How to Extract Emails from OST File in Standard Formats?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Don’t you have any idea how to extract emails from OST file? Don’t worry; we have the perfect answer for you. So, we only need part of your precious time and in return, you can get something more valuable for you. Therefore, let’s begin.OST gives you the option to work offline in case you don’t have good connectivity or a good network connection, and once the connection is found you can sync changes. However, sometimes you may encounter a situation where you need to extract messages from OST file

Therefore, to solve your OST data extraction problem, be it emails or attachments, we have the perfect OST file extractor for you. This solution that we have for you will change your perception about it. So, check out why we’re saying it with confidence.

Best Way to Extract Messages from OST File

BitRecover OST Converter Wizard, the best tool to extract OST files. This app is all in one solution for your problem. This app has been developed only and specifically to retrieve mail from ost file using simple techniques. This is automated and requires very little effort on your part.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

This tool can extract emails from OST file, that’s obvious, that’s why we offered you this tool. But otherwise; why we recommend this tool to you is the whole point. Therefore, we would like you to offer some of the main features of the tool. Well, some features will help you a lot in understanding the tool potential. So, check out.

Find out What Makes OST File Extractor Essential for You

  • It is easy to use as it is designed with all types of users in mind, so its interface is very simple.
  • It can extract emails from OST file in bulk. There is no limit to extracting multiple files at the same time. Whether you have few of many files, you only need to follow the process once.
  • The OST file extractor extracts complete data associated with the OST file, be it emails, attachments, contacts, etc. So, you don’t have to leave any important information behind.
  • It allows you to select the OST files from the location one by one. You can just select them manually.
  • It takes care of the integrity of all your data. There is no manipulation in email fields or attachments. So, you should be carefree about your data, it will be as same as it was.
  • It allows you to choose the location of your choice to save the resulting files. You can choose yourself to avoid confusing them with the other files.

Well, these are some of the primary features that are just meant to give you a glimpse into the tool. So, you need to know that there are still many things to discover. So, when you run the tool, be prepared for many surprises.

Now, let’s get to the most important thing you need to know. It is the process, well; how will you export email from OST file without knowing what steps to take. That is why we offer you step-by-step instructions. You go through them carefully and become familiar with them.

Complete Manual to Extract OST File

  • First of all, download and install the OST Email Extractor and run it on your Windows compatible system by clicking the provided link.
  • After launching the OST email Extractor you will see the welcome page, now click on Next to move onto the next screen
  • Now, click Choose file and choose a folder to select OST files from the location
    OST file extractor
  • Browse through all of the OST files you want to retrieve and prepare to load them into the tool. once loaded, click the Next tab
  • Now click before all OST files to select them and then click Next again
    ost extract emails
  • Now select the save option as EML and also specify the storage location for the resulting files and finally click the convert button.
    retrieve mail from ost file

Note: We have chosen EML as the process understanding. However, you can also choose this platform as it is perfect for keeping your OST emails safe.

Your OST files will be extracted in a few moments. You will be notified once the extraction is complete. Your job is done. Applause!

We assume that after you knew a lot about the tool, you may have a few questions about it. Well, if we think correctly, and you also have some questions, you can get an answer right now. We offer you some questions that were asked earlier. So we hope you find questions similar to yours.

FAQs about OST Email Extractor 

Q 1 – Can I try this OST file extractor before buying it?

A – Yes, this application comes with a demo version for your convenience. The advantage of this trial version is that you can check its quality, efficiency, and workmanship before actually buying it. You can then continue with the license key.

Q 2 – Can I download this tool on Windows 7  to extract emails from OST file?

A – Yes, this OST email extractor is compatible with any version of Windows, regardless of whether it is Win 10 or a lower version.

Q 3 – Do I have to configure other settings with this tool?

A – No, this app is completely independent and you don’t need to download any other setups to extract emails from OST file.

In Conclusion

One of the best tools to extract emails from OST file is the OST email extractor. This tool is perfect in every way. It can retrieve mail from OST file in bulk; it only takes you a few steps and brings so many advantages. It’s very unique and also very reliable. Hence, you must try this tool for optimal travel and an enjoyable experience.