How to Convert XML File to HTML File?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Technology is growing day by day and work requirements are also changing timely. Nowadays several professional users want to convert XML to HTML format due to their work requirements. If you are also facing the same issue, then you are near to resolving your queries. This blog post explains the steps to export XML to HTML files using the software.

There are two types of solutions available in the online marketplace to transform XML to HTML format i.e. Online Software and Offline Software. But due to security reasons, working professionals prefer to use offline tools.

Online Vs Offline XML to HTML Converter

  • You can install an offline XML to HTML converter on your own machine. While online tools work directly without installation.
  • Internet connectivity is not mandatory to use the offline tool but online tool always requires an active internet connection.
  • Online tools upload your XML files on their server for conversion so your confidential data may be breached or leaked. While offline tools are considered as always safe.
  • Online tools can be operable on all operating systems while offline tools require a specific OS environment.
  • Online tools allow the conversion of small XML files to HTML files while offline tools are suitable for small and large files.

Why HTML Format?

  • HTML documents are compatible with different types of devices and operating systems such as Desktop, Laptop, MacBook, iMac, iOS, Android, etc.
  • You can use resultant HTML files online by uploading them as webpages for business purposes.
  • You can easily edit and share HTML documents using several editor programs and devices.
  • Our respective clients can double tap on the resultant HTML file for opening them in default web browser programs without the internet.

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Download XML to HTML Converter

XML Converter Software is an excellent solution to transform XML to HTML format together with complete detailed information. It is suitable to batch convert *.xml to *.html files so that you can easily save valuable time. This utility maintains complete data while completing the task.

XML to HTML Converter comes with a free demo version which is capable to convert 25 emails from XML files to HTML files. The trial edition is helpful to provide user satisfaction before upgrading to the pro version.

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How to Convert XML to HTML Format?

  1. Run XML to HTML Converter, read software working steps, and press Next.
    xml to html converter
  2. The tool provides two options for adding XML files like Select Files or Select Folders.
    add xml files
  3. Select the required XML files/ folders from the software window and click the Next button.
    choose xml folders
  4. Use filter options to export XML to HTML according to your choice and need.
    filter options
  5. Thereafter, choose HTML as a saving option from the listed choices.
    choose html format
  6. Select a file naming option according to your choice to rename resultant files.
    file naming options
  7. Set a specific destination folder to store resultant HTML documents and click the Next button.
    browse destination path
  8. The tool is starting the process to convert XML to HTML files, please wait.
    convert xml to html
  9. XML to HTML conversion completed successfully, now see the popup message.
    export xml to html
  10. It generates a log report file that stores information about converted data.
    log report
  11. Lastly, it will open the destination path so that you can easily get the resultant HTML files.
    resultant html files

XML to HTML Converter Features

  • Batch export XML to HTML format including all important information with 100% security.
  • It has 2 different modes for adding XML files and folders like Select Files or Select Folders.
  • You can select specific XML files from software GUI for conversion instead of all.
  • Transform XML to HTML between a preferred date range, email address, and email subject.
  • You can browse a specific destination path to store resultant HTML documents.
  • Rename resultant HTML files based on different variants of subject, date, from, time, message id, etc.
  • It shows a live conversion progress report for seeing the live actual conversion process.
  • The tool creates a log report which saves information about converted data.
  • It maintains the actual folder hierarchy structure and includes all items.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1: How to convert XML file to HTML file?

A: Use XML to HTML Software to convert XML files to HTML format without losing crucial information.

Q 2: Can I install your software on Windows 11 Computer?

A: Yes, the tool is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, and all.

Q 3: Does your software work without internet connectivity?

A: Yes, Internet connectivity is not mandatory to run BitRecover XML to HTML Tool.

The Closure

Above blog post has described the complete steps to convert XML to HTML format using 100% safe and secure software. There are two types of solutions available i.e., Online and Offline. If security is your most concern and you want to avoid leaking or breaching your confidential data then go with offline software. However, home users can use online tools if they think data is not important to them.

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