How to Export Office 365 Mailbox to CSV File?

Rollins Duke   
Published: January 18th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Summary: This write-up explains the complete steps to export Office 365 mailbox to CSV file. Recently one of our respective clients asked for a professional solution to export Microsoft 365 emails to CSV file extension. Then we have decided to provide an expert-recommended method for home and business professionals.

Microsoft Outlook 365 doesn’t have any option to export Office 365 data to CSV files. Hence, here we will resolve your issue using Office 365 to CSV Export Tool. But before going to the steps, first read some reasons for opting for CSV as the preferred format.

Why CSV (Comma Separated Values)?

  • Microsoft MVPs suggest to export Office 365 mailboxes to PST files because this is a native format. But when we asked the reason to export Outlook 365 mailbox to CSV file. The client told, he preferred to choose CSV because CSV file allows for storing more information in less size. Hence, I want to store old M365 mailboxes in CSV as a backup.
  • Many businesses and working professionals choose CSV as their choice export format. Because they can easily access a CSV file without installing and configuring any program. Even CSV files can be easily opened on multiple devices having different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and others).

Expert Choice to Export Microsoft 365 Mailbox to CSV

Use BitRecover Microsoft 365 Backup Software which has a separate option to download Office 365 emails from cloud to local pc in CSV file format. This application is available for both Windows and Mac OS users and all technical and non-technical users can easily operate it without facing any hassle. This Office 365 to CSV Export Software comes with several advance features. That users can use to export Office 365 mailboxes to CSV files.

Steps Export Outlook 365 Mailbox to CSV

  1. Launch Office 365 to CSV Export Tool, enter an O365 email address, and press Login.
    office 365 to csv export tool
  2. Enter the M365 account password and click on the Sign In button.
    Microsoft 365 credentials
  3. The software is adding Office 365 emails in its GUI.
    adding office 365 folders
  4. Thereafter, select the required Outlook 365 folders using the front checkboxes.
    select folders
  5. Now set useful filters as per your need and choice.
    use filters
  6. Afterward, pick CSV from the listed saving options.
    select csv as saving option
  7. Set the preferable destination path to store resultant data using the Change button.
    export office 365 mailbox to csv file
  8. Hit on the Backup to export the Office 365 mailbox to CSV format and wait.
    export office 365 shared mailbox to csv
  9. The process of Office 365 export mailbox to CSV file has been finished.
  10. After that, a log report file will be opened automatically that has export details.
    log report
  11. Go to the destination location and get a separate CSV file for each O365 folder.
    resultant csv

Office 365 to CSV Export Tool Features & Benefits

Export Complete Mailbox Data: This application permits to backup Office 365 to local storage drive, and in-place archive mailboxes to CSV format. Thus, all M365 users can use it for resolving all their problems.

Batch Mode Exporting: For taking the benefits of this feature, ensure you are using M365 admin account, and don’t forget to check the “I am Admin” option. Thereafter, users can use checkboxes for selecting specific user accounts for exporting O365 mailboxes to CSV format.

Creates Separate Columns: Microsoft 365 to CSV Export Software creates separate columns respectively Date, Subject, From, To, CC, Attachments, and Attachments Path. Each column has multiple Rows to store all associated data.

Useful Filters: The tool has several advance filters that are useful to export Office 365 mailbox to CSV between a specific date range / by choice email address / having the same subject / exclude unnecessary folders in one click.

Creates Separate File: M365 to CSV Export Tool creates a separate CSV file for each O365 folder. Even it maintains the original folder structure hierarchy which is also helpful for users.

Questions & Answers

Que 1: Can I export Office 365 mailbox to CSV file?

Ans: Yes, this utility has the capability to export Microsoft 365 mailbox to CSV and other file extensions.

Que 2: How can I check how many emails are exported using your tool?

Ans: After completing the process to export Outlook 365 emails to CSV format. The tool automatically creates a log report file (SavingLog.txt). This file has detailed information about exported emails with entire information.

Que 3: Is it possible to export Office 365 mailbox to CSV between a financial year?

Ans: Yes, set advance date filter to export Microsoft 365 emails to CSV format for a financial year.

To Wrap Up

Here, we have discussed the all steps to export Office 365 mailbox to CSV file using a professional solution. There is no direct manual method available for completing this query. Hence, download the above-mentioned software that comes with free demo version. First, get complete satisfaction using the trial edition and after getting the satisfaction upgrade it anytime.