How to Extract OST Attachments into Actual File Extensions?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Attachments; they are rich of crucial and important information. We can safely say that these are more important than any other properties associated with your OST file. So if something needs to be backed up from the OST first, attachments top the position. So if you think the same way as we do, let’s extract OST attachments together.

Well, you may be thinking if retrieving email from the OST files is not that easy, then how much hassle would it be to extract OST attachments. Well, let us first clear this confusion from you.

This is one of the easiest tasks you can ever do. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. We have a solution that will make this task the easiest for you. So give us some of your precious minutes to see how we can make this task fun for you.

Simplest Method to Extract Attachments from OST 

BitRecover OST Converter Wizard, your personal OST-centric tool to pull attachments from OST. It is very perfect for your work, not only because it can extract OST attachments, but also because of so many other properties. This app is packed with many advantages for you that will make this task comfortable for you.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

One of the first advantages you get with this OST attachment extractor is that you don’t have to go through the long process to extract attachments from OST file. Yes, there are just a few steps to take and they will be able to achieve your goal. Hence, you need to look at the steps first.

How to Pull Attachments from OST?

  • Download OST Attachment Extractor to the device where you have your OST file. Install and launch now to begin the process
  • Click Choose File for Choose Folder to choose your OST file
    OST Attachment Extractor
  • Now browse through the entire OST file that you want to extract the attachments from and upload it to the tool. Now click on Next
  • Put a check mark in front of all OST files to select them, then click Next
    check mark
  • Select TXT as a saving option.
    Saving option
  • select the destination path, the File Naming option, and then click the Convert button.
    pull attachments from ost
  • Extracting attachments from OST files, please wait for a while.
    Extracting OST attachments
  • Once your attachments from the OST files are extracted, you can see them in the separate folder at this destination path.
    See attachments

Your task is now done. Cheers!

Did you follow the process carefully? Well, you must, as when you are actually going to get the task done; this guide will help you completely.

Now, for your convenience and also for a better understanding of the tool, we would now like to offer you some of the qualities. So you can take a close look at the advantages of the OST attachment extractor.

Some Primary Features of the OST Attachment Extractor

  • Select Configured Account: Unless you manually select the OST file and want to upload all the data to the tool at once, you will need to select the configured account. Yes, OST Attachments Extractor also gives you the option to pull attachments from OST by selecting the Configure account.
  • Select OST Manually: You don’t want to select a configured account? Do not worry; you can select the OST file manually. This feature allows you to select only the important files that you want to extract attachments from.
  • Bulk Extract: With this tool, you don’t have to extract each attachment one by one. You are allowed to extract OST attachments in bulk without any restrictions and without opening the OST file. That gives you the opportunity to get the job done as quickly as possible.
  • Browse Location: This tool doesn’t force you to save your OST attachments to a default location in your system’s default Downloads folder. This OST attachment extractor allows you to browse the location of your choice and then save the resulting files in it.

These are some of the key features of OST Attachment Extractor. We hope these will help you decide why you need to select it to extract attachments from OST file. However, if you want to get to know many others, we recommend that you explore them yourself.

Now that you know most about the tool, you may have questions about it. If so, you can have an answer right away. We are putting here some of the questions that were asked previously by some users. So if you find a question similar to yours, solve it here now.


Q 1 – I have almost 3,000 attachments with my OST file; can i extract them all at once?

A – Yes, the OST attachment extractor can extract OST attachment regardless of the size of the data. However, you can face the limitation in the trial edition, but there isn’t even a single limitation in the license version.

Q 2 – Do I need to download another setup to pull attachments from OST?

A – No, this app is completely independent and you don’t need to configure any other settings to extract attachments from OST.

Q 3 – Can I use this tool on Windows 8.1?

A – Yes, the OST attachment extractor is compatible with any version of Widows. You can use it in any old or newer version to extract OST attachments.

In Conclusion

The OST Attachment Extractor turns out to be the best to extract attachments from OST. It is easy to use, just offers you a small process to extract email addresses from OST files with attachments, and brings you many advantages. It has many of the best-advanced features for you to make your task even more perfect and fun. So, if you want to pull attachments from OST as easily as possible, you have to try this tool.