How to Extract Calendar from OST Files of Outlook & Exchange Server?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
Outlook OST files not only keep the emails, attachments, or contacts, there is another important property that they contain, and that is the calendar. Well, it’s also very important information, so it needs to be backed up as well. So if you’re looking for the same as well and want to extract calendar from OST file, get ready to win something of value.

Well, you can’t remember everything every time, especially when your schedule is very busy; Well, that’s why the Outlook OST calendar is there to help you. Would you like to be reminded of an important meeting? Just schedule it in your calendar. So we can say that the calendar contains much more important information.

What … if you cannot access your Outlook OST calendar and if you accidentally delete it, then only a backup plan can help you. So, if you export calendar from OST file in advance, you can handle any situation intelligently.

Therefore, let us help you own the most valuable OST calendar extractor for your job and avoid any uncertainties. In addition, as a bonus, we’ll also help you to recover calendar from ost file if the files are damaged. So let’s get started.

Appropriate Method to Export Calendar from OST File

BitRecover OST Converter Wizard, the perfect solution to extract calendar from OST file. This OST calendar extractor can do your job conveniently with your little help. It is fully geared towards migrating Outlook / Exchange Server OST files, so it is very reliable for this purpose.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

You know the solution, but now it is time to know what values this OST calendar generates and why you need to use it. To do this, we would first like to explain to you the process that you need to go through to export calendar from OST file of Outlook & Exchange Server. So go through it carefully.

Step-by-step Process to Extract Calendar from OST File

  • Firstly, download the OST Calendar Extractor on your Windows compatible device by clicking the provided link and then install & launch it
  • After running the OST Calendar Extractor a welcome page will appear, now click on Next to reach onto the next screen
    Extract Calendar from OST File
  • Now, click Choose file and choose folder to select Outlook OST calendar files from the storage location
  • Browse through all of the OST files you want to extract calendar from and then load them into the tool. once loaded, click the Next tab
  • Now give a check before all the OST files to select them and then click Next again
    Select OST calendar
  • Now select the save option as ICS and also specify the location for the resulting files and finally click the convert button.
    get calendar from ost file

Your Outlook OST calendar will now be extracted in a few moments. The process only takes a few moments, and once the extraction is complete, the OST calendar extractor will inform you about it.

Now you know the one advantage of this app as it only takes a few steps to extract the calendar from the OST file. You won’t find a problem in achieving it. Now is the time to understand the other benefit of the tool. So let’s bring you some of the main features of the tool.

Read Some Functions about OST Calendar Extractor

  1. It gives you a UI so you won’t find any complexity when extract calendar from OST file.
  2. The tool can extract calendar from OST file in bulk. It is efficient and can extract as many as you want at once.
  3. In addition to get calendar from OST file; The OST Calendar Extractor allows you to preview Outlook OST calendar before extraction.
  4. You can choose the location of your choice to save the resulting files and keep them safe from other data.
  5. It is compatible with every version of Windows. You can run it on Win 10 and all lower versions to export calendar from OST file.

We hope that these few features will help you get to know the tool better. However, these are only the primary ones and if you want to learn about more advanced features; we suggest you to take a ride with the tool.

So you finally know which method can extract calendar from OST file. Now is the time to focus on the situation when your OST files are corrupted. So let’s also name the perfect method for doing this.

How to  Recover Calendar from OST File?

Well, let’s tell you that extracting calendar from OST file is not a big task but extracting it from the corrupted files is such a big problem. So we have to be very careful with this situation, otherwise, we can damage the files even more.

Therefore, such a task can be handled by the reliable tool. Hence, BitRecover OST Repair Wizard is the perfect tool to recover calendar from OST file. No matter how badly your OST files are damaged, this tool can easily repair them to get calendar from OST file.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

The previous tool and the tool we offered you now are almost identical, but the only difference is that first is best when the OST files are healthier, and this OST calendar recovery tool is perfect when Your OST files are unhealthier. Hence, you need to choose them according to the situation.

In Conclusion

Well, we have given you the complete solution to extract the calendar from OST file and also help you with the situation when your files are corrupted and you want to recover calendar from OST file first. The solutions are very efficient and bring you many advantages. So, you need to use them according to your problems. Thank you.