web browser.
  • Export detected internal and source links in CSV and TXT files.
  • Remove detected links from software GUI, after fixing the problems.

How Is Internal Links Finder Helpful?

  1. All WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Blogger, and WooCommerce website users can use it to detect internal links and connected resources.
  2. The internal link analyzer tool is able to provide information about specific status codes. Therefore, users can know whether this error is harmful or not for them.
  3. Users can check information about internal hyperlinks are do-follow and no-follow. They can make them do-follow to boost website performance effectively.
  4. Website internal link checker is able to detect information about the website’s internal resources i.e., CSS, JS, XML, PHP, Logo, Banner, Pages, Author, and all.
  5. This application shows a complete knowledge graph in the software interface. Users can get information to find website errors available on the website.
  6. Users can export detected internal links information in standard CSV and TXT file formats.

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Q 1 – how to find where my internal links in a website?

A – Follow the above-mentioned steps to check internal links on a website. Even you can know your website resources.

Q 2 – Can I check WordPress internal links using your software?

A – Yes, the Internal links analyzer is fully compatible with WordPress as well as other CMS platforms.

Q 3 – Does your software support Windows Server 2022 latest edition?

A – Yes, broken internal link checker supports the latest Windows Server 2022, and Windows 11 OS.


BitRecover has explained the complete step by steps process to find internal links on website. This WordPress internal link checker freeware edition allows you to check 100 internal link indexes from each website and fix them. For detecting unlimited internal links, users will need to upgrade it to a professional edition.