How to Convert XML to JPG Images in Bulk?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Extensible Markup Language (XML) files use to store shareable data. XML files seem useful to exchange information and storing automation inter-business transactions. These files are also useful to share information between computers, websites, and other third programs.

But sometimes users have the desire to convert XML to JPEG format due to various reasons. There are 2 types of solutions available to convert XML documents to JPEG images as mentioned below.

  1. XML to JPG Online Converter
  2. XML to JPG Offline Converter

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Online Vs Offline XML to JPEG Converter

Both above-mentioned applications are suitable to convert XML to JPG formats but these are different from each other. Let’s know which is the best software for the completion of the task.

  • Online software works online without installation using any computer or operating system. The offline tool can be installed on a specific OS accordingly.
  • Offline software allows to conversion of large XML documents to JPG images while online tools come with size limitations.
  • Online tools store your XML files on the server and then convert them into JPG images. Offline applications don’t store any information so these seem safe.
  • Your computer should be connected with an active internet connection while internet connectivity is not mandatory to use offline XML to JPG Converter.
  • XML to JPG Online Converter is capable to convert limited documents at once while offline tools allow to batch convert XML to JPG images.

Reasons to Convert XML Document to JPEG

  • A JPEG file is much smaller than an XML file and can be easily shared over the internet and email.
  • JPEG images can be easily viewed and edited without installing any specific program while XML requires the desired program.
  • JPEG files can be used for creating graphics for presentations or websites.
  • You can easily print JPEG images while you will need to convert XML to PDF for printing
  • JPEG files are often used for digital photos and can be used for creating photo albums.

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Suggested XML to JPG Converter

XML Converter Software is an all-in-one software that permits the conversion of XML to JPEG format together with complete information. This tool is compatible with XML email files and documents.

XML to JPG Converter is available with a free trial version that allows changing 25 files from XML to JPG images. So first download its demo version and get complete satisfaction after that upgrade it to a licensed edition.

This is 100% safe and reliable software for professional needs that allow changing XML files to JPG files with security. It does not store your confidential information data on the server so there is no chance of data breach and leak.

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Steps to Convert XML to JPEG Format

  1. Run XML to JPEG Converter and the guidelines to convert your data.
    xml to jpeg converter
  2. The tool has 2 options for adding XML documents, choose any accordingly.
    add xml files
  3. Now select the required XML files and folders and hit the Next button.
    choose xml folders
  4. Use Filter Options to convert specific XML files to JPEG documents.
    filter options
  5. Thereafter, select JPEG as a saving option from the available listed options.
    select jpeg format
  6. Choose a naming option for renaming resultant JPEG images.
    select file naming option
  7. Browse a destination path to store output JPG image files.
    set destination path
  8. Click the Next button to start XML to JPEG conversion process.
    convert xml to jpeg format
  9. Now see the pop message like “Conversion completed successfully. Please check the destination folder” and hit the Ok button.
    convert xml document to jpeg
  10. This software also generates a log report file that stores information about converted data.
    log report
  11. Lastly, it will open the destination path so you can easily get output JPEG images.
    resultant data

Features of Recommended Offline Software

  • Batch convert XML to JPEG format including all items, components, and properties.
  • Supports XML documents and email files and changes them in human-readable formats.
  • Provides 2 different options Select Files or Select Folders for adding XML files in GUI.
  • Facility to check and uncheck required XML files and folders for the conversion process.
  • Offers several filter options to convert XML to JPG between a date range, from, to, subject, and exclude folders.
  • Separate option to save converted messages in the same source folder and specific location.
  • Shows live real-time XML to JPEG conversion progress report with file counting.
  • Generates a log report file (SavingLog.txt) that stores information about converted data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: How to change XML file to JPG image?

Ans: Use XML to JPG Converter Offline or Online software as per your preference.

Ques 2: Do I convert Bloomberg XML files to JPEG format using your tool?

Ans: Yes, this utility is well-suitable to convert Bloomberg XML to JPG images.

Ques 3: Can I rename output JPEG images according to date formatting?

Ans: Yes, the software offers 10+ file naming options for renaming resultant JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) images.

Ques 4: How can I edit an XML document?

Ans: Right-click the XML document and choose the Open with option, thereafter, select an HTML editor program to edit your XML document.

Final Thoughts

Team BitRecover has explained the solution to convert XML to JPEG format using reliable software. There is no direct manual way available to change XML documents to JPG images. After getting processed data in JPEG format, you can take the benefits of JPEG files and use them on web pages. JPEG is a standard format to store images so different digital devices can open JPEG files without showing any error message.